Our In-Event Updates Keep Your Attendees In On The Action

As a live event organizer, you want attendees to stay in the know with updates to boost engagement. Attendees also benefit from a fuller experience at the event, if they receive timely updates. Sending emails is one way for attendees to anticipate what’s next, but at vFairs, we cherish going the extra mile for you! With our in-event updates such as Desktop/Mobile Notifications, Chat Broadcast Announcements, and the What’s Happening Center, you are sure to get the best out of your virtual/hybrid event. 

Feeling curious already? Let’s take an overview of all the ways vFairs keep you informed of in-event updates in real-time.

What are Desktop Notifications?

Desktop notifications are one of the ways to update your attendees on what is up next at your event. As an event organizer/admin, you can set up as many notifications as you please via the backend. You can send these notifications directly or schedule them for later. These pop up on the bottom left corner of your event screen, and users can click on the action button to prompt action. 

What are the Options?

You can send text, audio, and video notifications through our Desktop Notifications. Not only that, but you also have the ability to make these notifications pop up in a particular part of the event or all across, like the Auditorium or the Exhibit Hall. Be prepared for an upcoming webinar and make sure attendees make it just in time by sending out a notification to let them know. You can also limit the notification visibility if you want to send it to a set of users.


Desktop notification
Desktop notification

What is Chat Broadcast Announcement?

If your event has lots of networking and attendees are engaging through chat, it is easy to lose sight of a desktop notification. With our Chat Broadcast Announcements, you can post a Chat 

 via the chat platform, which will show your message as a tool-tip across all chats (group, public, and private). With notifications appearing right on the chat platform, attendees are sure to stay abreast of the proceedings of the event. The best part is, that these notifications are updated in real-time. 

How Does the Chat Broadcast Announcements Work

Simply click on the “Loudspeaker” icon on the right side of the chat platform, and update your message. As soon as you hit save the notification updates in real-time for users. 

What Is Our What’s Happening Center (WHC)?

What’s Happening Center is one of our freshest features that lets your attendees know the proceedings of your event in real-time. This way, attendees know which webinar has taken place, during the last hour, which one is next or when the leaderboard begins. 

How Does the What’s Happening Center Work

The What’s Happening Center Displays information in real-time about the past, present, and upcoming hour for webinars and leaderboard. The WHC has three tabs: Happening Now, Coming Up, and Just Missed. These help give attendees the latest updates on your event. Attendees can join webinars and head over to the leaderboard, directly from the WHC. Attendees can join webinars and head over to the leaderboard, directly from the WHC.


What Are Notifications on Our Mobile App?

If you have a virtual or hybrid event, our mobile app notifications serve the purpose of providing timely updates to attendees. Whether it’s an upcoming webinar or time to visit booths, make them part of the action with our mobile app notifications. 

How Do the Mobile App Notifications Work

You can create the Mobile app notifications on the backend via the Mobile Notifications section. Once you create a notification, you can send it out right away, select a time, or schedule to send it later. Make sure attendees receive the notifications exactly at the time you schedule them, and never miss out on any update. 

Want to elevate interest among your attendees and boost engagement? Get in touch with us today and benefit from these exciting features. 


Our In-Event Updates Keep Your Attendees In On The Action

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