How Risk Connect’s Virtual Conference Increased Qualified Leads

Virtual conferences are fast becoming the preferred medium for businesses to promote their services, connect with leads, and establish authority as industry titans. Not keen to restrict themselves to local audiences, high setup costs and cramped venues, our client Nonprofit Risk Management Center wanted to revamp their conference hosting strategy.

With their objectives including amplified branding, improved lead generation and  increased ROI for exhibitors, the vFairs team delivered a custom event on May 16th 2018 that served as a hub for exciting conversations, improved conversions and immersive webinars.

About Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Empowering risk management and risk champions across the nonprofit sector, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center supports nonprofit leaders by helping identify and address risks faced by their organizations. Their areas of expertise, consultancy and assistance include Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), governance risks and risk oversight, employment practices risks, legal and compliance risks, insurance program management, reputation risks, youth protection, safety and security risks, and more.


Strategy, Functionality & Accessibility

1)  Connecting Exhibitors With A Nationwide Audience

Being able to capture audience attention is a valuable business asset; the virtual conference’s strategy focused on providing an online platform encouraging  open communication, engagement, and meaningful conversations. Enabling attendees to learn, chat with exhibitors, and have their queries responded to in real-time were priorities for the vFairs team to help exhibitors generate a large lead volume during the 1 day event.

The Risk Connect Virtual Conference met all these objectives and more by providing the host access to an audience without borders; any guest could visit from any part of the country without worrying about travel, scheduling conflicts, or even time constraints. All they needed was an internet connection and their preferred desktop/mobile device to log on and join the fun. Other key functionalities also included:

i) Chatrooms to facilitate active networking; exhibitor booths also had chat schedules for one-on-one conversations with business reps so that visitors could have their queries answered in a distraction free setting.

ii) A highly responsive information desk to resolve and cater to questions from visitors, thus ensuring a positive event experience for all.

iii) An innovative “Leaderboard” tracked attendee activity, for e.g booth visits and webinars viewed, and prizes were awarded to participants with highest activity.


2) Using Engaging Live Webinars To Boost Event Attendance

Hosting webinars is a tried and tested strategy for businesses to build brands, promote services, and earn reputation as industry leaders. The virtual conference was custom designed to allow knowledge sharing in a convenient online setting.

With a dedicated “Workshops” section, visitors had access to informative speaker sessions delivered in real-time by industry experts- an excellent use of content to attract potential customers. From market outlook, risks faced by nonprofits, data security and more, the webinars were a huge hit with high volume of audience views. 

The benefits of the live webinars did not end here. Visitors could view recorded sessions later regardless of timezone and geographical distances, and were extremely affordable compared to a live event. Also, they served as a perfect incentive to attract audiences and in turn boost lead generation for the event host and exhibitors alike.



3) Marketing Services Through Creative Content

Physical conferences are known to skyrocket host’s expenses; printed market material such as brochures and pamphlets are easy to lose, toss away, inconvenient to carry around, and very environmentally unfriendly.

The virtual conference ensured hassle free information sharing by providing a “Resources” section where all marketing materials shared by exhibitors could be viewed or added to a “Swag Bag”. Any content added to the swag bag could be later emailed to the attendee simplifying organization and streamlining marketing efforts without printing costs and non-eco friendly practices.

The “Video Vault” provided access to multimedia content and videos from exhibitors; a smart way of using digital marketing and exciting visuals to drive audience engagement.

4) Measuring ROI to Understanding Event Success

A game changer and source of great relief for the client, the vFairs team left no detail unmeasured to ensure that the event host had insights for every action and activity that took place during the Risk Connect Virtual Conference. Measuring success shouldn’t involve guesswork; from recording views of every single webinar play, to the volume of clicks each booth tab attracted, all resource downloads and multimedia plays were actively tracked and their performance recorded.

With the event dashboard collecting powerful statistics reflecting content success, it was easy to determine the resources most appreciated by attendees, booths that experienced highest traffic, and overall registrations, etc. This was important data-driven information to drive continuous improvement in future events and increase visitor attendance.


The Results Recap

The Risk Connect Virtual Conference was a tremendous hit, and a refreshing shift from their traditional event hosting strategies. Building presence in the B2C environment, the exceptional value provided to exhibitors helped drive growth, amplified branding and generated qualified leads in an incredibly short time span. Meanwhile, the visitors had freedom to participate, learn and engage in conversations seamlessly in a comfortable online setting.

The success delivered was measured and tracked in utmost detail and achieved great results for the Nonprofit Risk Management Center.


About vFairs

At, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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How Risk Connect’s Virtual Conference Increased Qualified Leads

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