Event Q&A Unleashed with Aaron Kaufman

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About the Episode

Behind every successful event, there’s a story of meticulous planning, creative thinking, and overcoming challenges. Event professionals, whether orchestrating corporate conferences or community gatherings, navigate a landscape filled with intricacies and unexpected hurdles. 

Our guest for this episode is Aaron Kaufman, President and CEO of Fifth Element Group, Aaron has set his own path in Toronto and international markets to lead a team in fostering long-term connections for annual growth through live and experiential events of high impact.

In this episode, we delve into various aspects of event organizing, addressing your questions on:

  • Overrated trends and their questionable effectiveness in event planning.
  • The lesser-discussed, unglamorous facets of the industry.
  • Common pitfalls that event planners often encounter.
  • The changing landscape due to evolving technology.
  • Real-life challenges and the innovative solutions that led to positive outcomes.
  • Candice Davis

    Candice is the Director of Event Programming & Creative Services at vFairs. She helps empower customers with the resources they need to create unique experiences and successful events to meet their business goals.

  • Aaron Kaufman

    Aaron is a prominent figure in experiential design and live events across North America. Renowned for strategic consultation and campaign development, he's held influential roles with prestigious associations like Bizbash 250 for Canada, Bizbash 1000 worldwide, and Eventex Top 100.