16 vFairs Integrations to Enhance Your Event Experience

vFairs’ primary focus has always been providing its customers with the best event management platform. Whether virtual, in-person or hybrid, vFairs has always done its best to give clients successful events. The vFairs integrations are an excellent way to make things go smoothly from the start.

If you want to hold a virtual conference, you want to ensure that the attendees can get the most out of it. This will add value to your event and make people appreciate all the work you put in. The vFairs integrations provide participants with a comprehensive and valuable experience. Here’s how.

vFairs Integrations

vFairs has set up several integrations that give both the host and the participant access to different features. vFairs has worked with the industry’s top service providers to bring you the ease of accessibility at all events. As a result, you can quickly add these integrations into your virtual event, making life much easier for you and your attendees. Some of the prominent integration partners include the following.


vFairs integration with AI chatbot, ChatGPT helps you create custom email campaigns for all your audience segments in a fraction of the time – all within the vFairs platform. Simply enter information about what type of email you want to send out, and ChatGPT will generate a fully customized email for your event. You can choose from a variety of prompts, such as event stages, types of emails, and the option to add specific instructions, guidelines, and more. Once you’re happy with the content, simply hit “Generate” and let the AI do the rest!

Users will also have the flexibility to edit the result to their exact specifications. Here’s a sneak peek of what the integration looks like:


Zapier lets you connect to thousands of popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters. Zapier is a simplified macro editor. An automated workflow called Zap links your apps and services. Each Zap has a trigger step, followed by one or more action stages. All you have to do is choose the trigger and action and fill in the details of how the zap should work. Zaps are easy to make, and most of the time, you can do so by choosing options from dropdown menus.

With Zapier’s integrations with vFairs for virtual events, you can automatically move data between your event and more than 3,000 apps. So, all you have to do is set up automatic event triggers, and you’re good to go.


Hubspot is a popular choice for companies that need to manage their data. The convenience of having all the crucial data regarding leads, partners, and clients in one location is one of HubSpot’s benefits. You can make tags, email templates, call schedules, and many other things using HubSpot CRM. It can serve as both a data repository and a tool for communication. 


Marketo is a popular tool among marketers for tracking leads and nurturing them through the conversion funnel. It makes it easy to set up marketing automation, email marketing campaigns, and lead management and figure out how much each lead brought in. With these tools, you can keep in touch with your leads and turn them into paying customers for life.

Your leads come from many different applications and channels. Getting them all together and putting them into your marketing plan can take a lot of time and keep you from doing your actual work.

With this integration, you won’t have to go through the trouble of pulling data about event attendees and manually creating leads in Marketo. Instead, the integration takes care of that. All you need is a Marketo account and a vFairs event.


vFairs works with Salesforce, another powerful tool that will help you keep track of your data and stay in touch with your customers. This CRM platform in the world lets you see everything about your customers.

Your top priority is understanding your customer’s needs and making things easy for them. And we want to make sure you reach your goal. With this tool, you can easily handle marketing, IT, sales, and business from the same place.


Eloqua is a marketing automation tool. Its integration with vFairs lets you create new leads from your virtual event and track how your existing leads act. Then, in the future, you can figure out how to market and advertise your event.


You don’t have to leave the vFairs virtual event platform to host Zoom videos. In addition to being able to embed Zoom webinars, you can also do everything else that Zoom meetings can do. Adding Zoom to the vFairs platform will give you more chances to meet new people. 

You can use breakout rooms to make it easier for attendees and exhibitors to talk to each other. Hosts can set up breakout rooms, choose how many people can attend, and send out invitations. Your participants have the most power. They can do everything that a regular Zoom call lets them do. Attendees can do everything that comes with a regular Zoom meeting. They can raise their hands, unmute their mics, take part in polls and chat with other attendees, etc.


vFairs integrates with Vimeo, so event organizers can add links to live streams to their platform. Vimeo is a website for sharing videos with tools for creating, editing, broadcasting, and getting in touch with clients. Ultimately, Vimeo lets you create high-quality, professional videos and share them with people worldwide.

