GoTo Webinar VS vFairs: A Comparison

At a glance: vFairs has a 4.7 rating out of 5 with over 1,565 customer reviews at G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace. On the other hand, GoTo Webinar has a 4-star rating out of five. 

While ratings impact customers’ choices when finding a good virtual events platform, it is definitely not the only factor to consider.

Customizability options, customer support, tech stack, and other similar factors is crucial to executing a successful event.

This GoTo Webinar VS vFairs comparison blog analyzes the different features and offers a clear view of strengths and drawbacks you must consider when choosing between the two..

Let’s have a look.

What Do You Need to Know About vFairs? 

vFairs is the world’s leading all-in-one event management platform. vFairs connects virtual, hybrid, and in-person tools for a cohesive event. 

vFairs offers all-in-one solutions for all kinds of events, be it conferences, internal events, training etc. If you want to host a virtual event with the platform, you can pick best-in-class features for a customizable online event.

What Do We Know about GoTo Webinar? 

Better known for its webinar software, GoTo Webinar is an all-in-one virtual event platform. 

GoTo Webinar has many upgraded solutions for hosting hybrid tasks, such as training remote employees. The platform also offers pre-recorded product demos and other multi-day conference solutions. 

We will learn more about what the platform offers in this GoTo Webinar review blog.

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs: Virtual Events Platforms’ Features

When choosing a suitable virtual events platform for your event, you must keep your tech requirements in mind. To help you with this, we have outlined all the virtual events features in this vFairs and GoTo Webinar review blog. Have a look:

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs comparison graph (1)

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs comparison graph (2)


vFairs Features: All You Need to Know 

GoTp Webinar VS vFairs; A comparison - vFairs features visual

vFairs offers a variety of products and features that support your event from end to end. Check out the full suite of offerings here.

Online Registration Software

vFairs offers exceptional online event registration software. The online registration tools automate the registration and payment process for your event. 

The online registration form can enable conditional logic that helps pop up new questions as selections are made throughout the form. 

The online registration software automatically segments users based on their responses in the registration form. The solution offers bulk registration in attendee groups, customizable ticketing types with different pricing options, and more. 

vFairs provides a seamless experience to multilingual attendees by offering a language reference registration form. 

The tool also allows for automated user segmentation and access to event content based on user type, automatic responses with effective email marketing, and more. 

Learn more about vFairs online registration software

Virtual Environment

vFairs offers user-friendly 2D and 3D designs you can customize based on your preferences. 

You can create stunning, massive, customized virtual lobbies and exhibit halls to transport your attendees into a venue that provides a real-life event experience.

The fully customizable virtual booth lets you brand each booth with relevant information. This way, your attendees can grab the information they are looking for.

vFairs virtual event solution lets you host engaging webinar sessions with interactive activities. You can host live Q&A sessions, run polls during the webinar, and offer your speakers multiple presentation options. 

Event Gamification

vFairs offers several interactive, immersive, and enjoyable event gamification options to your virtual attendees.

For instance, virtual leaderboards let you award points to attendees who completed the event task. 

vFairs also offers virtual scavenger hunts. With this, you can lead your attendees to a virtual venue where they catch clues and stumble across items for a fun and exciting event experience.

Additionally, the platform offers live polling, spin the wheel, and trivia games to entice the virtual event attendees. 

Mobile Event App

The vFairs mobile event app is a perfect solution for all event needs. However, when it comes to virtual events, the mobile app offers features that make the entire event experience convenient for both attendees and event planners. 

The mobile event app offers easy check-in, branding & sponsorship opportunities with a fully branded and white-labeled app, attendee networking, and multiple engagement opportunities.

The mobile event app has much to offer; look here.

Chat & Networking

VFairs offers multiple networking chat features, including an embedded live chat option and group and private chat.

The 1:1 and group audio/video call feature from vFairs allows attendees to initiate a conversation with attendees online quickly.

 The smart matchmaking feature uses an algorithm to match attendees with similar backgrounds and interests. The feature allows attendees to chat with exciting people and explore topics of similar interest. Similarly, topic-based roundtables help users share ideas in a small group setting. 

Spatial networking features create a dynamic virtual environment replicating an in-person event’s spontaneity. 

The feature lets users move their avatars in a virtual space and strike up conversations with people (avatars) around them. 

Event Analytics

vFairs offers event reporting features that extract reports for the event stage for your virtual event. 

You can track virtual event log-in and user activity in real-time.

 You can track how attendees navigate throughout your event and how much time they spend in specific areas. 

The AI reporting chatbot feature by vFairs allows you to gauge every event performance, like session attendance, meetings booked, content downloaded, etc. 

You can do all this and more through vFairs’ reporting features via the vFairs mobile app and browser.  

Customer Support

vFairs offers 24/7 live customer support. The platform is rated number 1 on G2 for its customer service. 

Besides enabling top-notch customer service practices, vFairs offers unique customer support features for a smooth event. For instance, features like easy onboarding with highly trained program managers, a pre-event support team, live event support, post-event support, and 24/7 support. 

Additionally, vFairs allows attendees to pre-schedule their interviews to advanced recruitment features for the virtual job and career fairs, as well as much more. You can learn here. 

