vFairs Product Tour

Take the vFairs Product Tour for an Interactive Product Experience

Jump right into our event platform with the vFairs product tour. It's super quick and easy to get started – just dive in, play around with the features, and get a real feel for how vFairs can fit into your plans.

Virtual Events

Explore virtual event environments with interactive webinars, exhibit booths, networking, gamification & more.

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Registration & Ticketing

Take a peek into the range of ticketing options, form fields, layouts, user experience & more.

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Event Mobile App

Discover a fully branded event app that simplifies check-ins, engagement, attendee networking, agenda management, sponsorships, branding & more.

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Badge Printing App

Experience the app that offers seamless onsite event check-ins, instant badge printing, personalized badges, & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the vFairs product tour?

The tour is designed for event organizers and marketers, interested in event technology. Whether you are actively looking for a platform for your next event or seeking more information about what that product has to offer, take vFairs product demo. It helps you make informed decisions and prepare relevant questions for your online demo call.

How long does the vFairs product tour take?

The tour is self-paced, so you can spend as much or as little time as you like exploring the features. Most users find that 15-30 minutes gives them a good overview.

What features can I expect to see on the tour?

The tour showcases the entire vFairs product suite, including easy event check-ins, badge scanning, sponsorship opportunities, attendee networking, engagement tools, and more.

Do I need to install any software to take the tour?

No, the vFairs product demo is accessible online through your web browser. There’s no need to download or install any software.

Can I take the tour more than once?

Yes! You’re welcome to revisit the vFairs product demo as many times as you like to ensure you’re fully comfortable with our platform’s capabilities.

Is there a cost associated with taking the vFairs product demo?

No, the tour is completely free. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring our clients make informed decisions about their event technology solutions.

How do I start the vFairs Product Demo?

Simply visit the landing page and click on the "Start product tour" button. You’ll be guided through each step of the process from there.

What if I have questions during the tour?

We’ve integrated helpful tips and information throughout the tour. However, if you have specific questions, you can always reach out to our sales team for assistance or book a vFairs demo.

vFairs Product Tour

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Available Product Demos

  • Virtual Platform Virtual Event Platform
  • Mobile App Explore our Mobile App
  • Badge Printing Badge Printing App
  • Event Registration Event Registration Platform
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