7 Event Communities Planners Need to Join

Constructing a successful hybrid and virtual event is as much work as an in-person one. However, with the emergence of event communities, professionals are leading their way in event management with more incredible zest. It is time to learn everything about online communities!

What Makes Online Communities the Next Big Thing?

Online event communities are going strong with the growing popularity of hybrid and virtual events. Virtual-only events offer online communities opportunities to expand and increase engagement and channels for better networking and help build stronger connections. Event communities over Slack provide a wide range of benefits to participants looking for networking, job, and connection opportunities within the industry. 

vFairs conducted the latest survey (see the graph below), which shows that most businesses will continue hosting hybrid and virtual-only events in the long term! 

Graph showcasing the long-term outlook of users regarding post-pandemic event types. Hybrid events make up 38.8% of future events.

Online Communities Around the Globe

The online event communities below act as a dedicated channel on Slack to connect people with similar interests. Moreover, the channel keeps the conversations exciting and updates participants with the latest trends and insights within the desired industry. 

Whether you want to become part of the growing event industry or work against gender inequality in the tech world, there is an online community for all!

Below are popular online communities helping participants find their spot in the industry regardless of location. 

Eventpreneurs Community

Vector showing Eventpreneurs community logo + screenshots of the event communities within Slack channel
Eventpreneurs Community by vFairs

Eventpreneurs Community by vFairs offers insights into industry trends, event strategies, and more!

The globally active community helps participants learn advanced marketing techniques, event design, webinar development, etc. 

Moreover, suppose you want to brush up on your networking skills. In that case, the community offers networking advice that solves problems together and helps you meet like-minded people. 

Unlike other event management communities, Eventpreneurs Community offers a complete platform to their participants with every need considered. Having said this, the community offers space for recruiters and job seekers to meet. The platform provides a separate channel #jobboard to share the latest job opening. It helps participants find the most suitable position in the rapidly evolving event industry. 

The most exciting part of the Eventprenuers Community is that it offers the space for participants to take a break and relax. The channel empowers travel plans and mindless meme sharing and helps community participants build stronger connections.

You can become part of the fastest-growing event community on Slack by clicking here and requesting an invite right away!

Event Smart

If you are part of the event management industry, you must become part of Event Smart Community Chat. The platform offers real-time community chat groups to people wanting to enter the event management industry. The platform provides real-time updates, technology, event marketing, and work-life balance. 

The Event Smart Slack group helps you gain feedback about your products, services, and ideas. The community chat helps find new clients and candidates for hiring and increases your interaction with current customers. 

Women in Tech

With their team of professionals in Nigeria, the Women in Tech community offers excellent entrepreneur opportunities to women around the globe. 

The non-profit organization works miraculously to connect working women in tech. They offer free resources, internships, and scholarship opportunities that can help you kick-start your tech career from today. 

To become part of the growing community that fights against inequality in the workplace, you can join Women in Tech on Slack and enjoy their virtual events. 

Also, the significant part is that within Slack, the community offers another channel that shares the latest job openings within the industry. 

Women Techmakers

The Women Techmakers is a Google global initiative to fight inequality, reduce gender gap issues and help provide women with more resources in the tech industry. 

Women Techmakers communities are spreadings all across the globe. Currently, the community is working in 193 countries. There is a particular slack group for each division organizing its initiatives. You can join the group for free and enjoy the events for free. 

Hexagon UX

Another non-profit organization, Hexagon, serves as a community for women and non-binary members working in the UX industry. 

Similar to the communities mentioned above, Hexagon UX promotes events, peer support, and mentorship opportunities. Besides this, the community is active globally and hosts events and training programs for everyone. 

The community has a slack group that offers portfolio reviews, exciting conversations, and opportunities for the participants to learn more about the industry. You can join the community free, sign up for mentorship programs, and more. 

Online Geniuses

As a free slack community, Online Geniuses is available for thousands of members on the platform.

The community has a Pro community with dedicated marketers, a talent network, and an online marketplace. 

More than thirty-five thousand experts are part of the global Online Geniuses community. From consultants to freelancers and agency owners, VPS, and more, almost every niche is part of the growing digital marketing platform. 

Designer’s Hangout

Being true to its name, Designer’s Hangout is a dedicated and UX designers-only community. 

The community works as an invite-only network platform for UX designers and researchers. The community discusses new trends making rounds in the industry, uncovers insights and surface opportunities, and advises participants. Through their slack channel, you can learn from more than eighteen thousand UX professionals, designers, and researchers got the slack channel. 

Why Is It Necessary to Create or Join an Online Community? 

Recent research by Personify found that forty-four percent of association members believe it is more necessary to have an online community now than ever. Unfortunately – we have found that only a tiny percentage of virtual event planners in the United States reportedly use it. 

With a tiny percentage of associations creating online event industry communities, it is natural to doubt its effectiveness. Well, to your surprise, online event communities offer year-long opportunities to clients that want to remain engaged with their target markets. 

Moreover, when it comes to the credibility of online communities for event planners, hybrid events are imperative. Hybrid events take a sharp turn by highlighting in-person events as their centerpieces. Hybrid events are the most effective virtual and physical components for online communities, especially event-branded ones. Gladly with Eventpreneurs Community, businesses can better understand their target audience and what event type is best suited for them. The online community focuses on virtual, in-person, and hybrid events to help businesses with everything trending and practical. 

Regardless of your approach, becoming part of an online event industry community offers plenty of benefits. While there are advantages beyond the list, here are a few to highlight:

Networking: A well-built event community creates meaningful interactions and connections for the companies. For instance, you can include topics of interest, products, services, skills, etc., and curate significant interaction around them. 

A community helps with safe digital networking year-long for the more introverted participants. 

Content: Most communities-based events include unique content, data, and insights. However, in a virtual event, the content might expire moments after it appears on the screen. But with a virtual event industry community, the usage of content is maximized. The content can exist for days and months and might be more helpful for the participants who want to indulge in the learning process for a long time. 


There are plenty of reasons why online event communities are the next big thing. However, connectivity, networking opportunities, and remaining relevant in the desired industry will always top the chart.

Ready to learn more about one of the best online event industry communities? Click here and know everything about the Eventpreneurs Community!

7 Event Communities Planners Need to Join


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.


7 Event Communities Planners Need to Join


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.
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