Zoom Webinars Are Now Embedded Within vFairs For a More Seamless Event Experience


We’ve just made our live sessions smoother! vFairs has fully embedded Zoom within the platform so you can now host all your sessions within your event window, without having to redirect attendees to the Zoom platform. 

What does this mean for attendees? 

A more holistic and seamless experience by staying within the realm of the event. This update will also give users more control of the application, as new tabs won’t be opening for links that they click on. 

This is crucial as most users don’t appreciate links opening in new tabs or being redirected to different applications. These actions strip users of their control and disrupt their experience by taking them away from the primary interface. Redirecting to other applications/tabs during virtual events is also problematic in the following ways:

  • It makes it difficult for visually impaired users to find their way around the event.
  • It builds load on the browser, sometimes leading to a lag for certain users.
  • It takes away the back button functionality so attendees can’t go back to the page they were on naturally. 

With embedded Zoom webinars, attendees will be able to watch every session from within the event!

What does this mean for organizers? 

With Zoom webinars embedded within your event application, you’ll be able to strengthen your branding and enhance your marketing efforts. 

You’ll also have more control of what attendees see during each session. You can place your logos, add promotional posts for other campaigns, or include session details under the webinar window to help users get a sense of what to expect for the session. 

All in all, embedded Zoom webinars bring both you and your attendees more control of the event experience. 

How to set up embedded Zoom webinars

To enable embedded Zoom webinars for your event:

  1. Create a meeting in Zoom. We’ll need a link from this to use in vFairs.
  2. Head to your event’s backend in vFairs.
  3. Click on ‘Webinars’ from the side-bar menu and then, on ‘Listings’. You’ll need to ‘Add’ a new listing here.
    an image of the vfairs webinar listings
  4. This will prompt a pop-out from the right that asks you to fill in your event details. Fill in the details.
    an image of the 'create new webinar' pop-out
  5. From the Webinar Type dropdown, select ‘Embedded Zoom Webinar’.
    an image of the embedded zoom webinar type
  6. Input your meeting ID, start time, replay URL, and how early can attendees join the event (if applicable).
  7. Hit ‘Save’.

This will automatically update your webinar listings and embed the new webinar within the vFairs platform when the presentation starts.


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Zoom Webinars Are Now Embedded Within vFairs For a More Seamless Event Experience

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