Eventeer Awards 2024: Check Out All of This Years’ Winners!

We are excited to share that the Eventeer Awards have wrapped for their third year running! On February 5, 2024, winners across 28 categories were officially announced – that’s the most number of winners awarded to date. And let me tell you; the winning event did not disappoint.

We’ve split up the awards categories into 4 themes: product-focused, solution-focused, theme-based, and location-based. Let’s dive in and explore all the winners from across categories!

Product-focused Awards

The product-focused awards celebrate events that used vFairs products in the most creative and innovative ways in order to achieve success at their events. These cover our virtual, hybrid, and in-person products, offering you a variety of inspiration for your upcoming events.

Best In-Person Event & Best Mobile App Event

ISA Automation & Leadership Conference

By: International Society of Automation

The ISA Automation & Leadership Conference was a 3-day technical and leadership conference and exhibition that brought together automation managers, engineers and technicians from around the world to discuss the latest in industry topics and trends including digital transformation, cyber security, IIoT, smart manufacturing and process automation.

The hybrid event included concurrent in-person and virtual presentations by subject matter experts from a variety of countries worldwide, a mobile app which facilitated networking between in-person and online attendees, and a virtual event with custom graphics of Western mountain scapes which immersed virtual attendees as if they were attending in-person.

Best Virtual Event

ETAP Global Conference

By: ETap

ETap Global Conference brought together energy and power professionals from around the world to exchange insights and discuss innovations and advancements in the field of power systems solutions.

The event included cutting-edge presentations by renowned speakers and experts, interactive workshops where participants could delve into practical applications and hands-on experiences to deepen their understanding of solutions, and networking opportunities for attendees to share ideas with others in their field.

Best Hybrid Event

Regnology 30th RegTech Convention

By: Regnology

The 30th RegTech Convention was a 1-day hybrid event that delved into the intersection of technology and regulatory compliance. The event provided professionals, regulatory experts and enthusiasts with a comprehensive exploration of regulatory technology trends, innovations and best practices.

The event included engaging panel discussions by renowned thought leaders and experts, an interactive showcase of cutting-edge RegTech solutions, and networking opportunities to facilitate meaningful connections between event attendees.

Solution-focused Awards

The solution-focused awards celebrate a variety of event types, from conferences to trade shows to hiring fairs and more. These winners leveraged vFairs tools to host unforgettable and successful event for their virtual and in-person audiences around the world.

Best Conference

Caribbean Services Exporters Symposium

By: Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services

The Caribbean Services Exporters Symposium (CSES) 2023 was a dynamic 2-day virtual conference focused on addressing crucial trade-in services issues and fostering growth of the services sector in the global arena.

The event featured four presentation tracks covering global trends, top economy insights, regional challenges and approaches to building competitive enterprises. The event helped attendees with formulating a blueprint for developing institutional frameworks that can drive service excellence in the Caribbean region.

Best Trade Show


By: Lynx Exhibitions

vBuildFair was a 30-day trade show running throughout November 2023, focused on building & construction in the Middle East, Africa & Mediterranean Sea areas. The event drew in thousands of high-profile visitors and professionals globally to connect them with the biggest suppliers and manufacturers in the MENA region.

The event featured a dynamic and user-friendly virtual platform whereby attendees could join the exhibition and explore a range of partnership opportunities, collaborations and exposure to the latest innovations in the construction sector. Attendees were invited to engage with industry trends through webinars, virtual product stands, and versatile chat options.

Best Summit

Pharmacy Careers Summit 2023

By: Raven’s Recruitment

The Pharmacy Careers Summit 2023 was a premier event which provided a unique platform for career exploration and advancement to candidates in the pharmaceutical industry. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and explore diverse career paths within pharmacy.

The event featured informative workshops, sessions and panel discussions by industry experts who provided insights into the latest trends, challenges and advancements in pharmacy, and interactive workshops focused on pharmacy practice, patient care, leadership and professional growth. Attendees were also availed of networking opportunities with experts from leading pharmaceutical companies.

Best Hiring Fair

ACCA EU Virtual Careers Fair


The ACCA EU Virtual Careers Fair, held on October 25, 2023, aimed to connect professionals and prospective students with a global network of employers in the accountancy and finance sector. The event facilitated connections between talented individuals and employers, generating significant interest in jobs within the financial services sector.

The event featured live expert-led sessions, chats, videos, and documents which covered topics such as CV writing, interview techniques, securing roles, and assistance on the ACCA journey. Candidates were also able to browse and apply to hundreds of open job roles and receive advice from career experts as they explored.

Best Education Fair

Health Misinformation

By: Network of the National Library of Medicine

The 2023 NNLM Virtual Symposium on Health Misinformation was held from April 4-6, 2023, and delved into the history, research, and practical solutions surrounding health misinformation. The event successfully convened librarians, health professionals, researchers, students, and other stakeholders interested in combating health misinformation.

