10 Best Event Blogs for Event Organizers and Planners

If you’re a part of the bustling event industry, you’ll know that organizing and executing flawless events is no easy feat. While unlimited information is at our fingertips, focused event blog sites are invaluable for event professionals seeking inspiration, insights, and the latest trends. 

As event organizers, if you’re investing your time in reading event blogs, they should offer some value. A professional event blog offers expert opinions, real-world experiences, and a glimpse into the future of event management. It’s like having a backstage pass to the strategies employed by the most successful event planners. 

Here, we have listed the top 10 event industry news blogs that event professionals should consult:   

1. Skift

Skift Meetings was initiated in April 2007 by Julius Solaris, an international speaker and author. He is an influential voice in the events industry, with over 7 million people reading his advice on LinkedIn yearly and Fortune 500 companies trusting him for their marketing and events strategy.  This event blog is dedicated to exploring event technology trends, innovative event concepts, and leveraging social media in the event industry.

Skift offers an expansive coverage of the entire spectrum of the travel and events industry. Beyond just breaking news, the platform delves into in-depth reporting, offering a nuanced view of the challenges, trends, and opportunities that shape the events landscape. From airlines and hotels to startups and business travel, Skift serves as a comprehensive guide for professionals seeking insights that go beyond the surface.

skift blog snapshot of the website
Source: Skift

2. BoldPush

Julius Solaris also founded BoldPush and started to develop authority in the event planning domain. This event blog shares all the nitty gritty details and new trends getting popular regarding events. Anyone who wants to stay up to date on the cutting-edge event technology being used around can get help from this event blog. It provides all the news and insights on event planning, marketing, and execution. 

Solaris also runs webinars through Boldpush+ with various event industry experts. This initiative not only elevates Solaris’s standing as a thought leader but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the event industry. The accessibility of webinars ensures that a broad audience can benefit from the expertise shared.

boldpush blog landing page
Source: BoldPush

3. Event Industry News

Event Industry News offers detailed news pieces about the latest happenings in the event industry. They have categorized their event blogs into news about brands and agencies, conferences and meetings, event technology, exhibition and trade shows, and festival and outdoor news. Not only that, people looking for jobs in the industry also have a section to consult here called the recruitment news. 

For event professionals, they have a section for podcasts where industry experts share their experiences, best practices, and values to follow when planning and hosting events. This online magazine also gives views and reviews on the industry. 

The target audiences for this event blog are event professionals, organizers, marketers, production companies, suppliers, agencies, and government bodies. No matter what kind of event you are conducting, from small regional webinars to international exhibitions and festivals, there is something for everyone. 

event industry news blog website snapshot
Source: Event Industry News Website

4. Event Tech Live

Event Tech Live stands as a single event portfolio wholly dedicated to the ever-evolving realm of event technology. This initiative unfolds in two distinct editions: one in London every November and another in Las Vegas each April. On their event blog, they share insights from these events where global event professionals converge to explore the forefront of event tech innovation. 

They aim to connect global event professionals with the latest breakthroughs in event technology. This involves not just hosting events but championing thought leadership and fostering a year-round community that thrives on innovation. 

event tech live blog webiste snapshot
Source: Event Tech Live

5. Bizbash

BizBash, by David Adler, is a powerhouse in the events industry, delivering a comprehensive platform for event enthusiasts. What sets BizBash apart is its organized segmentation of content, allowing readers to seamlessly navigate through diverse verticals. They have different sections for Production & Strategy, Catering & Design, Event Tech & Virtual, and Venues & Destinations. 

Beyond written content, their on-demand events are something professionals can get help from including the Event Masters webinar series and GatherGeeks podcast. Unlike typical corporate blogs, BizBash transcends self-promotion, focusing on delivering content that goes beyond company interests. 

Also, it’s not just a local resource, it’s a valuable international hub covering news, ideas, and trends from various corners of the event industry worldwide. Even their venue-finding tool and supplier directory help streamline your day-to-day work.

bizbash blog website snapshot
Source: Bizbash

6. The MICE Blog

The MICE blog is tailored for the global event planning community and engages with a diverse range of event professionals. Their target audiences include event planners, event agencies, PR agencies, event venues, SMEs, DMCs, and conference organizers. 

They aim to spotlight the creativity inherent in this vibrant industry. This event blog was founded by Irina Trofimovskaya. With her expertise in event planning and her substantial international network, they provide a range of services to support and showcase the richness of the global event management landscape.

the mice blog website
Source: The MICE Blog

7. Peerspace

Peerspace provides a dynamic marketplace connecting event planners, creatives, and professionals with a diverse array of unique event news, insights, and trends. Catering to the needs of event planners, businesses, and individuals seeking distinctive venues, Peerspace offers a curated selection that goes beyond traditional event spaces. From chic urban lofts to scenic outdoor settings, the platform unlocks a world of options to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a photoshoot, a creative workshop, or a private celebration, Peerspace provides an ideal setting for every occasion. The platform’s versatility ensures that users can discover and book spaces that align with the unique requirements and ambiance they envision.

Peerspace blog front page
Source: PeerSpace

8. Corporate Event News

Corporate Event News serves as an invaluable online hub tailored for seasoned corporate event professionals operating at senior levels. In an industry where precision is paramount, staying well-informed with the latest industry insights, tools, and solutions is essential for success. From updates on noteworthy venues to nuanced event marketing strategies, and tips for effective vendor sourcing, content creation, and career progression, Corporate Event News is a comprehensive resource. 

Through a diverse array of articles, interviews, blogs, and a weekly e-newsletter, it covers the entire spectrum of corporate event planning. Navigating through the realms of event marketing, technology, destinations, venues, personnel development, and industry updates, Corporate Event News will keep you ahead of the curve.

Corporate Event News blog front page
Source: Corporate Event News


PCMA is committed to educating the global community about business events, serving as a beacon in the design, knowledge, and information universe. This event planning blog focuses on hot topics including sustainability, digital events, diversity & inclusion, CMP series, business of events, technology, and career & leadership. Their mission is to share knowledge through extraordinary experiences and multi-channel engagement with the members.

PCMA Blog front page
Source: PCMA

10. Social Tables 

From event planning strategies to the latest technological advancements, the Social Tables event blog unveils the ever-evolving events industry. They share emerging trends, innovative concepts, and the latest happenings in the world of events. Whether it’s cutting-edge event technologies, design inspirations, or evolving attendee expectations, they’ve got it all.

You can explore thought leadership articles and best practices curated by industry experts. The Social Tables Blog brings you perspectives from seasoned professionals and innovators, offering a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Dive into a repository of knowledge that transcends conventional boundaries.

social tables blog by cvent
Source: Social Tables

Final Word

Event planning needs precision and innovation and the significance of professional event blogs cannot be overstated. As organizers and hosts navigate the ups and downs of the industry, event blogs emerge as indispensable guides, providing a wealth of insights, trends, and practical advice. You must stay up-to-date by consuming information from these event blogs and implementing relevant insights into your practices. Pick a few of your favorite ones and subscribe to them for timely updates. 

For event planning tips, detailed guides, or tech solutions for your event management woes, you can find helpful content under our resources section.

10 Best Event Blogs for Event Organizers and Planners

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