Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events To Attend in 2024

As the year progresses, anticipation mounts for the exciting pharmaceutical events slated for entrepreneurs, pharma startups, and industry disruptors.

These pharmaceutical industry events present a wide range of opportunities to learn, network, and jump into the forefront of innovation!

Annual pharmaceuticals conference attendance remains key for simulationists and educators alike, fostering networking, career exploration, and industry insights. Whether in person or virtual, engaging with peers and experts holds significant value, catering to diverse objectives. 

To help you find the ideal pharmaceutical industry conferences to attend, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of best conferences, encompassing in-person events, virtual, and hybrid formats for your consideration in 2024.

Upcoming Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events of 2024

The pharmaceutical conferencing industry represents the largest subset of the education sector. According to “The Future of Medical Conferences” (FirstWord Perspectives Report), 86% of physicians utilize smartphones for business purposes, with 53% utilizing tablets for the same objective.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in January 2024

1. Beyond Compliance

Beyond-Compliance-Pharma-Conferences-Expert-guidance-for-therapeutic-quality-excellence- pharmaceutical-industry-events
Source: Qualio

Date: January 16-18

Location: Virtual

Attend If: You are a pharmaceutical professional seeking to enhance your knowledge and expertise in compliance with regulatory standards.

About: The Beyond Compliance virtual event, which Qualio and Qualistery co-produced, has a clear focus.

Their goal is to provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement quality systems that are optimized and constantly improved, going beyond the basic requirements of cGMP compliance.

The conference will cover a range of topics crucial to pharmaceutical professionals, including compliance with the requirements outlined in ICH Q8, Q9, and Q10. 

Participants will evaluate strategies for aligning with the FDA’s forthcoming Quality Management Maturity program, gaining insights into how to elevate their quality management systems to meet evolving regulatory standards.

Another focal point will be the transition towards building a paperless Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS), exploring innovative approaches to streamline processes and enhance efficiency while maintaining compliance.

2. 3rd mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

Source: Immagina Biotechnology

Date: January 23–25

Location: Berlin, Germany

Attend If: You want to meet other professionals in the field and hear their thoughts on the present challenges and prospects, the parts of the mRNA treatment structure that need improvement, and the best ways to fill in knowledge gaps with convincing data sets.

About: If you are an expert in messenger RNA (mRNA) in Europe, you should not miss this conference. 

Get ready to be amazed by the groundbreaking discoveries, state-of-the-art knowledge in mRNA therapeutics and vaccine development, cutting-edge research and development, and expanding pipelines that these industry leaders and innovators will be showcasing at one of the most anticipated biopharma conferences this year. 

Over the course of three days, 200+ industry experts from organizations such as the MHRA, EMA, BioNTech, CureVac, Ziphius Vaccines, Moderna, and many more gathered to share exclusive new data. 

Learn about the pre-clinical and clinical insights, and expedited research and development and pipeline expansions in the rapidly evolving field of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in February 2024

3. 6th International Conference On PharmScience Research and Development

Source: United Scientific Group

Date: February 26–28

Location: Boston, MA

Attend If: You are committed to providing exceptional patient care and are interested in accessing a carefully curated schedule of interactive sessions and structured networking opportunities

About: Attendees of this global conference will be looking for ways to improve the pharmaceutical sector as well as current trends, possibilities, and dangers. 

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, this pharma R&D conference is a must-attend if you want to establish meaningful relationships, learn about new initiatives, and network with other experts.

To help you provide an exceptional experience for your patients, they have put together a carefully planned schedule of interactive sessions and structured networking opportunities that cover a range of topics, including the latest marketing and commercial material.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in March 2024

4. PDA Annual Meeting

Source: Parental Drug Association

Date: March 24-27

Location: Long Beach, CA

Attend If: You’re committed to using technology to drive positive social impact and promote equality, this pharma technology conference is for you.

About: First on our list of conferences to watch for in pharmaceutical compliance is the PDA Annual Meeting in 2024.

The meeting will start with an award ceremony honoring PDA’s volunteers. This will be followed by  three days of comprehensive insights into quality and compliance.

Starting with a visit to Dendreon’s innovative science and cellular therapy manufacturing facility, the week continues with facilitated roundtable* discussions that delve into hot topics like professional development and global regulatory convergence. 

Then, the stage is set for the highly-anticipated 2024 PDA Annual Meeting with an enthralling opening plenary session that showcases transformative methods for research and development of ultra-rare genetic diseases and super-orphaned drugs.

4. Pharma USA 2024

Source: Reuters Events

Date: March 26–27

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Attend If: If you recognize the need for a modernized commercial model that better serves patients’ needs and aligns with the demands of payers, this is one the most awaited pharma marketing conferences that provides a platform to explore and develop solutions that can drive positive change.

About: At Pharma USA 2024, top-level pharmaceutical executives from marketing, sales, and other relevant departments will convene to discuss and find solutions to the problems that will define the future of effective innovation. 

The existing commercial model is out of date and jeopardizes the continued availability of patients’ necessary life-saving care. Instead, it is time to rethink it and tailor it to the demands of payers.

Come together with more than 1,200 pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry, top solution providers, and patient advocates from North America to focus on the here and now while planning for the future. 

Their goal is to surpass the expectations of all stakeholders and solidify the position of pharmaceuticals as a foundational component of the healthcare system.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in April 2024

5. LSX World Congress

Source: LSX World Congress


Date: April 29-30

Location: London, UK

Attend If: You are involved in the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthtech, or medtech industries and are seeking opportunities for partnership, investment, and strategic planning.

