Best Practices For a Successful University Job Fair

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Join Career Experts from the University of Maryland Global Campus & Toronto School of Management with vFairs CEO, Muhammad Younas, to share their strategies for successful virtual job fairs.

About the episode

Virtual job fairs bring students and alumni a diverse set of job openings right to their laptops and mobile phones. But how do you put together a virtual job fair that gets people excited, brings top companies onboard, makes information accessible, and helps students and alumni meet their career goals?

We thought it’d be best to ask universities that have gotten it right.

Career experts from the University of Maryland Global Campus and the Toronto School of Management will be drawing upon their vast experiences and breaking down the science behind a successful virtual job fair.

The episode covers

  • Tried & tested strategies to set your students up for job success
  • How to design an interactive virtual job fair
  • How to bring the right employers on board

After this episode, you’ll be able To

  • Equip your student body with better career opportunities and set them up for success.
  • Make relevant and diverse jobs available for all your students & alumni.
  • Make hiring faster with on-the-spot interviews.
  • Bring more employers and sponsors on board.
  • Enable student, alumni, and employer networking for consultation.
  • Muhammad Younas

    This session will be moderated by Muhammad Younas, vFairs CEO and event expert. He has been helping universities design immersive and functional virtual job fairs for the past six years. 

  • Francine Blume

    Our first guest speaker is Francine, the Vice President of Career Development at the University of Maryland Global Campus and a virtual event advocate. She has led career development and planning for 86,000 UMGC students and over 200,000 alumni.

  • Sunee Samuel

    Our second guest speaker is Sunee, the Career Services Coordinator at the Toronto School of Management. She specializes in career coaching, placements, employment training, and education training.