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Virtual Summit Platform

Connect With Customers In A Whole New Way With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
Virtual Summit Platform

Share Knowledge & Engage Global Audiences With a Virtual Summit

Promote discussions and knowledge sharing by hosting an interactive online summit for attendees based anywhere in the world.

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vFairs Virtual Summit Features

Whether you are hosting a summit for your organization’s members, partners or employees, vFairs online summit features are designed to deliver highly engaging events that will wow every audience.

Why Host a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit enables you to spark discussions, share ideas and tackle problems conveniently while creating a sense of belonging and comradery for your global audience.

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Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Summit Platform

Virtual summits are no easy feat, especially when every industry has unique needs. With vFairs features set, you are assured an event tailored to your industry’s leaders.

Host Webinars

Host live, semi-live and pre-recorded presentations, panels and talks on multiple tracks. This gives your speakers greater flexibility and allows you to host more sessions in a limited period of time.

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Host Webinars-min

Help Build Connections

Help your audience network by offering chat features, matchmaking tools and a searchable attendee database. Let attendees schedule meetings with exhibitors using a scheduler.

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Facilitate Networking-min

Engage Your Attendees

Boost participation with live Q&A, polls, feedback surveys and breakout rooms. Incentivize desired behavior with live contests and games such as scavenger hunts, trivia and leaderboards.

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Auto Match and Start Conversations

Converse with other attendees without the hassle of having to stir dialogue with multiple people. Instead, match with people sharing similar interests and build long-lasting connections.


Join Interesting Conversations at Roundtables

Sit at a roundtable that interests you. Save valuable time otherwise wasted on finding the right conversations for you. A great way to form professional relationships.


Provide Resources

Upload informational documents, videos and presentations to a resource vault. Let your attendees save these resources to a virtual briefcase to download and view at their convenience.

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Engage in a Virtual Setting via Spatial Connect

Set up networking rooms via spatial connect to help attendees strike up casual conversations with thought leaders.

Spatial Connect

Measure ROI

Track real-time data such as logins, chats, webinar views and document downloads. Use the data to measure ROI, deliver value to event partners and improve future online summits.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Summit with vFairs

Share Information-min

Share Information

Easily share ideas with interactive webinars and a resource vault

Wow Audiences-min

Enhance Attendee Experience

Delight your speakers & participants with immersive & animated 3D designs

Offer On-Demand-min

 On-Demand Viewing

Increase the life of your content by making your summit available on-demand

Enjoy Support-min

End-to-End Support

Hassle-free experience, thanks to a dedicated project manager

Attract Sponsors-min

Attract Sponsors

Offer greater visibility and exposure to sponsors in the virtual space

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We've been working with vFairs for over 4 years now and in that time we have pulled off dozens of virtual events. What I like best about vFairs is that they are always moving forward and always helping up accommodate our needs within our budget. They understand our process to constantly set us up for success.“

The product itself meets all of our needs for our digital events – live and recorded sessions and opportunities for our attendees to network with each other throughout the event.

Travis S.
  • Director of Government Relations

The gamification, the embedded zoom feature, the chat rooms, and the ease of engagement were all at the top of the list for our attendees and for our team.

Emily A.
  • Director Alignment

Their great customer service skills were used to assist my team when utilizing the virtual platform that vFairs provide. We have utilized the vFairs platform on countless occasions and as always, the vFairs team goes above and beyond.

Roslyn Y.
  • President and Founder

Every aspect of the vFairs platform impressed me. The sleek graphics, the simple build process and the round the clock support from a dedicated Project Manager made the entire process easy to navigate and so enjoyable.

Leeann M.
  • Training Coordinator

This is our second time using vFairs and once again it was a great experience. The attendees loved the photo booth and photo gallery features. We will be using vFairs next year for sure.

Ignacia T.
  • Digital PMO
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual summit?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual summit. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design and content upload.

How long should a virtual summit be?

Experts say no more than five hours per day for up to three days. You can also keep your vFairs virtual summit accessible all year round with on-demand sessions.

How is a vFairs different from Zoom?

A vFairs virtual summit offers a life-like conference experience where attendees are virtually transported to the venue and can explore the sessions and network with other attendees.

How many attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs supports unlimited registrations.

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