Tips to Attract the Best Applicants with Virtual Open Days

About the episode

Learn how to host open days that bring the best students from around the world to your school.

Since 2020, virtual open days have promised to be a convenient way to share program information with prospective students while offering global reach and cost savings. They can be kept live all year round as well, enabling students to learn about your university whenever is easy for them,

But all virtual open days aren’t created the same. It takes time and special care to put together an event that captivates students all around the world and makes them interested in your programs. This ultimately drives admissions and brings top students to your university.

This episode covers

  • Marketing strategies for virtual open days.
  • Tips for designing a platform that encourages students to apply for programs.
  • How to set up virtual campus tours.
  • Sharing the right information on the day of the event.
  • Wasif Arshad

  • Luke Seamone

    Luke is Executive Director, Admissions at Appleby College. He oversees enrollment, re-enrollment, and recruitment functions for the school. He has also managed graduate student recruitment for the University of Oxford and undergraduate recruitment and admission for Mount Allison University.

  • Courtney Rivard

    Courtney organizes large-scale recruitment events at Cambrian College such as orientations and open houses. In 2020, she also reorganized all of Cambrian College's events in a virtual format, something Cambrian College is well-known for.