vFairs Breaks Its Own G2 Awards Record in Summer 2022

vFairs has broken it record by reaching all-time high rewards with a whopping 42 badges across five categories for G2’s Summer 2022 Reports. G2 is a peer-to-peer business software review platform that uses user reviews to list top business products and services. vFairs is known for its best customer support and consistent help during the event process. This makes the platform a user-friendly experience and helps in customer retention.

Let’s take a look at what vFairs received this quarter, and what helped us get there.

The major G2 awards received by vFairs in summer 2022 can be divided into four major categories:

Virtual Event Platform

This quarter, we received accolades across the small business, mid-market and enterprise segments for our core offering — virtual event platforms. Check out all seven badges we received in this category!

  • Best Relationship Enterprise
  • Best Relationship Mid-market
  • Best Results Enterprise
  • Best Usability Enterprise
  • Leader Enterprise
  • Leader Summer
  • Leader Mid-market
  • Leader Small Business
  • Momentum Leader Summer

vFairs CEO Muhammad Younas’s main goal is to work consistently on making the virtual event platform and experience better and user-friendly. He said, “We are committed to improving our product further to help businesses worldwide host amazing events.” He has proved this aspect this summer with vFairs receiving the maximum awards by G2. vFairs has been the market leader in virtual platforms over the past year, and has also been receiving awards for being the best leader and best solution for over the last two years.

Mobile Event Apps

One of our newest offerings this year is quickly becoming one of the most popular for those looking to host in-person, hybrid or virtual events on the go.

  • High Performer

This is the first quarter vFairs has been part of the mobile event apps category on G2, and we’re already a high performer! We are very excited to continue showing organizations just where we plan to take the mobile event app experience for onsite events.

Event Marketing

  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Best Relationship
  • Best Support
  • Best Support Mid-market
  • Easiest Admin
  • Easiest Setup
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Easiest To Use
  • High Performer Enterprise
  • High Performer Mid-market
  • Momentum Leader


vFairs works with our clients to offer event marketing solutions that help them increase reach, drive registrations and improve ongoing engagement on various marketing channels throughout the event. Our brand new event marketing solutions offer a range of services that improve the event promotions experience for our clients and make it easier for them to reach the right audience at the right time.

Event Networking & Matchmaking

We also snagged some great badges in the event networking & matchmaking category! Check them out here.

  • Leader
  • High Performer

One of the most imperative aspects of any event is the ability to network and build new contacts. When it comes to virtual and hybrid events, this is especially important since virtual attendees might not feel as connected to the others as they would at an in-person event. We’ve been making strides with our virtual networking & matchmaking features, and this is just the beginning of what we can do for organizations.

Event Registration & Ticketing

Our event registration is a client favorite, and it shows with the badges we’ve received this quarter in that category.

  • Best Relationship
  • Best Support
  • Best Results
  • Best Usability


We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers, so when it comes to having the best relationship and providing the best support, it makes sense. We also offer an extremely effective user-friendly registration platform that helps organizations collect and manage registrants and attendees easily!

About vFairs

vFairs’ all-in-one platform is backed by years of experience. The platform contains variety of over the top features that help customers have virtual events just like the physical ones. They have a lot of fun and innovative features that increases the customers’ network and help people to be under one roof from all around the world.

We’ve just launched our own quarterly awards for organizations excelling in the events community! Check out the vFairs Awards here.


vFairs Breaks Its Own G2 Awards Record in Summer 2022

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