Eventbrite Review: Ticketing Platform, Pricing, Alternatives & More

Eventbrite is widely recognized for its online ticket creation and selling services. While it offers various event management services, such as event registration and mobile app, it falls short in key event management elements like event customization, customer support, etc. 

In our Eventbrite review blog, we will explore all the possibilities of using Eventbrite as your event management platform. We will look at its features, pricing plans, and more. At the same time, we will highlight a better alternative and show you how it might be a better fit for hosting your events.

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What is Eventbrite? 

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Eventbrite is a globally used self-service event ticketing platform that enables users to create, share, discover, and attend events worldwide. The platform is famous for its noteworthy features, such as ticket selling and event promotion services through social media.

Eventbrite operates fundamentally. Like an e-commerce website, it connects event sellers and buyers, but instead of products, it deals with events.

Eventbrite Key Features

Event Registration Tool

Eventbrite provides event organizers with a comprehensive event registration software solution that simplifies the registration, marketing, and sales process. The software incorporates AI-powered tools that assist in creating more effective ticket sales copy.

Additionally, the Eventbrite registration tool enables customization of the registration form, the design and layout of the event page according to the organizer’s preferences.

Mobile Event App

The Eventbrite mobile app provides various features to offer a smooth and effortless event experience. Attendees can use the mobile app to check in at the event via QR codes, explore events through the event discovery option, buy tickets, receive updates regarding the event, and much more. 

On the other hand, organizers can use the mobile app to create and promote events through event management tools. These tools help track ticket sales and facilitate efficient check-in during the event.

Marketing Tools

Eventbrite is a popular platform that offers various marketing tools to promote events. These tools include social media ads, email marketing, and real-time insights.

Moreover, Eventbrite’s event promotion tools enable you to launch your event ads on Facebook and Instagram. The intelligent features of these tools help you allocate your budget to the target audience with the highest engagement level.

Eventbrite Pros and Cons

Eventbrite is a widely used platform for registering and promoting events. Consider the following benefits to gain insight into positive Eventbrite reviews and shortcomings to consider why not use Eventbrite as an event management platform. 


1. Cloud-based Platform

Eventbrite is a versatile, cloud-based platform that offers event organizers an extensive array of tools to plan, promote, and manage various events effectively. From ticketing and registration to marketing and analytics, Eventbrite provides comprehensive support throughout the event lifecycle.

Here is a user review that backups up the abovementioned pro: 

Eventbrite makes it easy to create, sell tickets, and track events. Multiple users can be added so there can be collaboration. Reporting is easy to understand so that revenue and sales can be properly tracked and recorded.” Jessica V., Student Account Manager

2.  Ease of Use

Eventbrite is a widely favored platform for individuals and organizations seeking to create and manage events effortlessly. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it popular for users of all experience levels.

A user review claims the same: 

I really like how Eventbrite gives us a simple link to share. It helps us find out quickly who wants to come to the event and keeps track of how many people are attending. It’s super helpful!” – Finance F., CFO

3. Real-time Chat

One of the key benefits of utilizing the Eventbrite platform is the real-time chat functionality. This innovative feature empowers event attendees to participate actively in live networking activities throughout the event.

Here is a user review that seconds our claim:

Eventbrite streams the videos in very high quality and allows real-time chatting during the event.” – Moustafa Medhat A., System Engineer 


1. Complex User Interface

Although some users have claimed to have found ways to use the platform, most have found Eventbrite’s user interface to be more complex and challenging to navigate. Users have reported that finding specific functions and features is hard, which results in difficulty using the software.

Here are some Eventbrite customer reviews that support our claim:

  • The process of registering to attend any event takes a lot of time, and I need to repeat it each time I register for a different event. I don’t like the interface of Eventbrite as it is a little bit difficult to move through the different booths of an event. Also, the payment options are not diverse and limited to only a couple of choices.” – Moustafa Medhat A., System Engineer
  • “The mobile version has tended to be a bit spotty in the past, but other than that there has not been real issues. I suppose I would just recommend the desktop side over the Mobile, in that case.” -Jessica B., Pre-school Teacher

2. Limited Customization

Eventbrite’s lack of extensive customization options has left numerous users dissatisfied, hindering their ability to create fully personalized event experiences.

This platform lacks customization. You have to fit into their mold. When there was a need to transfer tickets to another day/time, it was very annoying and time-consuming because you have to move one ticket at a time. You cannot move an entire order. It took far too much time as a business to warrant keeping this platform for our online ticket sales.” – Meghan K., General Farm Manager

3. Weak  Customer Support

Users have reported difficulties contacting Eventribe’s customer support team and resolving their issues, leading to frustration.

Customer support wasn’t that great but everything else was good as it was a user friendly system.” – Oz A., Small Business

Eventbrite Pricing Plans

Eventbrite charges a non-refundable fee for selling event tickets, which ranges from 2% to 3.5% of the ticket price.

The company offers different pricing options, including:

  • Flex Package: costs $9.99 per event for up to 100 tickets. 
  • Subscribe and Save Package: costs $29 per month for up to 100 tickets. 