With Vimeo, it’s easy to record webinars ahead of time and add them to your online event. Then, people who are attending your event can watch the embedded webinars whenever they want.


Restream is a popular live streaming service that helps you make high-quality live content and reach as many people as possible. It lets you upload and store videos that you have already made. With the vFairs integration with Restream, you can connect your virtual event to your social media sites to show it live on all of them. As a result, you can reach a bigger audience, and other people can share your event as it occurs.


With Slido, you can add live polls, word clouds, or surveys to your one-way presentations to make them more attractive. Ask people what they think or feel, and you’ll get their answers immediately.

If you use Slido integrations, you can improve your engagement quite significantly. For example, it lets you host live trivia, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. It also gives you the metrics to determine what your audience liked best about these interactions.


vFairs integrates with Kudo to create an inclusive platform where participants of various languages can participate comfortably. This lets hosts run webinars and presentations in more than one language. People who go can listen and take part in their language. This integration also helps with the live Q&A sessions after webinars and presentations. So, there are no language barriers that hold people back.

This integration also makes it possible to translate things into sign language, which helps the deaf community. It opens up your virtual trade show platform to more people who couldn’t use it before because of translation gaps.


Interprefy’s real-time communication solution helps people who speak different languages. They can connect during large-scale vFairs events or webinars. In addition, Interprefy helps global businesses translate languages safely and accurately from anywhere without the need for on-site equipment or interpreters to travel.

Interprefy brings the live stream of your event on vFairs into its RSI platform when the event starts. At the same time, interpreters using Interprefy watch and listen to the speaker while translating in real-time. Then, their real-time translation of the speech is sent to the vFairs platform’s Interprefy language selector widget.


Your meetings and events have a wide range of video and communication options, and global professionals tune in. Because of this, your event platform must work well with translation software to get your content to the people who need it. vFairs interacts with Wordly, a real-time translation technology. It can translate numerous languages concurrently to ensure that all non-native English speakers can enjoy the provided information.

Wordly integration helps people who don’t speak English as their first language or who can’t hear properly. It helps them understand and use various connection and communication-based engagement features.


SyncWords is a professional cloud-based software solution that includes auto-transcription, closed caption authoring and editing, live translation, automatic placement of on-screen text, and automatic alignment of text to speech. 

SyncWords integrates with vFairs and offers AI technology that makes live captioning of your virtual event easier for more people to see. So, it is a great way to help people who have trouble hearing or just like to read subtitles with their videos.


Walls.io is a social media aggregator that lets you collect, organize, and show content from different social media sites in a single feed. You can also add images or videos from other sources like RSS feeds.

When you add Walls.io to your vFairs event, you connect two powerful ways for people to join. It combines virtual events and social media to make one very connected and exciting event.

Social media is one of the best ways to get people interested in virtual events. So, putting the social media posts that your attendees, speakers, and sponsors share on a social wall will help you engage your audience, raise brand awareness, and get accurate user-generated content.

PayPal and Stripe

vFairs also connects with PayPal and Stripe. This is so that the clients can make it easier for people to sign up for their virtual trade show platform when they invite them. Companies often use these two ways to collect payments. So, if someone wants to sign up for the event, they must make a transaction on the vFairs platform. Then, the payment is sent directly to the client’s bank account through Paypal or Stripe.

Sponsorships are an essential part of any platform for a virtual trade show. It lets organizers give companies more exposure and visibility to the event’s attendees. In exchange, they will get money or access to products or services. Paypal and Stripe also help get the money for these sponsorships.

Key Takeaway

Each of vFairs integrations addresses an immense range of concerns and ensures that processes run smoothly. They will make your virtual event platform easy to use, helpful, and available. Also, vFairs has a project team that works with you at every step. As a result, you can be sure that your virtual events will leave a mark on the people you want to reach. Contact us today to learn more about our integrations!

16 vFairs Integrations to Enhance Your Event Experience

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