The event sessions provided an in-depth exploration of the history, research, and solutions related to health misinformation, practical and evidence-based solutions to combat health misinformation, including tools and resources for various professionals, and targeted sessions for librarians, health professionals, researchers, and students to enhance their understanding and skills. Networking opportunities were also available to foster collaboration among professionals committed to combating health misinformation.

Best Networking Event

GM Expo

By: General Motors

The General Motors Virtual Diverse Dealer Expo held on May 10, 2023, brought together aspiring and current automotive professionals virtually to explore opportunities for minority and female entrepreneurs interested in owning and operating a General Motors dealership.

The event included an expo whereby participants could explore vendor booths and discover products and tools to enhance dealership performance, networking opportunities via one-on-one discussions with subject matter experts and GM partners, and sessions hosted by GM leadership which discussed the company’s vision for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future.

Best Training Event

Youth Connect

By: Maxwell Leadership

Youth Connect was a virtual event which provided a unique opportunity for participants to delve into the world of success, guided by accomplished radio host, emcee, and DJ, Neal Hopson. The event brought together youth from various corners of the globe.

Participants had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, through Q&A sessions and networking opportunities, fostering a global network of aspiring leaders.

Best Internal Event

New Caregiver Experience

By: Cleveland Clinic

The New Caregiver Experience was an on-demand event hosted by Cleveland Clinic in 2023. The event was designed for the newly onboarded team of caregivers at Cleveland Clinic to welcome new members and integrate them into the team.

The event provided participants with a comprehensive exploration of the organization’s mission, vision, history, and culture. It included a self-guided tour, virtual learning courses, new caregiver information booths, and compliance modules. They hosted welcome sessions virtually every Monday and Tuesday, with on-demand videos available, ensuring that every new caregiver had ample opportunity to engage and learn.

Theme-based Awards

The theme-based awards celebrate the best in industry-specific events as well as unique uses of vFairs features. Each of our winners used vFairs in unique ways to ensure their users had the most memorable experience at their events!

Best Non-profit Event

Eco Canada’s Virtual Career Fair

By: Eco Canada

Eco Canada’s Virtual Career fair brought together professionals looking for opportunities in the environmental sector with today’s leading innovative organizations, thought leaders, and professionals in the environmental sector who are responsible for making reforms and supporting environmental protection.

The event featured an interactive platform where candidates could connect with employers and other professionals through multiple chats and video options. Attendees could simply browse through employer exhibit booths in the tradeshow and attend live webinars in the auditorium in order to connect with potential employers and discuss career opportunities in the environmental sector.

Best University Event

8th Tambiz: Next Gen

By: Far Eastern University

TamBiz was the culminating event for students in the Business Planning course at Far Eastern University Manila. The event provided a dynamic platform uniting innovators and entrepreneurs. Going beyond a course requirement, it evolved into a thriving community centered on innovation and business.

The event provided a platform for students to showcase their innovative business plans, and attracted aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, and business pioneers, creating a vibrant community focused on fostering innovation and business excellence.

Best Healthcare Event

Living Well With Diabetes

By: National Diabetes Services Scheme

Living Well with Diabetes was a series of three events hosted on the vFairs platform, with the final event of the year taking place on November 17th. The event was hosted to provide health information to people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Australia.

The event offered the opportunity for the attendees to engage with staff from Diabetes Australia on health issues and living with diabetes through a variety of networking opportunities. The final event in the series provided practical information to attendees on topics like eating out, habit stacking, exercising, and plant-based eating through multiple presentation tracks.

Best Agency Event & Best Research Event

CARA Unite

By: Strategic Events

CARA Unite was a one-day virtual conference bringing together University Research Administrators from around the world to discuss issues on “Research Administration Day”.

The event featured sessions about career and workplace development, as well as industry outlooks and tools for professionals to use in their everyday roles. Networking opportunities were also available to attendees to facilitate connections with other research professionals around the world.

Best Diversity & Inclusion Event

2nd Annual Break Into Law Conference

By: Barrier Breakers

The 2nd Annual Break Into Law Conference was a virtual gathering, held on July 8 – 9, 2023. The event welcomed anyone with a passion for dismantling barriers in the legal field, including legal professionals, law school applicants, current law students, and young practitioners from BIPOC, first-generation, and marginalized individuals.

The event was hosted to break down barriers and create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive legal community, and featured career and law school fairs, expert advice, live Q&As and ample networking opportunities for all attendees to learn and discuss challenges with professionals across the field.

Best Tech Industry Event

URG Tech Summit

By: United Robotics Group

The URG Tech Summit was a groundbreaking virtual gathering that united tech enthusiasts, professionals, and experts from various URG entities, and focused on empowering humanity with technology. It served as the inaugural event for a series of collaborative initiatives, providing a platform to share ideas, learn about state-of-the-art technology, and unlock international collaboration within the URG team.

The summit featured presentations and networking which fostered connections and knowledge exchange between colleagues of different entities, opportunities to learn about best practices, exchange ideas, and discuss the future of robotics-related enhancements.

