Hybrid Sales Career Fairs: 5 Recruiting Tips

Due to the pandemic, the events industry has evolved rapidly. This rings true for job and sales career fairs too. In fact, with the day-to-day rise of interactive technologies, online career fairs are in tough competition with traditional hiring events. This is because online events deliver a number of benefits. This is done at a fraction of the cost of hosting a live event. Keeping this situation in mind, you are now towards a winning way of recruiting. 

What Are Hybrid Sales Career Fairs?

Let’s first give you a basic overview of hybrid sales career fairs. When we combine the attributes of an online career fair and in-person sales career fair, a hybrid career fair is born. It takes place in both a physical and digital setting. 

During the physical career fair, the host has the opportunity to bring together an employer hiring for multiple roles within its organization and local job seekers. This takes place in a physical scenario. This leverages the power of human interaction to exchange information.

On the other side, the same company can easily make available virtual stands. Simply with the help of an online platform, for remote candidates. The candidates view job offers, apply for them online and network with company representatives.

Hybrid sales career fairs actively increase event attendance and efficiency. It happens due to being an excellent option to target and engage extroverts along with introvert candidates, at the same time. As a result, improved hiring quality and access to data-driven results can be enjoyed. 

Advantages of Hybrid Virtual Sales Career Fairs

Online hybrid sales career fairs are being adopted as an engaging and targeted way for recruiters and candidates to interact. This is done in addition to complying with the most recent public health guidelines for hosting live events.

The most important benefit in this situation is that virtual recruiters are able to reach more candidates. This is particularly more important for smaller companies. Especially those that are not capable of sourcing talent on a large scale when it comes to a physical environment. Furthermore, they’ll have a large number of candidates attending their virtual event. Conducting online interviews will save them time too. 

On the other hand, the applicants are able to explore job offers. They can submit CVs online to become a part of a powerful candidate pipeline instantly. Also, they can seek information about employers, and interact with the employers in a secure digital scenario.

Some other great advantages are as follows:

    • Increased potential ROI: Using the virtual component to reach a larger pool of candidates means more hiring potential at the event. 
    • Seamless virtual-to-live integration: The right events providers, both virtual and physical, should create an easy, seamless experience for the host and attendees. 
    • Easy access to data: Monitoring the engagement levels during the virtual career fair event along with conducting post-event follow-ups lead to improved hiring outcomes in many ways. 
    • Paperless information: All the downloadable content provided is easily available in one place. This makes the recruitment process even more seamless and efficient for the involved parties. Of course, more sustainable too. Also, the hiring company could actually just host all their documentation within the virtual venue so candidates can download and go.
    • A global candidate database: Finding the ideal candidate is much easier than you expected.

5 Tips to Recruit via Hybrid Sales Career Fairs

Below are 5 top tips that will make the recruiting process via sales career fairs a no-brainer. 

1. Create a Virtual Database

Start by creating a virtual database of applicants with the help of online registration details. You will be asking all job seekers to fill out an online profile/form. The form will be present within the virtual aspect of the hybrid sales career event. In this way, employers can create an applicant database out of the job seekers. It will be including their resumes along with other important professional details.

2. Divide Exhibit Booths by Specialization

Dividing exhibit booths by sales specialization is another great tip. For example, the company could set up different virtual booths with the aim of hiring salespeople with different skill sets. Such as one for outbound sales, one for inbound sales, one for account executives, and the list goes on. 

The company could set these booths to target more applicants remotely that are present across the country/region/world. 

3. Train Your Recruiters 

Assigning different recruiters to the in-person as well as online portions, and training them appropriately for each is a great idea. Usually, the attendees in person have different needs, questions, and requests as compared to online ones. In both cases, they need to be addressed properly in a timely manner. 

It is highly suggested to separate team members to oversee each. Rather than asking in-person representatives to manage the virtual event as well.

4. Provide Secure Live Chat Option

Online career events are useless with booths lacking chat features. A secure live chat option enables job seekers to reach out to booth representatives quickly and get answers in real-time. Meanwhile, recruiters can also use this technology to screen candidates on the spot by a quick interviewing option. 

5. Promote to Diverse Candidate Profiles

When you promote your event, you will want to attract people with different skill sets. To achieve this goal, you need to use different promotion strategies. For example, software developers might be more active on one channel (for example, LinkedIn).On the other hand, marketing professionals might use Indeed to find jobs more often.


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