GoTo Webinar Features: All You Need to Know 

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs; Comparison - GoTo Webinar Features Visual


You can always pre-record your webinar to ensure the event is blunder-free.

The webcast mode by GoTo Webinar allows up to thirty thousand attendees to join the live stream.


GoTo Webinar offers a bunch of customization options. For instance, you can create custom registration forms to capture attendee’s information. You can also create quizzes to help you understand who is coming to your event.

The platform offers templates that help create the event quickly. You can add your brand color, logo, and images to give your event a more personalized webinar feel.

Event Analytics

With GoTo Webinar’s event analytics feature, you can get high-level analytics of your webinar history. 

The features provide easy-to-read charts and generate handy reports for future use.

Manage Video Library

This feature allows event attendees to record and upload videos at the virtual webinar, which is later managed in the video library.

Expert Event Planning and Support

GoTo Webinar offers professional event producers assistance for webinars of all sizes. The producers will help deliver a technical dry run, assist with Q&A, and run a pre-webinar check-in to ensure a successful event. 

However, the platform charges different fees for the assistance of professional event producers. Their services are divided into three categories: basic, plus, and premium. The packages range from $600 to $1300.

Webinar Templates

One easy way to host a webinar is by getting hands-on with new event templates. GoTo Webinar does the job for you.

G2 Ratings for GoTo Webinar VS vFairs

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs; Comparison Chart

GoTo Webinar VS vFairs: User Reviews

With so many features, choosing a virtual event platform for your next virtual event is difficult. We suggest you go by the words of customers who have already tried and tested the virtual event platforms we have been discussing in our vFairs and GoTo Webinar review article. 

vFairs Reviews: 

Here is what customers have to say about vFairs: 

“The product meets all of our needs for our digital events – live and recorded sessions, an Exhibit Hall for us and our partners to showcase our work and interact with our attendees, and opportunities for attendees to network with each other throughout the event.” – Travis S., Director of Government Relations

“We had to change our 700-person national event to virtual three weeks before it launched; vFairs took what we thought was impossible and turned it into the best experience we could have asked for.” Emily A. Director, Alignment. 

“Our organization has worked with vFairs on two significant virtual events. Both involved thousands of attendees, nearly 100 exhibitor booths, and other features such as the scavenger hunt and leaderboard. We liked the relatively simple setup, the live/recorded tutorials, the ability to instantly delete inappropriate comments, and the ability to personalize our templates. We especially liked the vFairs staff.” – Susan N., Executive Director. 

GoTo Webinar Reviews:


“I can set a meeting right through the GoToConnect phone application platform. Everything in one place helps save time when you’re in a hurry and need to develop a quick appointment.” Verified User In Real Estate.

“Ability to accept payments and control panel.”- Gloria M., DBIA-WPR Executive Director


“There are no breakout rooms, no chat features for attendees to communicate amongst themselves, and no option for screen backgrounds.” Gloria M., DBIA-WPR Executive Director:

“Not being able to access an app through the browser is a pain. During a webinar, I’d like to broadcast live to social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. It is challenging to get sound video playback, at least from what I’ve done so far.” Verified User. 

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Virtual Event Platform?

Our review of vFairs and GoTo Webinar has strived to highlight all the key features and performance based on customer ratings and user reviews to help you choose the best virtual events platform for your events. 

GoTo Webinar offers many features that make up a delightful webinar experience. The solution does not provide a completely virtual conference/event solution. Moreover, the platform needs key features like engagement options, a smooth interface, and affordable pricing. 

Limited features and high pricing do not make GoTo Webinar an alternative platform for hosting virtual events or webinars. 

On the other hand, vFairs is an award-winning virtual events platform that provides best-in-class virtual events features for all types of events, such as webinars, trade shows, career fairs, and more. 

With exceptional registration and ticketing software, a mobile event app, and distinctive engagement tools such as spatial networking, smart matchmaking, and more, the platform is the best choice for hosting virtual events. 

How Much Does vFairs Cost?

vFairs offers you the ability to pick and choose the features. It is a one-time payment solution without additional costs. Get in touch with the vFairs team and get a quote today!

How Much Does GoToWebinar Cost?

The cost of GoTo Webinar depends on the subscription plan you choose. The packages start from $59 for 250 participants. You can learn about the plans and pricing over here.

How Easy Is It for Attendees to Use vFairs?

As a user-friendly and intuitive platform, a vFairs event is easy to register for and attend. vFairs offers easy log-in access to attendees and accessibility features to cater a diverse attendee range.

What Types of Events Can You Host with vFairs?

vFairs is filled with a list of solutions. Whether you have a conference, tradeshow, internal event, recruitment fair, product launch, or networking event, vFairs has everything you need.

What Types of Events Can You Host with GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is best suited to host webinars, virtual seminars, and presentations.

Can I Customize What the Event Looks Like with vFairs?

vFairs offers extensive customization options with custom templates for virtual environments and marketing emails, a fully customizable mobile app, registration forms, and more.

Can I Customize What the Event Looks Like with GoToWebinar?

Unlike vFairs, GoTo Webinar does not offer real-life or 3D-animated virtual backgrounds for a mesmerizing virtual experience. However, you can edit the event's branding and colors after scheduling an event.


GoTo Webinar VS vFairs: A Comparison


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations.

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