Introducing vFairs’ Green & Global Program

We’re helping contribute to a more sustainable events industry by working with clients on making their events more eco-friendly, and rewarding them for every green event they host.

How Green & Global Works

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    Talk to your vFairs rep today about hosting greener events.

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    Work with us to implement green strategies to virtual, hybrid & in-person events.

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    Earn your certification as a Global Changemaker.

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    Get rewarded for hosting green events!


Why Choose Sustainable Events?

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

      Events can be wasteful. Emissions from travel, one-time use items and food waste all add up and contribute to the global carbon footprint. However, there are ways to mitigate your impact.

  • Benefit from Increased Returns

      In many instances, eco-friendly events have other benefits as well. Increased reach and lowered costs are just two of those benefits, both leading to higher ROI.

Green & Global Emissions Calculator

How much will you save by hosting green events?

Your estimated total carbon footprint is


This is just per capita average.

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