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Optimize Your Finance Events Through vFairs Financial Event Platform

Leverage the power of vFairs financial event platform. Seamlessly connect and network with consumers, investors and entrepreneurs virtually or onsite!

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Create A Valuable Experience For Attendees Using vFairs Financial Event Platform

Unleash the full potential of your finance events with G2's highest-rated event management platform. Explore a wide array of customizable event solutions, seamless conference features, and innovative networking tools, ensuring an exceptional finance event.

Make a Striking Statement with a Personalized Event Design

  • Create an immersive and customizable virtual event or mobile app that delivers an engaging experience.
  • Customize 3D lobbies according to your preferences, either from scratch or selecting from preset templates.
  • Provide exhibitors and sponsors with dedicated space to showcase their offerings.
  • Integrate with top payment providers like Stripe and Paypal to collect ticket payments.

Avoid Long Queues with Onsite Event Technology

  • Use a branded mobile app to offer ease to onsite attendees.
  • Offer quick onsite check-in through mobile app QR code scanning.
  • Convert any device into a self-check-in kiosk e.g. tablet, iPhone, etc.
  • Automatically print personalized badges in seconds, including personal QR contact codes.
  • Create beautiful custom-designed badges with your event or company branding.

Facilitate Networking Among Banking and Finance Professionals

  • Facilitate seamless networking experiences through 1:1 chats, group chats, and audio/video calls.
  • Let industry leaders, professionals, and researchers connect and interact in dedicated networking lounges.
  • Empower attendees to book meetings through a meeting scheduler.
  • Connect attendees based on their interests and preferences with Smart Matchmaking.

Engage Your Audience with an Immersive Webinar Solution

  • Conduct educational sessions on future trends and predictions with live webinars.
  • Track personalized agendas and session check-ins through the mobile app.
  • Utilize an integrated webinar solution that includes breakout rooms, polls, Q&As, chat functionality, and more.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular webinar platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Restream, and others.
  • Ensure inclusivity by adding web accessibility features like subtitles, live translations, and video transcription.

Offer Branding Opportunities with a Fully Customizable Booth

  • Select from pre-designed booth layouts or create a custom design tailored to specific needs.
  • Enable branding options for exhibitors to effectively showcase their products and services.
  • Let attendees have 1:1 discussions and download content to get educated about products and services.
  • Enable attendees to save informative resources in a virtual swag bag.
  • Incorporate specialized booth features to support e-commerce functionality or facilitate recruitment efforts.

Enhance Attendee Engagement through Interactive Elements

  • Boost attendee participation by incorporating interactive features that gamify the event experience.
  • Keep attendees engaged and motivated throughout the finance event with trivia, leaderboards, and virtual/onsite scavenger hunts.
  • Facilitate real-time audience interaction by enabling live polling and audience response systems.
  • Provide engaging learning opportunities through virtual breakout sessions and workshops.
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All-in-One Event Management Platform for Finance Events

Find the right virtual, hybrid or in-person event solution and customize it based on your requirements.


Bring together experts, and industry leaders to discuss insights on various finance-related topics.

Job Fairs

Source top talent by posting jobs, gathering resumes, and shortlisting candidates.

Trade Shows

Present products, tools and services to global markets. Conduct demos to finance professionals and generate leads all within one platform


Facilitate insightful sessions, and cultivate a thriving community of fellow finance industry professionals and experts.


The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It looks good and we utilized other features this time that we had not used before, such as an animated lobby and a welcome video. I think this helped to make the event look more professional and interesting.

Verified User in Financial Services

The product itself meets all of our needs for our digital events - live and recorded sessions and opportunities for our attendees to network with each other throughout the event.” Travis S. - Director of Government Relations “The gamification, the embedded zoom feature, the chat rooms, and the ease of engagement were all at the top of the list for our attendees and for our team.

Emily A.
Director Alignment

Our virtual career fair went from stale to stellar with the vFairs platform. Our job seekers and exhibitors were thrilled.

Janine S.
Community Engagement Director

The vFairs platform allowed us to stand up an entirely online event management system in less than 4 weeks including registration, payment handling, virtual vendor booths, and an integrated "auditorium" for live viewing of conference sessions.

Corbin S.
Chief Administrative Officer

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What is vFairs financial event platform?

vFairs financial event platform is an all-in-one event management solution designed to optimize finance events, whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. It offers a range of customizable features, seamless conference tools, and innovative networking capabilities to ensure a successful finance event experience.

How can I benefit from using vFairs financial event platform?

Utilizing vFairs for your finance events helps you design captivating virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. vFairs all-in-one event management platform facilitates networking experiences, offers interactive webinars, and provides fully customizable booths with branding opportunities, among many other features.

Can I integrate payment options with the platform?

Yes, vFairs financial event platform allows integration with top payment providers like Stripe and Paypal, making it easy to collect ticket payments and ensure a smooth registration process for attendees.

How does the networking feature work on the platform?

The platform offers multiple networking options for finance events, including 1:1 chats, group chats, and audio/video calls, enabling seamless interactions between attendees, investors, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the smart matchmaking feature connects attendees based on their interests and preferences, facilitating meaningful connections during the event.

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