Using Data to Build Your Event Strategy | Nicola Kastner

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About the Episode

The event planning industry is no different from the many others that rely heavily on data nowadays. As more and more people around the world rely on their mobile devices, it becomes simpler to collect and use data to shape how they experience events.

Our guest for this episode is Nicola Kastner. Prior to launching her consulting practice, Nicola was the Global Vice President of Event Marketing Strategy for SAP. She has led teams through strategic reinventions of event portfolios as they shift their approach from only in-person events to integrated portfolios that include the appropriate mix of physical, digital, and hybrid events.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • Importance of data in building event strategy
  • Event auditing for all event types
  • Tips for using data in new ways
  • Candice Davis

    Candice is the Director of Event Programming & Creative Services at vFairs. She helps empower customers with the resources they need to create unique experiences and successful events to meet their business goals.

  • Nicola Kastner

    Nicola has designed event portfolios that capture new audiences, drive accelerated business performance, and add customer value in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, giving her a unique understanding of regional nuances' impact.