Webcast Recap: Producing Intentional Events | Aryn Chapman

Host: Candice Davis, Director of Event Programming and Creative Services at vFairs.
Guest: Aryn Chapman, Founder and CEO of Ax3 Studios

Portrait of Candice Davis for the Event Production webcast
Candice Davis
Portrait of Aryn Chapman for the Event Production webcast
Aryn Chapman

On August 16th, Aryn Chapman, the CEO of Ax3 Studios sat down with Candice Davis from vFairs to discuss the dynamic relationship between event production and AV technology. These two industry experts dove into what it means to create meaningful and impactful experiences for attendees from event planning to execution. Aryn’s wealth of experience and passion for intentional event planning, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility make for a compelling discussion.

Introduction: Aryn’s Journey and Ax3 Studios

Aryn Chapman shared her journey into the event industry, driven by her parents’ influence, and her deep connection to AV technology. She introduced herself as the CEO of Ax3 Studios, a corporate event production company located in New York City. Ax3 Studios offers comprehensive event services, collaborating with clients worldwide to create impactful events.

The birth of her son inspired Aryn’s journey from film, television, and theater to event production. She acquired Ax3 Studios through an opportunity presented by a colleague, and her love for producing events around the world stems from the challenges they bring.

The Core of Event Production: Intentional Event Planning

Aryn’s philosophy of intentional event production revolves around aligning all event aspects with clients’ strategic goals and fostering meaningful experiences. This approach transcends surface-level choices and focuses on creating participant experiences that truly matter. She emphasized ongoing improvements within her company to ensure alignment with clients’ objectives.

Debriefing and Building Trust

Aryn highlighted the importance of intentional event debriefing through thorough post-event evaluations. This practice not only identifies successes and areas for improvement but also contributes to long-lasting client relationships. Building trust through candid discussions and involvement fosters a partnership beyond transactional service.

Creating Inclusivity and Meaningful Experiences

Aryn also emphasized the significance of creating an inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging among participants. Factors such as seating, colors, food options, branding, and technology integration are considered to design a safe and comfortable space. This approach extends to all event formats, ensuring impactful experiences.

Aligning Events with Clients’ Goals and Values

Moving forward, Aryn discussed strategies for aligning events with clients’ goals and values. Early engagement allows event producers to influence program content, speaker choices, and the overall narrative. Aligning technology choices with the audience’s preferences is vital. Aryn highlighted the importance of avoiding content outliers that don’t align with the event’s theme.

The Impact of Two Memorable Events

Aryn shared two impactful event stories. The first involved an event in Tel Aviv that brought together Americans, Europeans, Jews, and Israelis. An encounter with a catering captain highlighted the event’s far-reaching impact, touching people beyond the immediate participants. The second story revolved around a community event for individuals with facial differences, showcasing the power of authenticity and connection.

The Role of AV in Event Production 

AV Production serves as the amplifying lens through which event messages are conveyed. Aryn discussed the importance of aligning AV choices with the event’s atmosphere and objectives. From lighting to sound quality, these elements contribute to creating different looks, pacing, and engagement.

Enhancing Engagement with AV Technology

Aryn emphasized enhancing engagement through AV technology beyond basic setups. Touch screens, apps, gamification, and other tools add an interactive dimension to events. For hybrid or virtual events, apps bridge the gap between physical and virtual attendees. Aryn shared the importance of technology that facilitates polling, Q&A sessions, and clear audio.

Partnership with AV Professionals

Aryn’s comfort with the technical side of events stems from her background, and she values partnering with knowledgeable AV experts. She acknowledged the excitement brought by new event technologies like mobile LED screens, which enhance event experiences while being environmentally friendly.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Towards the end of the discussion. Aryn stressed the importance of creating inclusive spaces that cater to diverse needs. She discussed accessibility considerations such as translation, closed captioning, quiet spaces, childcare, and nursing mother facilities. She also highlighted the significance of prioritizing underrepresented groups and fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

Connecting with Aryn Chapman and Ax3 Studios

Aryn invited the audience to connect with her on LinkedIn and Ax3 Studios’ website and Instagram. She offers a free consultation for those interested in discussing event planning.

The webcast concluded with gratitude for Aryn’s insights and contributions, along with an invitation for listeners to reach out to vFairs for inquiries. The engagement-focused episode wrapped up with good wishes and a reminder to stay connected for future episodes. Here’s the complete episode:

Webcast Recap: Producing Intentional Events | Aryn Chapman

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