Top 6 Whova Competitors & Alternatives

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This article will help you find out which companies offer similar services to Whova, what their pros and cons are, and what key features they offer. 

What is Whova?

Whova competitors

Whova, one of the leading companies for event management, offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Working with powerful companies around the world, Whova has made its mark in the events industry. 

Known for its pocket-friendly packages, Whova’s platform is a great choice for organizers looking to host virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. This platform is great for hosting  trade fairs, expos, conferences, corporate events, and community events. 

Some of Whova’s features include, but are not limited to online registration, event promotions, live polling, ticketing management, and more. 

Despite being a great event marketing platform, some users have felt that the interface is a little difficult to navigate. 

1.   vFairs

vFairs is known to be one of the leading virtual and hybrid events platforms that has helped organizations of all sizes to take their events online. With intuitive 3D virtual venues and features, users can create a custom virtual experience for their audience.

With vFairs, users can access virtual exhibit booths, fully functional webinars, content sharing, networking features, and more. Apart from all the amazing features vFairs offers, each event is supported by our renowned customer service team who provides complete support every step of the way.

vFairs offers a powerful mobile event app that makes the event worthwhile. It offers immersive and lifelike virtual venues and chat tools. Other features include, easy event check-ins, in-event and virtual attendee networking, customizable virtual exhibit booths, downloadable digital resources, and more.

We also offer industry-specific event solutions that help users tailor their events to meet their organization’s objectives. Some examples include trade shows and conferences, educational events, recruitment and HR, internal events, and more.

Pros & Cons

a) Exceptional Customer Service

Users have found our customer service as incredibly responsive and accommodating to all their needs and asks. Our project management and customer service teams are a great liaison and work to provide complete support round-the-clock.

b) Immersive Virtual Platform

vFairs offers an immersive virtual platform that provides abundant opportunities for attendees to engage with resources, providers, and each other. There are many inducements provided to keep everyone interested. 

The virtual experience is fully customizable which gives a life-like and real conference feel.

c) Extremely User-Friendly

vFairs event platform is a simple and easy-to-use solution. Users are given in depth training which helps them walk through each area of the platform. Many reviewers claim that they found their conference to be differentiated from other similar conferences on the market. vFairs gave their event a competitive edge.

Users love our immersive virtual layouts, and their imminence. Our customer service and project management teams are there to assist every request the client makes.

d) Easy to Set Up

vFairs event platform is easier to set-up and use. In comparison to similar brands in the market, vFairs offers in-depth training to all its clients making sure that they understand how to use the event platform according to their needs. 

Each client is assigned a project manager who caters to all the queries and assists in setting up their event platform.

e) Innovative and Exciting

vFairs event platform, mobile app, and digital resources are incredibly innovative and exciting. Users love the diversity of avatars and enjoy the ability to brand everything through our fully customizable digital resources. 

With vFairs, virtual events feel like the real ones.

At vFairs, we understand that every organization and its requirements vary. Although the vFairs platform is compatible with small as well as large events, some users may feel that it might not be compatible with theirs.

We take all of our client feedback into account and use it to make updates to our products. Our team strives to provide excellent customer support and makes sure that each client has an unimpeachable event experience. 

Key Features

a) Mobile Event App

Whova competitors

With vFairs’ mobile event app, users can enhance their virtual, hybrid, and live events so attendees can enjoy learning, and networking. Our event mobile technology offers numerous features that support hosts in maximizing their outcomes irrespective of what their goals are.

The features include, easy event check-ins, virtual and in-person attendee networking, completely customizable virtual exhibit booths, downloadable digital resources, webinars on the go and post event analytics.

We make sure to cover every aspect of your event.

 b) Virtual Environment


vFairs offers a virtual environment that instantaneously grabs attention. Our event platform gives you the real feel with its realistic 3D designs that bring every virtual environment to life. With the ability to personalize branding and marketing collateral, vFairs also provides numerous downloadable digital resources.

Users can strengthen their branding by customizing their venues. We also offer immersive rooms and personalized booths that help the attendees network easily. Users can select from a range of animated avatars with various personalizing options such as ethnicities, apparel, and ages that gives the event the feeling of a real event.

With vFairs virtual environment, hosts can guide their attendees along the way and offer them a completely hassle-free experience with the help of a live help desk.

c) Unbeatable Support

vFairs customer support team provides support before, during, and after the event. Our team makes onboarding easy with our highly trained program managers and comprehensive training.

We offer pre-event, live and post-event support. From setting up amazing landing pages, 3D lobbies to generating post-event reports and insights, we cover everything.

Moreover, our 24/7 email and chat support helps resolve problems and answers queries as soon as possible, no matter the time.

d) Event Gamification

No event is complete without entertainment. vFairs event gamification offers various features that help increase traffic to key spaces within the event and keeps the attendees engaged.

We offer virtual leaderboards, scavenger hunts, live polling, and trivia games. These activities serve as ice breakers, and make the virtual attendees feel like a part of the actual event. 

2. Hopin

Hopin is an all-in-one event platform for hosting online and hybrid events. Users can get registration, email, live streaming, and analytics all at their platform. Hopin works with pre-recorded content and live broadcasts show hosts how to keep things simple yet go all out with video production.

With Hopin, attendees can network one-on-one over live videos, join breakout sessions, and connect with other fellow attendees. Users can post full-scale events of all shapes and sizes with live video chats. Hopin gives organizers the ability to make their events private and password-protected according to their preferences.

Users can also customize their events according to their brand and get recognized immediately.

Hopin is a platform that is easy to navigate and manage. Its interface is hugely simple for anyone with little or no technological background. It lets organizers, with little tech knowledge, design and successfully run an event.