For more significant events, customized pricing options are available. It’s worth noting that Eventbrite does not charge a fee for free events that allow up to 25 tickets. 

vFairs: Eventbrite’s Better Alternative

vFairs is an all-in-one event management platform that provides in-person, hybrid, and virtual event solutions. The platform has received top ratings on G2 for its customer support, extensive event management tech stack, highly customizable and intuitive interface, and personalized approach for hosting events of all types. Here are some more reasons that make vFairs a better Eventbrite alternative. 

4 Reasons Why vFairs is a Better Alternative 

Intuitive and User-friendly Platform

Unlike Eventbrite, which often encounters criticism due to its intricate interface, vFairs stands out for its straightforward, user-friendly platform. This acclaim extends to their desktop and mobile app solutions, which event organizers and attendees highly regard for significantly improving the overall event experience.

Fully Customizable Platform

vFairs stands out from Eventbrite with its extensive customization options, providing a comprehensive event management platform. Organizers can personalize events to create a unique and gratifying experience for organizers and attendees. vFairs offers customizable registration forms, a fully adaptable event website, tiered ticketing, a white-labeled event app, and numerous other customization features to ensure an exceptional event experience.

5-star Customer Support

Unlike Eventbrite, which frequently disappoints customers with inadequate customer support, vFairs distinguishes itself through its exceptional customer service team. This team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance throughout your event. From the planning stages to the execution and follow-up, they ensure every aspect, including landing page specifications, on-site equipment, and more, is flawlessly managed.

No Registration Fee Or Hidden Charges

Unlike Eventbrite, which imposes registration fees on you or your attendees ranging from 1-15%, vFairs offers a no-registration-fee policy. You can include up to 500 attendees without incurring any additional registration costs. Moreover, vFairs ensures organizers’ transparency by avoiding complex pricing schemes or hidden fees.

Eventbrite vs vFairs

The comparison between Eventbrite and vFairs, according to G2 reviews, depends on a combination of factors.

Eventbrite review

vFairs Key Features

vFairs delivers a comprehensive array of tools for optimizing every phase of event management, encompassing everything from initial signup to detailed post-event evaluation. Let’s delve into the essential capabilities that vFairs brings to the table to elevate your event organization and implementation:

Event Registration & Ticketing 

vFairs event registration

vFairs offers an event ticketing and registration platform that allows organizers to quickly set up a customized form and implement ticketing tiers and payment integrations. The software is self-serve, so event planners can create the form themselves using a drag-and-drop form builder. This helps them add custom fields in the form. 

Attendees can select individual sessions or content they want to access by adding them to their tickets. Similarly, you can offer bulk registrations, early bird discounts, and tier-based discounts.

vFairs also offers added value through automated user segmentation, easy payment integration, group registration, group discounts, and more.

Event Mobile App


The vFairs mobile event app provides essential features to streamline your event. It offers easy, contactless check-in through QR codes, which makes it easy for attendees to check-in. The app also facilitates attendees’ networking and offers first-class branding and sponsorship opportunities.

The event mobile app provides real-time insights and detailed post-event reports. Organizers can track attendee check-in in real-time. Attendees can visit virtual booths using the mobile app to collect relevant information. They can also use floor maps to navigate the venue and access go-to-webinar features to catch up on sessions.

With vFair’s event mobile app, you can enhance attendees’ networking and engagement experience. The app allows attendees to participate in live polls, surveys, interactive areas, and channels, offering an easy way to exchange contact information. It also provides smart video matchmaking to connect attendees with like-minded people.

In addition, vFairs mobile app allows organizers to maximize their branding and sponsorship opportunities. The app can be customized and branded to align with the event’s branding. 

AI-powered Marketing Tools

Event marketers and planners can expedite their event marketing efforts using AI-powered event marketing tools from vFairs. The platform offers an AI-powered email builder that helps marketers and planners save time and improve productivity. 

The integration enables organizations to create custom email campaigns for all audience segments in a fraction of the time. They can choose from the templates and email the target audience to accelerate event marketing processes. Moreover, vFairs also provides AI writing assistants that allow effortless mobile social media promotions using advanced functionality. With the AI assistant, organizers can create engaging social media content to promote their event in minutes. 

Organizers can also use the AI writing assistant to create compelling landing page content to attract more registrations.

Event Reporting and Analytics

vFairs Event Reporting

vFairs provides cutting-edge event reporting and analytics capabilities to empower event organizers with real-time, data-driven insights. The comprehensive features enable tracking of virtual event logins, onsite check-ins, and user activity during events. You can seamlessly access all event data across hybrid and virtual platforms through a single source. 

The intuitive reporting dashboard allows you to visualize data before, during, and after your event, enhancing your decision-making process. Additionally, you can personalize the event experience by tracking individual user journeys. By leveraging data-driven strategies during and after the event, you can optimize your outcomes. Plus, our AI reporting chatbot further enhances your analytical capabilities. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to event organization, Eventbrite may leave you wanting more from its customer service, user interface, and customization options. For a seamless and hassle-free event experience,  vFairs is an excellent Eventbrite alternative. vFairs provides automated registration and ticketing tools, extensive customization options, and outstanding customer support. Event planners can set up their events, host content, including videos on-demand and live sessions, and manage multiple events on a single platform. Book a demo to discover how vFairs can elevate your events

Eventbrite Review: Ticketing Platform, Pricing, Alternatives & More


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations.

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