Top 9 Virtual Team Games to Keep Attendees Engaged

Planning virtual events can be a real challenge. Without the right engagement strategy, your virtual gathering could easily turn into a dull affair. However, there’s a solution that can transform your event from mundane to memorable: virtual event games.

These games not only inject excitement into your virtual event but also have the power to connect people from all corners of the globe through friendly competition. Beyond the fun factor, virtual event games can help cultivate trust and forge strong relationships among participants.

Whether you’re organizing your first event with unfamiliar faces or hosting a routine meeting with your team members, incorporating virtual team games can break the ice, infuse enthusiasm, and create a nurturing atmosphere for everyone involved.

Do You Really Need Virtual Team Games?

Absolutely! Virtual events, despite their numerous advantages, face a significant challenge; short participant attention spans. Even the most brilliant individuals with impressive focus can find their engagement waning. Today’s audiences crave instant gratification, especially newcomers. If your event fails to captivate their interest within the first eight seconds, chances are they’ll hop in and out of it.

Here’s where virtual team games come into play. They offer a fantastic means to deliver that instant gratification and inject some enjoyable activity to hold participants’ attention a bit longer, enticing them to stay engaged. Moreover, attendees who have a great time during your event are more likely to return for future gatherings.

What Virtual Team Games Can You Use in Your Next Event?

When it comes to virtual events, the options for online team games are endless. These games are tailor-made for the virtual environment, ensuring your participants stay captivated throughout the event. All they need is a reliable internet connection.

Before selecting the perfect gamification experience, consider taking a proactive approach to understand your attendees’ preferences. You can conduct a poll or encourage them to suggest games they’d enjoy. Your marketing team, with its deep understanding of your audience, might also offer valuable insights.

To make the right choice, start by defining your objectives for the games. Are you hosting a formal event where participants are meeting for the first time? Is it a recurring gathering that needs a dose of fun? Or do you simply want to break the ice among participants? Your specific goals will guide your selection.

Let’s explore some of the most engaging virtual team games that can elevate your virtual events.

1. Stimulate Competition with a Virtual Leaderboard

When it comes to integrating virtual event games into your event, one essential component stands out: the virtual leaderboard. This dynamic tool empowers attendees to keep track of their achievements across all the exciting activities on offer. To ensure maximum engagement, provide participants with a curated list of challenges designed to help them gain the highest number of points. These challenges may include visiting specific booths, attending webinars at scheduled times, engaging in polls and surveys, downloading exclusive content from the event’s swag bag, and more!

Prepare for a surge in attendee enthusiasm, as the competitive spirit comes alive in this engaging virtual gaming experience! As attendees actively participate in these thrilling activities, they can monitor their progress and compete for enticing rewards, such as gift hampers and other prizes, awarded to the top three performers.

Virtual leaderboard showing points won by event attendees
Virtual Leaderboard

2. Embark on a Digital Adventure with a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The virtual scavenger hunt is a surefire way to captivate your audience and infuse your event with a dose of excitement. Within the vFairs platform, virtual scavenger hunt stands as one of the most beloved choices. In essence, participants embark on a thrilling quest to uncover hidden icons scattered throughout the diverse virtual rooms. 

Whether it’s your company logo, prized products, or an assortment of intriguing items strategically placed in booths, the auditorium, and the lobby, each discovery boosts their score. The ultimate goal? To be the first to uncover all the items!

Now, you can add a time element to the virtual scavenger hunt, making it a sequential adventure. This means that items only materialize once attendees willingly join the hunt. They must then seek out these treasures within a specified timeframe, receiving helpful hints each time a new item awaits discovery!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt with Hidden Items Highlighted
Virtual Scavenger Hunt

3. Foster Connections with Smart Matchmaking

Smart matchmaking offers a dynamic and enjoyable method for attendees to connect and network with like-minded individuals. It’s as easy as sharing your interests or any pertinent information about yourself. Once you’ve provided this input, the system automatically pairs you with other attendees who share similar interests or characteristics. This feature can be particularly valuable, whether it’s used for facilitating rapid networking at job fairs or enhancing the experience of student open days.

By participating in 1:1 video, text, or audio chats, you can forge new connections. One of the most intriguing aspects of this feature is its unpredictability, as it randomly matches you with others, creating an element of surprise and excitement in each connection you make.

AI-powered Smart Matchmaking
Smart Matchmaking

4. Capture Memorable Moments with a Virtual Photo Booth

Who doesn’t enjoy taking selfies? Imagine turning this beloved activity into an exciting virtual event game! It’s simple: participants step into the virtual photo booth, snap a picture, and share it on the photo wall. Other attendees can then show their appreciation by liking their favorite photos. The participant with the most likes becomes the winner and is rewarded with fantastic prizes!