About: When considering pharmaceutical conferences for partnership, investment, and strategy, the LSX World Congress, which is celebrating its tenth year, comes highly recommended on our list.

A two-day gathering for biotech, healthtech, and medtech offshoots, the Congress brings together investors, R&D innovators, and corporate executives.

Scaling, commercialization, deal-making, and long-term strategic market planning are some of the topics covered in the presentations.

Attendees include investors, key opinion leaders (KOLs), senior BD&L teams, research and development (R&D) executives, and chief executive officers (CEOs) from the most cutting-edge biopharma, medtech, and healthtech businesses in the world.

6. World Pharma Congress

World Pharma Congress Conference

Date: April 25

Location: Singapore

Attend If: You are a pharmaceutical professional seeking to enhance your knowledge, collaborate with peers, and stay abreast of recent advancements in the field.

About: Join WPC for a three-day event aimed at facilitating information exchange and fostering collaboration among attendees from academia and industry within the pharmaceutical field. Such pharmaceutical networking events offer an extensive agenda featuring robust discussions on recent advancements and innovative strategies in pharma.

Esteemed scientific experts renowned worldwide for their contributions to pharmaceutical practice and sciences will grace the conference. These internationally acclaimed professionals will present and deliberate on their latest findings and accomplishments, enriching this year’s program with their expertise.

7. GCPS 2024: 2nd Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences 

2nd Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences
Source: 10Times



Date: April 26–27

Location: Chiba, Japan

Attend If: You are passionate about shaping the future of healthcare and interested in discussing cutting-edge research and innovations.

About: The 2nd Annual Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences will take place on April 26th and 27th, 2024. 

Attendees will have the chance to network with other pharmaceutical experts, making this conference an ideal setting for exchanging ideas, building partnerships between academic institutions and businesses, and learning about the latest global scientific developments.

With the theme “Today’s Research is Tomorrow’s Medicine,” the Pharma Conference 2024—Japan encourages researchers, academics, and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry to engage in constructive dialogue about the future of healthcare.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in June 2024

8. DIA 2024

Pharma Conferences in 2024 - DIA 2024
Source: LinkedIn

Date: June 16-20

Location: San Diego, CA

Attend If: You are a pharmaceutical industry professional or stakeholder seeking to gain comprehensive insights into every aspect of the healthcare value chain, from research and development to patient access.

About: Number nine on our list of the best 2024 pharmaceutical industry events is also marking a milestone. The commemoration of DIA’s 60th anniversary will take place in 2024.

The schedule is still in the works, but attendees can expect a one-of-a-kind presentation covering every step of the healthcare value chain, from research and development to patient access, during the course of the week-long event.

30 minute “content hubs,” DIAmond panel discussions, and innovation showcases are just a few of the session styles that will be available at DIA 2024.

Some of the most important topics covered by the conference’s thirteen “education tracks” are regulatory CMC, project management, pharmacovigilance, and clinical trials.

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events in September 2024

9. PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference

PDA and FDA Joint Regulatory Conference
Source: Biocentriq

Date: September 9-11

Location: Washington, D.C.

Attend If: You are a pharmaceutical professional seeking insider knowledge and forecasts from regulatory authorities.

About: The PDA and the FDA co-host this annual meeting in the nation’s capital to provide delegates with insider knowledge and forecasts from the regulators.

While the exact program is still up in the air, previous conferences have included topics such as new regulations, upcoming revisions, best practices, and prevalent regulatory trends and blind spots.

We recommend the Joint Regulatory Conference as the best pharmaceutical convention to watch if you want to learn about the future of the business and what regulators anticipate.

10. LSX World Congress USA

LSX USA Congress
Source: Informa Connect

Date: September 11-12

Location: Boston, MA

Attend If: You are seeking high-quality executive conferences, in-person 1-2-1 partnering opportunities, and company showcasing opportunities.

About: If you are unable to attend the LSX World Congress in London, don’t worry! After four months, the conference will move to the other side of the Atlantic, specifically to Boston, allowing representatives from North America to participate. So, if you can’t make it to London, you have the opportunity to join us in Boston instead.

The Boston and London pharmaceutical industry events are similar in terms of their emphasis on one-on-one collaboration, fundraising, business displaying, investment, and strategy.

11. Discovery on Target

Source: Discovery on Target

Date: September 30 – 03 October

Location: Boston, MA

Attend If: You are a pharmaceutical professional seeking to engage with the latest advancements in drug discovery and development.

About: Discovery on Target (DOT) pharmaceutical trade show dedicated to novel drug targets and technologies, offers a distinct platform to exhibit your innovations and strategies for therapeutic agent discovery and development.

As the industry’s foremost event focused on pioneering drug targets, it convenes in Boston, MA, drawing over 1,300 professionals in drug discovery. This pharmaceutical trade shows main focus is on cutting-edge targets, technologies, and validation strategies for advancing both small molecules and biologics.

Attend One or Attend All!

The pharmaceutical business will face a whole new set of demands, guidelines, and regulations in 2024. To achieve your goals this year, it is essential to establish a culture that is quality-driven and industry-aware.

Members of the pharmaceutical workforce, including quality leaders and researchers, can benefit from first-hand pharmaceutical conference experience to be better prepared for changing demands and challenges. You can also pick up on some good pharmaceutical event management tips for the future.

Make sure that your employees are well-prepared, educated, and skilled by registering to attend one of the top pharma conferences in 2024. 

Have a conference-tastic time!

Biggest Pharmaceutical Industry Events To Attend in 2024

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