Best Exhibition Experience

Destination Canada 2023

By: Government of Canada

Destination Canada 2023 served as the key event for bilingual and Francophone individuals considering temporary or permanent immigration to Canada.

The forum provided qualified candidates with comprehensive information about Canada’s immigration programs through immersive 3D booths, video resources and documents; and facilitated one-on-one networking opportunities with representatives from provinces and territories, cities, regions, and Francophone organizations.

Best Use of Gamification

Lundbeck National Meeting

By: Lundbeck

The Lundbeck National Meeting, held from September 11 to 15, 2023, provided a comprehensive guide for planning attendees’ trips. The registration site facilitated a seamless experience, covering travel details to onsite events. The event catered to Lundbeck employees, offering valuable information on travel, accommodations, and the overall schedule.

This event featured an innovative leaderboard, adding an exciting competitive element to the event, fostering engagement among participants and contributing to a memorable and interactive experience for all attendees.

Best Immersive Event Design

2023 Virtual International Careers Fair

By: The University of Sydney

The 2023 Virtual International Careers Fair, which took place from August 31 to September 6, 2023, provided an exceptional opportunity for students and recent graduates to connect with employers recruiting in Australia and overseas.

The event emphasized paid internships, vacation work, and graduate opportunities through virtual employer booths, interactive presentations, networking opportunities and the ability to search for and apply to open roles from within the platform.

Best Out of the Box Event

Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show/Wings, Wheels & Water

By: Showpiece Shows

The Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show, an invitation-only extravaganza catering exclusively to an elite audience, stood as the Northeast’s premier showcase for yachting excellence, rare and vintage cars, private aviation, and more.

The event brought together a showcase of opulence that delighted the discerning audience. With an array of high-value exhibits and a stunning marina setting, the event solidified its status as the epitome of sophistication, and featured a staggering $248 million worth of yachts, $50 million in jets and helicopters, $22 million in automobiles, and $7 million in seaplanes within their immersive virtual exhibit hall.

Best High Volume Event

Nestlé Pre-Onboarding Site

By: Nestlé

The Nestlé Pre-boarding Site was hosted on-demand throughout 2023 for all new hires to Nestlé globally. The event was created to help employees learn more about the culture and brands represented within Nestlé.

The platform included a custom 3D design which were made to look like various retail stores, videos and documentation with information about Nestlé’s teams and history; information about the various locations around the world; and an opportunity to complete their onboarding documents within the platform.

Location-based Awards

Our location-based awards celebrate the best events from regions around the world. Whether conferences or trade shows, in-person or virtual, all events were celebrated in this category!

Best Event – North America

Statewide PK-12 Educational Employment Fair

By: Tulare County Office of Education

The Statewide PK-12 Educational Employment Fair provided a platform for educators and aspiring teachers across California to explore diverse job opportunities. The event was designed for teachers and those aspiring to enter the education field, the fair aimed to eliminate barriers to employment based on race, color, religion, gender, and more.

The platform featured on-demand webinars, an immersive virtual lobby, and interactive exhibition hall where attendees could interact with hiring employers and gain valuable tips and insights for interview preparation.

Best Event – Latin America

Fijatec Virtual

By: Fijatec

Fijatec Virtual offered a unique and immersive virtual experience, aimed at replicating the experience of being physically present at FIJATEC. The event brought together consumers and retailers in the trades space, and those interested in threading solutions, screws, and fixing systems.

The event featured a user-friendly virtual environment with custom designs, over 100 virtual exhibit booths showcasing a variety of products through 3D views, technical information, plans and visualizations. The attendees were also able to network with booth representatives via chat or video conferencing within the virtual event platform.

Best Event – EMEA

OT Cybersecurity Summit

By: International Society of Automation

The OT Cybersecurity Summit brought together managers and upper management in cybersecurity to discuss the leading international standards and conformance systems that are being used to keep operational technology (OT) safe and secure in industries such as energy, manufacturing, building automation, and more.

The event featured a custom fly-in from an actual castle in Aberdeen Scottland, fantastic graphics and set up, concurrent live and virtual sessions by speakers from The White House and US Department of Homeland Security, along with other local government official speakers. A mobile app lead generator was also available onsite for vendors, and networking for onsite attendees and virtual attendees.

Best Event – APAC

Living Well With Diabetes

By: National Diabetes Services Scheme

Living Well with Diabetes was a series of three events hosted on the vFairs platform, with the final event of the year taking place on November 17th. The event was hosted to provide health information to people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Australia.

The event offered the opportunity for the attendees to engage with staff from Diabetes Australia on health issues and living with diabetes through a variety of networking opportunities. The final event in the series provided practical information to attendees on topics like eating out, habit stacking, exercising, and plant-based eating through multiple presentation tracks.


Congratulations to all of our 2024 Eventeer Awards Winners! The events hosted in this past year are inspiring and innovative, and the vFairs team looks forward to seeing what’s to come in the world of events and event technology. To see all winners from 2024, visit the Eventeer Awards winners page.

Eventeer Awards 2024: Check Out All of This Years’ Winners!

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