ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2022 Nashville: Mobile Event Apps Are Making a Buzz!

After two years of virtual experiences, The Center for Association Leadership’s (ASAE) Annual Meeting & Exposition made a much-awaited comeback, and vFairs was there for all the action.

Bringing almost five thousand association professionals, industry partners, and leaders to Nashville for its first in-person meeting since 2019 on August 20 to 23, the event conducted more than 100 sessions. 

What Was vFairs’s Experience Like? 

Not to sound too full of ourselves, but we did make some buzz at this year’s event. The #asae22 vFairs booth saw lots of action and interesting conversations! 

Luckily, they rounded up all the information for event planners & exhibitors to take away for your upcoming events. Let’s take a look at what our reps experienced, and took away from the event.

Key Takeaways from ASAE 2022

In-Person Events Are in Demand!

In-person events are making noise again, and they are here to stay this time. The vFairs booth (#2342) had plenty of traffic coming in and out, but most were curious about the return of in-person events. It shows that businesses need to up their game with hybrid and in-person events instead of only hosting entirely virtual events. And who better to host your event than vFairs, master of the art of hosting in-person, combination, and virtual events!

Mobile Apps Were the Talk of the Event!

ASAE - vFairs mobile app

We aren’t surprised with the popularity of the vFairs mobile app at ASAE 2022. Mobile apps have become essential for hosting a successful event, and attendees at the ASAE this year were well-informed in this case. Besides being extremely inquisitive about what the vFairs mobile app offers, Spencer McPherson, our representative, found many people seeking escape from another reasonably popular mobile event app, which was not so shocking. 

vFairs mobile app has been grabbing the attention of our customers for a long time. Still, after becoming a much-talked-about app at the ASAE, we surely recommend you learn more about the all-in-one mobile event app!

Can We Talk about How the Candy Bowls Were a Hit at Our Booth?

While we had our piping-hot coffee served to the visitors at the booth, our candy bowls made many heads turn. We couldn’t be more glad to fill the attendees with some delicious treats while they learned more about vFairs, the mobile app, and the platform!

Learnings for the Event Planners from ASAE 2022

If you were not able to attend the ASAE 2022, then there is no need to worry. Our super-talented team members grabbed insights and information for event planners, exhibitors, and attendees based on their experience at the mega event. 

Never Miss a Beat


As per Candice Davis, vFairs’ representative at the ASAE, you must collect all the necessary information before entering an event like this. Pre-planning includes noting down all the sessions you want to attend, booths you want to visit, etc. Familiarizing yourself with the event beforehand will help you set up a strategy that leads to achieving the outcomes you want from attending the event. Candice believes that putting some effort early into studying the exhibitors and understanding the event’s agenda will help you make the most out of each day at an event like ASAE 2022. 

A Mobile App Is Necessary!

ASAE - vFairs mobile app


Our representative Annie MacKenzie has one solid takeaway from the ASAE 2022 event!

As per Annie, after experiencing so much happening at the event this year, it is safe to say that collaborating with a mobile event app would have helped with better streamlining sessions for the event planners at ASAE. 

Our Last Thoughts

The speakers and the energy at ASAE Annual supported the moment’s potential. While so much has accelerated over the past two years, the ASAE event eagerly turned the learning from the past into power for innovative thinking. 

Staying true to the event’s theme, vFairs was able to provide attendees with the solutions they came looking for. An all-in-one mobile app that helps with managing and executing successful events, discussions around the return of in-person events, and free candy sweetness, we served a lot more.  

ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2022 Nashville: Mobile Event Apps Are Making a Buzz!


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.

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