How Spatial Connect Will Help You Network

Virtual and hybrid events are all the rage but no one can deny missing out on personal interactions. Whether you are an event attendee or organizer, one-on-one meetings can be a crucial way to boost event engagement and make more personal or professional connections. Virtual events with a 3D environment come real close to making it look like you are part of something real. However, you may still feel like there is something missing.

The revolutionary vFairs Spatial Connect feature is here to save the day! It enhances the 3D virtual environment to a whole new level. You can connect with fellow attendees and exhibitors in a real-life physical setting and close the virtual gap a little further.

What is Spatial Networking?

You can think of Spatial Connect as an in-event SIMS game for your attendees, speakers, vendors, and exhibitors. They can create custom avatars and walk around a room. The new and exciting networking feature allows you to move around different rooms. 

You can use the arrow keys to move and talk to the people around you. So, a single room can have multiple conversations going on that you can be a part of. You can mute or unmute audio and turn your camera on as you explore the virtual space. The lifelike and immersive experience is a great way for users to make real, private, and personal connections.

How Can Spatial Connect Help You Create Meaningful Connections?

Networking is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any event and you don’t have to miss out on it if you are attending virtually. Spatial Networking can help you tune in to the right conversations, in the right setting and virtual no longer means disconnected. 

Strike-Up Conversations Naturally

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a new friend only because you happened to be sitting next to them during an event? Well, you can experience the same thing with close quarter audio in the vFairs Spatial Connect room. It makes it easy and natural to strike up conversations and feel the presence of people around you even in a virtual setting. 

You can move your avatar in any direction you want, switch rooms, and only hear or talk to the people close to you. It leaves a lot more room for those chance interactions and random connections that you may miss during a virtual event.

Network How You Want

Obligatory networking can be such a drawn out and boring experience. What fun is it when you can’t get out of a conversation you aren’t even interested in? Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will make meaningful connections out of a forced conversation. 

You don’t have to do any of that if you are using Spatial Connect. The feature doesn’t force attendees to join conversations or stay in a room for longer than they want to. Moreover, natural settings can enhance social connections. It is like meeting someone in the neighborhood park and taking a stroll with them. Sounds a lot better than simple Zoom meetings already, right?

Design a Customized Networking Space

The illustration shows the Spatial Connect feature in the vFairs platform

The available template designs are an office, a beach, and a park. However, the Spatial Connect space is fully customizable. If you think you and your attendees will be more comfortable in a bar or a hotel lobby, we can do that for you. Depending upon the event type, the right space can be designed which can foster deeper connections for your audience.

Skip the Scheduling 

Spontaneous conversations and instant connections can be the most interesting at times. With Spatial Connect, you don’t have to wait in line or set up appointments to talk to booth representatives. You can simply walk up to them and start talking or tune in to a conversation they’re having with someone else. Moreover, a conversation in a natural setting can be much more enticing and it can be easier for you to make an impression.

Ditch Webinar Fatigue

Webinars can be very informative but let’s not ignore the fact that too much of the same can get monotonous. It can be hard for speakers to make an impression through a video screen and attendees can lose interest. Spatial Networking is much more immersive and the experience can be memorable for attendees. Speakers can share their screen within the Spatial Connect rooms and make it more interesting. It can make training sessions, webinars, and breakout rooms feel much less enticing.

Final Thoughts

Spatial Connect can make networking in a virtual event a lot more fun. Attendees can move around rooms and feel like they are inside a physical event venue. This is the closest one can get to the feel of attending a real-life event through a virtual environment. The novel networking feature is creating waves all around by making interactions deeper and more meaningful.

We have lots of great new features to help enhance your virtual events. Check out more of our new networking features here!

How Spatial Connect Will Help You Network

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