However, many users seem to have issues with their customer service as they are left unanswered for days. New users often have quite a few questions before they feel comfortable working with the platform. Hopin hasn’t been able to provide that. 

Pros & Cons

Following are the pros for choosing Hopin as your next event partner:

  •     Feature-rich Event Platform
  •     Easy to Navigate
  •     Elevated Online Events with integrations

Here are a few cons to consider:

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Weak User Experience
  • New Features Not Thought Through

3. Cvent

Cvent is a cloud-based event management solution that offers venue selection, event management, and marketing of virtual, on site, and hybrid events. With Cvent, organizers can easily plan and create event calendars, and sync them with their own.

With Cvent, organizations can easily systemize and streamline the event management process that ensures a greater event experience. This solution also offers hosts to keep a track of the attendance and related data within the platform.

Cvent offers in-depth training for clients that opt for virtual events. They understand that this is a new concept and therefore a complete training is required for each client to manage their own event.

Cvent has its own training academy where clients are taught how to set up, manage and work things around their own virtual event. With these training sessions, processes become hassle-free and less time consuming.

In addition, Cvent offers a budget management system. Hosts can keep a track of their funds for numerous events and calculate the expenditure with it.

Even though Cvent offers numerous training sessions for its new clients, it is always essential to provide them with proper customer support. Clients always need assistance with their onboarding. Many users have reviewed their customer service as poor. In most cases, users have waited to get responses for weeks.

This can be a deal breaker for many potential clients.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros of Cvent that every event host must consider:

  • Comprehensive Platform
  • Cvent’s Training Academy
  • User-Friendly

Here are a few challenges hosts may face with Cvent:

  • Weak Customer Service
  • Over-priced
  • Outdated Design Resources

4. 6Connex

6Connex is a virtual event platform that offers virtual and hybrid events. Their software provides solutions for virtual venues, webinars, and learning management. Their events are more than just video conferencing and webcasting.

6Connex interface is specifically designed to provide complete event support to any industry, big or small.

6Connex helps businesses change the way they see, manage, and interpret events. Their motto is to make the companies adapt and grow with the ever-changing digital world. They offer a wide range of features which include virtual venues, engagement tools, security, and open universe integrations.

6Connex has an impeccable customer support team that is available to help each client 24/7. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, and creative. If clients have any questions, their customer support is there to help.

They start from the production and creation of the event platform and help conducting and managing webinars. Their program managers and customer support are a guide every host needs.

Everything seems to be great about 6Connex until you find out that they have a limit to each solution.They can only offer a limited number of attendees, sponsor booths, virtual

rooms, and venues. 

6Connex does not offer a dedicated project manager to each client. However, having a dedicated project manager is essential. Different project managers are unable to provide corrective solutions, and therefore there can be a gap within the communication.

Pros & Cons

Following are some pros of 6Connex:

  • Wide Variety of Features
  • Great Customer Support
  • 6Connex Certifications Program

Here are a few cons to consider:

  • Each Solution Has Limits
  • No Dedicated Project Managers

5. ON24

ON24 is a cloud-based platform that offers virtual management solutions, such as live streamed virtual events, webinars, and conference planning. It has created several multimedia experiences, virtual events, and webinars for various companies such as Arctic wolf and Fitbit.

On24’s digital experience platform helps generate, gauge, and personalize experiences that ensure business growth. With ON24, customers can effortlessly turn the engagement into actionable insights and conversions.

With ON24, there is no limit as to how small or large your event can be. ON24 offers significant scalability for all its events. Users can now host small communal events or

larger business conferences through the same platform. 

However, it is not easy to set up an event on the ON24 platform. Many users have reviewed that their platform is not appropriate for smaller companies. Smaller companies require excellent support representatives completely dedicated to them. However, this is not the case for ON24.

Since they allot customer support to the actual event, there might not be many customer support representatives available for companies to help with the onboarding and setup.

Pros & Cons

Following are the pros of ON24:

  • Live Streaming Support
  • Scalability
  • Built-in Design Templates

 Here are some cons that will help you make your decision:

  • Difficult to Set-up
  • Low on Integrations
  • Lack of 3D Environments

6. Splashthat

Splashthat is an event platform that provides in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It supports organizations in managing and configuring workflows with corrective planning, and a centralized platform. Users can easily synchronize data with Splashthat.

Splashthat’s platform is flexible and offers customization options for users to design their own branded events. It also helps companies effortlessly manage, market, gauge their events.

In addition, it offers extensive design functions with built-in templates that help users create their branded websites and emails. With Splashthat platform, users can effortlessly create and organize registration forms and processes.

It also offers a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS. The app helps users manage registration and attend events on the go.

However, many users feel that their platform is difficult to comprehend and therefore, it takes a few comprehensive training sessions to be able to understand, manage, and operate the platform according to your requirements.

Pros & Cons

Following are some of the pros off splash that that can help you find out the best aspects of their services:

  • Versatile and Flexible Platform
  • Creating Websites Is Hassle-Free
  • Splashthat – a Familiar Name

Here are some cons you must consider if you’re planning to hire them for you next event:

  • Difficult to Set-up
  • Virtual Platform Needs an Upgrade
  • Digital Resources are Outdated

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we would agree that there are some amazing organizations out there that can be considered as Whova’s competitors. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of each organization, organizers can make their decision based on some very important factors such as features, pricing, and benefits analysis.

It is certainly important to have a few other options at hand to make sure the attendees have the same impeccable event experience no matter which platform hosts it.

At vFairs, we make sure we provide our clients with an experience they will never forget. Feel free to contact us or request for a demo to start your vFairs journey.

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Top 6 Whova Competitors & Alternatives

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.


Top 6 Whova Competitors & Alternatives

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.
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