Whether it’s themed costume selfies, quirky group shots, or creative poses, these virtual game ideas inspire participants to let their imaginations run wild. Plus, the competitive element of competing for the most likes adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your virtual event.

Selfies of Event Attendees at a Virtual Photo Booth
Virtual Photo Booth

5. Elevate Fun and Engagement with Virtual Event Card Games

Looking to add a fun twist to your virtual game night ideas? Consider incorporating virtual card games! One of the best choices to kick things off and foster a friendly atmosphere is UNO. This classic card game is suitable for virtually everyone and serves as an excellent icebreaker for teams. Plus, it’s a breeze to understand, and you can play it online. By creating a dedicated breakout room, all event participants can easily join in and engage in some thrilling UNO matches. The online realm offers a variety of UNO game options, each with its own set of features to explore.

Look no further than poker for those seeking a more competitive card game. Poker has been a staple of online gaming since the inception of the internet, making it effortlessly accessible for virtual gatherings. With a number of virtual poker web applications at your disposal, setting up a game and playing with friends and attendees has never been easier. Plus, you can maintain real-time communication with your audience, adding an extra layer of excitement to your virtual event.

6. Test Your Luck with Spin the Wheel

When it comes to interactive games for online events, creativity knows no bounds, especially in the context of Spin the Wheel. You can tailor the game to suit the goals and objectives of your virtual team event. This engaging activity allows you to create an interactive and rewarding experience for your virtual team. 

By spinning the wheel, attendees can win exciting prizes, accumulate valuable points, or even secure an exclusive chance to connect one-on-one with the keynote speaker of your event. The possibilities are endless, and you can put your unique spin on this game to make it a memorable and entertaining addition to your virtual event.

Spin the Wheel
Spin the Wheel

7. Elevate Team Bonding with Virtual Team Charades

Charades, a timeless and beloved classic, offers an effortless yet enjoyable team game experience. At the start of each round, participants select a word or phrase, like a song title or a movie name, and skillfully mime the prompt as their fellow players make guesses. It’s important to note that the performer must remain silent, and refrain from mouthing words, or gesturing toward objects in the room. To enhance the experience, consider utilizing the spotlight feature to place the performer at the center of attention on the screen.

8. Challenge Minds with Trivia

Virtual meeting games like quizzes or trivia are an enjoyable and inclusive activity suitable for virtually everyone! Whether you’re organizing a virtual company meeting or a lively general knowledge challenge at a virtual conference, people absolutely adore it!

Incorporating trivia into your online event is a breeze. You can seamlessly integrate it with popular apps like Slido, craft your own engaging slide deck to present during a live webinar, and encourage participation through chat interactions or virtual hand-raising to answer questions.

Plus, you can easily access premade trivia templates online and effortlessly distribute them to your participants via your chosen communication tool.

Virtual Trivia Question
Virtual Trivia

9. Harness Learning with Kahoot

Elevate your virtual team interactions by adding a dose of fun and engagement with Kahoot! This versatile platform allows you to craft quizzes on virtually any topic, making learning enjoyable for your attendees. Whether you prefer one-on-one virtual games or a team-based approach, Kahoot! has you covered.

Not only does quizzing entertain and challenge your participants, but it also serves as a fantastic tool for reinforcing knowledge retention. Introducing a quiz in the midst of your virtual event can inject some excitement into the proceedings.

Kahoot! - virtual team games
Kahoot! Quiz


In conclusion, we’ve explored a variety of virtual event games to captivate your virtual team. Leveraging the power of vFairs integrations opens up numerous avenues to enhance engagement. While participants may be engrossed in these games, it’s crucial to ensure they can seamlessly interact with one another to maximize the overall benefits.


What are some interactive game ideas for virtual events?

Interactive game ideas for virtual events include virtual scavenger hunts, trivia quizzes, virtual escape rooms, and interactive polls or surveys. These audience participation games help keep your attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event.

What are some fun games for online parties that can keep the energy high?

Fun interactive virtual games can include virtual charades, Pictionary, and online karaoke. These interactive virtual games create a lively atmosphere, encouraging attendees to interact and enjoy themselves.

How can I organize virtual interactive activities that appeal to a diverse audience?

To cater to a diverse audience, consider virtual activities like virtual escape rooms, team-building challenges, and collaborative storytelling. These interactive activities create a sense of inclusivity and fun, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the event.

Can you suggest some virtual team games for an upcoming event?

Virtual game show ideas can range from trivia competitions and "Wheel of Fortune" style games to virtual talent shows and "Jeopardy!"-inspired quizzes. These virtual interactive activities offer a dynamic and engaging experience for participants.

Top 9 Virtual Team Games to Keep Attendees Engaged

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