vFairs vs. GoToWebinar – Which Virtual Event Platform Is Ruling 2023?

The talk about virtual and hybrid events, is happening everywhere. Well, if you want your next virtual or hybrid event to be exciting and immersive,  then you need to put some effort into the research. With the demand for virtual events, many virtual event platforms have made their way to the market. While we have some big names; vFairs and GoToWebinar, to discuss further in this article, it is essential to first get the basics straight. 

What is a Virtual Event Platform? 

A virtual event platform is a tool that allows you to host your digital event in all its glory. Virtual events are super popular among businesses as they enable events to be open to more participants. You can take your event beyond local customers and attendees with a competent virtual event platform. 

Moreover, suppose you are lucky enough to partner with an interactive and advanced virtual event platform. In that case, you can cut the travel expenses and additional worries of an in-person event. 

There are plenty of more reasons why virtual events have become so popular. If you are interested in knowing everything about the trending virtual events and why they will continue to rule in 2022, here is an informative piece for you. 

Without further ado, let’s begin with the two most popular virtual event platforms out there. It will help you choose the best online event planner for your next virtual event!

What Do We Know about vFairs? 

If you are familiar with the virtual event industry, you must have heard of vFairs. vFairs is the world’s leading virtual and hybrid event platform that offers numerous features to organizations of all sizes. 

Apart from making big moves in the virtual and hybrid events world, vFairs is globally acclaimed for managing physical events with utmost proficiency. vFairs is equipped with highly advanced modern-day technology along with a team of professionals that successfully executes your hybrid, in-person, and virtual events.

What Do We Know about GoToWebinar? 

GoToWebinar is a popular platform that allows you to host engaging webinars and virtual conferences. The media also offer many features to make your virtual event interactive. 

GoToWebinar has a bunch of upgraded solutions for hosting hybrid tasks such as training remote employees. The platform also offers pre-recorded product demos and other multi-day conference solutions. 

Which One Stacks Up Better?

While both platforms have their uses, there are limitations and advantages involved. A clear comparison can give you a  better idea of what will work best for you. Have a look at the table below. 

vFairs VS GoToWebinar

vFairs VS GoToWebinar Features

All You Need to Know About vFairs Features

Multiple virtual event platforms offer the right services to create and run a successful virtual event. However, mainstream services are not enough. Virtual and hybrid events are going big, and platforms need to up their game to bring the most amount of engagement on their media. vFairs, however, is doing everything and anything to deliver advanced virtual event services to its customers. Have a look at vFairs most talked about features!

Virtual Environment

To make the most of your virtual event, you must keep your audience in awe! While there is a lot you can do to keep your virtual event interactive, mesmerizing 3D-designed virtual lobbies will do most of the job for you. vFairs offers a wide range of animations and designs, which you can customize based on your preferences. You can create a stunning, massive, and over-the-top virtual environment to ensure your audience is fully immersed in your event. 

Event Gamification

It is time to get over boring virtual conferences with just webinars on the roster. vFairs brings the best way to keep your audience engaged in a virtual event. The gamification by vFairs is undoubtedly something you do not want to miss, nor do your attendees. The virtual leaderboards let you award points for attendees who completed the event task. You can also offer prizes to attendees with the most number of points. 

vFairs also offers virtual scavenger hunts! With this, you can lead your attendees to a virtual venue where they catch clues and stumble across items on a super cool platform! And this is not it. You and your attendees can enjoy live polling, trivia games, and much more!

Chat & Networking

With virtual events getting more extensive, you have to partner with a platform that allows your audience to network to the fullest!

There are multiple networking chat features that vFairs offer, including an embedded live chat option and group and private chat. Moreover, it provides meeting schedulers, breakout rooms, profile search options, conversation context, and more!

Customer Support

Let’s be honest. Hosting a virtual event on your own can be a nightmare. There is so much that you have to do to execute a blunder-free live event. However, the easier way to have a hassle-free virtual event is by partnering with vFairs, which offers 24/7 live customer support. Not to our surprise, the platform is rated number 1 on G2 for its customer service. 

Apart from enabling top-notch customer service practices, vFairs offer unique customer support features for a super smooth event. For instance, features like easy onboarding with highly trained program managers, pre-event support team, live event support, post-event support, and 24/7 support. 

