Strategic Planning for Virtual Events vs. In-Person Events | Yvonne McNair

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About the Episode

Sitting down to create an event strategy plan may seem daunting and often overwhelming, especially as you approach a brand new event. However, time is money, and you’ll save a lot if your team is on the same page about your event’s strategy. A strong event strategy guarantees you and your team can confidently plan and execute a successful event.

Our guest for this episode is Yvonne McNair, the CEO and Founder of Captivate Marketing Group. Yvonne has a proven track record of conceptualizing and orchestrating small and large production events, marketing campaigns, and programs to create business development opportunities and increase revenue and growth effectively. 

In this episode, we will cover:

  • The difference between strategic planning for virtual vs. in-person events
  • Evolution of strategic planning in the past three years
  • Event budgeting and event marketing strategies
  • The importance of using collaboration for your events
  • Tips and tricks for strategic event planning
  • Candice Davis

    Candice is the Director of Event Programming & Creative Services at vFairs. She helps empower customers with the resources they need to create unique experiences and successful events to meet their business goals.

  • Yvonne McNair

    Yvonne McNair leads the Captivate Marketing Group. She is a highly creative certified Entertainment Marketing Professional and two-time Emmy Nominated Event Producer. She has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the entertainment industry, from grassroots organizations to Fortune 500 companies and A-List artists.