ALPLA Global Creates Awareness with Global MQO Day 2022

ALPLA is a world leader in the production of innovative plastic packaging solutions. From bottles, caps, packaging systems, to injection-molded parts, ALPLA offers a great variety in packaging. ALPLA is a family-owned business that works on making sustainable and climate friendly packaging products. 



This virtual summit was an internal event at ALPLA that brought together two of their regions, East and West. This was a great opportunity to network between regions and enjoy informative sessions together. This was a two-day event with a total of 1193 booth visits and with more than 1000 webinar views. 

The most loved feature of this summit was vFairs’ remarkable customer service.  But what really drove the success of this event was how user-friendly the event layout was. Feedback gathered at the event showed that attendees were very satisfied with the event and found vFairs to be an extremely easy platform to work with especially for the non-tech people. 

“Our experience with vFairs was great. We had more than a 100 attendees and we weren’t expecting them to navigate the platform so well. There was almost no request for support.” 

Sabrina Korolev

The Challenges

ALPLA approached vFairs in order to deliver new updates, share new concepts and projects, and to network with the corporate from the East and West region within their organization. 

The event consisted of numerous activities during a two-day long event with informative workshops, ice-breaking sessions, exhibitions, and more. 

These were the challenges they were looking to overcome by using vFairs virtual event platform:

  • Reaching all the employees within the company within the East and West region
  • Bringing both the regions together for the first time, virtually to communicate and share insights and updates 

The Solution

This was the first ever internal event that was hosted virtually by ALPLA. The team however was super tensed knowing with virtual, things may go wrong. Therefore, the ALPLA team had been looking for the perfect event firm that would completely take the burden off their shoulders and host an extraordinary event that would be praised amongst the regions.  

vFairs provided the virtual summit solution and it cleared all the doubts ALPLA team had before hosting their event virtually. It also helped provide solutions to the challenges ALPLA was facing with well delivered webinar sessions, and a super user-friendly virtual event platform.

Sabrina Korolev, Operational Excellence Assistant at ALPLA quoted, 

“We really liked the product from the start. We particularly enjoyed the service offered. We got all the information needed to make our decision. It was a good match from the beginning.”

Here are some of the features that stood out and served as a solution to their challenges: 

1. Remarkable Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, there’s no one that can match our level of convenience and dedication. Our project and customer service teams know the value each client holds and therefore, give in their 100%. 

ALPLA was delighted by the customer service offered by the vFairs team and that they were super responsive, and assisted them throughout the event. 

Sabrina Korolev from ALPLA quoted, ‘We were very happy with the customer service.”

2. 3D Virtual Environment

The MQO Day was a great opportunity for ALPLA to bring together employees from the EAST and the WEST region. The event sessions were able to teach, deliver, and update attendees about quality assurance, HSE, and maintenance. 

ALPLA and their attendees truly enjoyed how immersive the vFairs platform was. This internal event being the first one hosted virtually, the 3D elements gave it a real feel. The event exterior and the interior was kept simple and realistic but the attendees really enjoyed how creative the virtual environment was. 

Sabrina from ALPLA, mentioned, “ We have only positive feedback from the attendees.”

3. Exhibit Hall


ALPLA has a total of 4 exhibit booths and a total of 1193 booth visits. Each booth had its own set of downloadable videos and documents that attendees could put in their swag bags. 

The exhibit hall had great graphics with 3D avatars of the support team on each of the booths.  The booths were fully customized with logos and branded color schemes. 

Sabrina from ALPLA, mentioned, “ We were able to brand our exhibit booths with logos and they were very simple to navigate through.”

4. Ease of Set-up & Navigation

vFairs platform is very easy to set-up, navigate, and administer. For hosts, we do provide in-depth onboarding to familiarize them with the platform. For attendees, we offer welcome videos and support chat to assist them through the event. 

The ALPLA MQO event was highly appreciated because of how easy to navigate it was for the attendees. As mentioned by Sabrina from ALPLA, most of their attendees were non-technical people and therefore their team was expecting a high need of the chat support and help desk. 

However at the event, chat support was barely needed. The platform was super easy to work with and navigate through. 

Korolev particularly mentioned, “ vFairs platform was really easy to use. We only have positive feedback from everyone.”

5. Networking Lounge


The networking lounge gave the attendees from different regions the opportunity to connect, and communicate with one another. The attendees were able to discuss any concerns related to HSE, maintenance, and operations. 

6. Swag Bag


The swag bag at the MQO event was mainly for resources such as videos and documents concerning each booth. Attendees could add the important or relevant ones to their swag bag and watch them even after the event. 

The Results

ALPLA Global MQO day proved to be a successful event and provided a great learning experience for all the attendees from both the East and West region. The downloadable resources and the webinars were super informative and the attendees loved navigating through the vFairs platform.

The event was a win with:

  • 135 Total Registrations 
  • 1000+ Booth Visits
  • 1000+ Webinar Views
ALPLA Global Creates Awareness with Global MQO Day 2022

Amna Akhtar

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