vFairs continues to fulfill its commitment to making virtual and hybrid events easier for everyone. Our latest integration is proof of this. Now, you can integrate your event with MS Teams and enjoy a seamless meeting experience. 

What is the vFairs + MS Teams Integration?

Now, you can host and attend meetings on MS Teams from within your vFairs events. Whenever you have a video meeting or discussion scheduled on the software, attendees won’t have to leave the vFairs platform. Instead, everyone can just join the meeting from within the event. 

Such integrations are a key part of what makes vFairs stand out. This is because they make virtual and hybrid events accessible to everyone.

What Benefits Does it Offer? 

Currently, vFairs is one of the few virtual events platforms integrated with MS Teams. This integration is an excellent addition to your event roster of features. Both organizers and attendees can benefit from it in a number of ways. 

1. Enjoy Streamlined Meetings

MS Teams is one of the most popular tools for meetings in this era of remote work. That’s why many organizers and attendees are already familiar with how it works. Our new integration makes it easy for them to just sign in with their existing MS Teams accounts and instantly join meetings without having to extensively plan and coordinate beforehand. 

2. Work with Microsoft-Oriented Companies

A number of companies out there use MS Teams as their primary form of communication. In addition to them, many of these only allow the use of this software to attend meetings due to various agreements and policies. 

The MS integration helps bring these companies on board with virtual events. Due to the increasing popularity of remote work, many companies are switching to Microsoft Teams productivity packages. This integration is the perfect fit for them. 

3. Stay On the vFairs Platform

When you’re part of a virtual or hybrid event, you don’t want to switch between different tools to stay on track. This integration allows people to attend MS Teams meetings right within the vFairs platform. 

When it’s time for a meeting, a window automatically appears on the platform itself. They can log in directly to their MS Teams account and get started with connecting with people. This way, participants don’t have to log in and out of multiple tools during the event.  

4. Embedded Immersive Experience

Up to 350 participants can be part of an MS Teams meeting within vFairs. This means that they’ll remain immersed in the virtual event experience. They won’t have to deal with the hassle of switching focus. Instead, they can enjoy user-friendly chat features, 3D visuals, and networking features that are unique to vFairs. 

What Scope Does the MS Teams Integration Cover?

This integration is currently only applicable to MS Teams meetings. In addition, it supports up to 350 participants. If the number of participants exceeds this limit, they can join via the app. 

The scope of this integration is quite widespread. Thousands of companies use MS Teams as their primary means of meetings and communication. So, they will find this integration quite useful and convenient. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the MS Teams integration is another tool in our ever-expanding arsenal. It will streamline meetings on the platform and will make it more appealing for thousands of organizations. It’s not only an excellent tool to host meetings but is a great way to attract exhibitors and participants.  


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