Hybrid Food Show Platform

Connect With Customers In A Whole New Way With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
Hybrid Food Show Platform

Connect Onsite Food Distributors & Retailers with In-Person & Hybrid Food Show Platform

Seamlessly facilitate business interactions, enhance lead generation, and unlock maximum productivity with vFairs Food Show Platform.

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Crafting the Perfect Blend of Virtual and On-Site Event Experiences

Event Phase

  • Pre-Event
  • During Event
  • Post Event
  • In-Person
  • Virtual

Custom landing page, AI-powered event marketing, email module, event ticketing, event registration, payments integrations, mobile event app, user management, sponsorship packages, exhibitor management

QR check-ins, self check-in kiosks, badge printing, engagement hotspots (TVs for social media wall or live photobooth, live QR scavenger hunts), on-site support, event safety protocols Custom virtual environment builder, Project management support, live footage of the event

Virtual exhibit halls, poster halls, webinars, networking, event gamification, customer support, accessibility features, sponsorships, integrations, speaker sessions, personalized agendas, document hosting, notifications, live event feed, real-time attendance & traffic reports

Venue maps, On-site tech support, QR-based lead retrieval & contact exchange 3D virtual environment, , meeting scheduler, breakout rooms, live chats, smart matchmaking, virtual leaderboard, virtual photo booth

Reporting dashboards, email marketing, analysis, individual user journeys, exhibitors’ statistics

On-site tech support End-to-end project support

Must Have vFairs Features to Help Your Food Show Shine

Streamline check-in, amplify lead generation, and engage attendees with vFairs flexible suite of features.

Easy Onsite Check-in & Badging

  • Check onsite attendees in by simply scanning a QR code

  • Design custom-branded badges with personalized attendee information

  • Print badges onsite in seconds, or bulk print them in advance

  • Automatically track attendance rates for onsite attendees
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Easy Onsite Check-in _ Badging 

Make Exhibit Booths More Interactive

  • Engage with attendees with interactive, branded booths

  • Allow exhibitors to easily import products and set up listings and start collecting orders right on the trade show floor

  • Set up feature-rich product listings with photos, descriptions, SKU numbers and more

  • Allow buyers to search for products, add to cart, and kick off orders
Make Exhibit Booths More Interactive

Unleash The Power of Event Marketing

  • Set up a custom landing page to draw attention and drive registrations

  • Improve attendance rates and keep registrants up-to-date with custom emails

  • Boost user-generated content through social media walls

  • Promote your event through press releases
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Unleash The Power of Event Marketing

Generate Leads More Easily

  • Let food vendors and potential leads easily search for profiles of contacts they would like to connect with

  • Set up meetings prior to the event

  • Share contact cards to connect after the event

  • Start chats and book meetings with a meeting scheduler
Generate Leads More Easily

Keep Attendees Engaged

  • Set up points-based leaderboards for attendees based on key activities

  • Create online scavenger hunts and onsite QR-based scavenger hunts

  • Collect feedback through in-event and in-app surveys and polling

  • Use the onsite photo booth and social wall to boost engagement
Keep Attendees Engaged

Evaluate Your Event’s Success

  • Track attendance rates, in-event traffic and engagement throughout the event

  • Review and export metrics showing booth visits, downloads, video views and chat activity

  • Track lead retrieval activity across booths and share stats with exhibitors

  • Review number of orders placed, and share with exhibitors to prove ROI
Evaluate Your Event’s Success

Benefits of Using the vFairs In-Person & Hybrid Food Show Platform

All-in-one platform

All-in-one Platform

Power your onsite & online experiences from a single platform

Custom solution

Custom Solution

Build a tailored solution with our modular platform

E-commerce tools

E-commerce Tools

Display products and collect orders in the virtual venue

Data tracking

Data Tracking

Collect and organize data for valuable business insights

Customer service

Customer Service

Get 24/7 help from a dedicated support team

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers trust us to help them deliver a worthwhile experience to attendees no matter where they are. Use our hybrid food show platform to connect, collaborate and empower like-minded people. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a hybrid food trade show platform?

The benefits of a hybrid food trade show platform include increased accessibility for attendees who cannot attend in-person, wider reach for exhibitors, and the ability to track and measure attendee engagement.

How do I access virtual components of a hybrid food show platform?

Virtual components of a hybrid food show platform are typically accessible through a food event management platform such as vFairs, where attendees can view exhibitor booths, participate in live streams, and engage with other attendees.

How can in-person event technology enhance the event experience?

In-person event technology enables seamless registration and check-in processes, eliminating long queues and enhancing attendee satisfaction. Interactive event apps and platforms provide real-time event updates, personalized schedules, and networking opportunities, fostering engagement among attendees.

How can exhibitors benefit from a hybrid food show platform?

Exhibitors can benefit from a hybrid food show platform by reaching a wider audience, collecting data on attendee engagement, and providing virtual resources and materials to attendees.

Can I network with other attendees at a hybrid food and beverage expo?

Yes, most hybrid food and beverage expo platforms will include features for attendees to network with each other. vFairs offer 1:1 text, video and audio chat, roundtables, breakout rooms and many other networking features.

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