In-Person Events

Elevate the Experience of Your In-Person Events

From onsite check-in and swappable digital contact cards to touchless content and personalized event agenda builder, vFairs offers the perfect solution to host impactful in person events.

Managing In-Person Events Has Never Been This Easy

All the tools you need to capture registrations, check-ins and payments, and manage your in-person events.

Accelerate Attendee Engagement with An In-Person Events Solution

Go above and beyond the typical in-person event experience with vFairs in-person events technology that lets you simplify registration, deliver touchless content and boost networking.

Build Pre-Event Hype with a Custom Landing Page

Create eye-catching landing pages for your in-person events with vFairs. You can choose from more than 100 templates and customize your event page. Add exciting content such as promotional videos, speaker bios, an event agenda and sponsor information to drive interest.

Simplify Event Registration with the Best Tools

Create a user-friendly registration experience with vFairs ticketing software, payment integrations and single sign on capabilities. Build a custom registration form to capture the attendee data you need. Push your registration data to your preferred ATS, CMS or CRMs such as Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.

Boost Event Experience with an Attendee Mobile App

Offer contactless onsite check-in and help your attendees navigate the event. Allow them to digitally swap contact information with each other with the help of QR codes. Deliver touchless content such as videos, presentations and brochures within the app for attendees to save and download.

Measure Event Success Like Never Before

We generate comprehensive reports for your in person events so you can assess event ROI. Track and analyze event turn out, mobile app activity and in-person registration data in one place. Generate reports for your exhibitors, partners and sponsors.

Manage Your Events with the Leading Provider on G2

The Best Mobile Event App for Your In-Person Events

Enhance your in-person events with mobile event technology that boosts your attendee experience and lets you track attendance and activity.

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