If you are exhausted learning about vFairs excellent features, there is so much more than the platform offers! From allowing attendees to pre-schedule their interviews to advanced recruitment features for virtual job and career fairs, there is just so much that vFairs provides its customers. 

You can learn more about the vFairs feature and why it is the most compatible platform for your next event over here

All You Need to Know about GoToWebinar Features

While GoToWebinar might not have the most advanced virtual event features or upgraded features for a virtual career, it has a few services for a smooth webinar. Here are some features that can help you plan and promote interactive webinars for your attendees. 

Pre-recorded Events

You can always pre-record your webinar to ensure the event is blunder free.

Webcast Mode

The webcast mode by GoToWebinar allows up to thirty thousand attendees to join the live stream.

Event Promotion

You can also promote your event on GoToStage to draw a bigger crowd. 

Expert Event Planning and Support

Unlike vFairs, GoToWebinar does not provide pre, within, or post-event professional assistance. Still, you can collaborate with professional event producers for your next event. 

Webinar Templates

One easy way to host a webinar is by getting hands-on new event templates. GoToWebinar does the job for you.

G2 Ratings for vFairs and GoToWebinar

vFairs VS GoToWebinar

With so many features to look at, you might find it troubling to choose a virtual event platform for your next virtual event. We suggest you go by the words of customers who have already tried and tested the mega virtual event platforms we have been talking about all along. 

What Do Customers Have to Say about vFairs? 

Here is what customers have to say about vFairs. 

G2 customer testimonial for vFairs
G2 customer testimonial for vFairs
G2 customer testimonial for vFairs
G2 customer testimonial for vFairs

What Do Customers Have to Say about GoToWebinar?

It is time to learn more about GoToWebinar from its customer’s mouths.

“Two things that I dislike about GoTo Webinar are the ability to use break-out session rooms and the ability to have multiple users be the super admins on an account.” – Joshua R.

“Not being able to access an app through the browser is a pain. During a webinar, I’d like to broadcast live to social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. It isn’t easy to get sound video playback, at least from what I’ve done so far. Occasionally, there is a lag in the transition between presenters. Because of this, the audio and video are not in sync. Changing your membership plan necessitates a phone call, which is something else I dislike. On the website, this should be done.” – User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Virtual Event Platform in 2023?

Hosting a virtual event is undoubtedly not an easy task. A virtual event prep goes through a lot of stages. However, suppose you are lucky enough to partner with a professional team that manages your virtual event from the start till the end.

In that case, you do not have much to fret over. In the article above, we have learned about the critical features of the two most popular virtual event platforms. By now, you must have understood that vFairs offers a wide variety of virtual event features that are best used for all kinds of virtual programs, including job fairs, career fairs, trade shows, and so much more. 


How Much Does vFairs Cost?

vFairs offers you the ability to pick and choose the features. It is a one-time payment solution without additional costs. Get in touch with the vFairs team and get a quote today!

How Much Does GoToWebinar Cost?

Unlike vFairs, GoToWebinar has additional costs depending upon the number of attendees. For up to 500 attendees, it can cost $149.

How Easy Is It for Attendees to Use vFairs?

As a user-friendly and intuitive platform, a vFairs event is easy to register for and attend. A technical support team and info desk are also provided at every event to provide additional support.

How Easy Is It for Attendees to Use GoToWebinar?

If you are looking for a platform only to host webinars, then GoToWebinar is simple.

What Types of Events Can You Host with vFairs?

vFairs is exhaustive with its list of solutions. Whether you have a conference, tradeshow, an internal event, a recruitment fair, product launch, or networking event, vFairs has everything you need and more.

What Types of Events Can You Host with GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is best suited to host webinars, virtual seminars, and presentations.

Can I Customize What the Event Looks Like with vFairs?

You can use an extensive library of custom templates or submit a photo of your idea. The vFairs design team will create a specialized 3D model.

Can I Customize What the Event Looks Like with GoToWebinar?

Unlike vFairs, GoToWebinar does not offer real-life or 3D animated virtual backgrounds for a mesmerizing virtual experience. However, you can edit the event's branding and colors after scheduling an event.


vFairs vs. GoToWebinar – Which Virtual Event Platform Is Ruling 2023?


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