Chat Features that Improve Your Event’s Experience


Chat Functionalities

Here is something very interesting for you to engage with attendees. Our classic chat function has come with an improved and efficient version. Let us give you a bit of an idea of how chat works within our platform. It is a great way to interact with your attendees. You can begin chat by clicking on this chat icon anywhere in the event.
  • Click on join chatrooms to select a particular booth with which you want to chat
  • Chat is by default embedded in the platform which allows you to message anyone where ever you are in the inner environment.
  • Visit the exhibit booths and then click on the chat button.
  • User Profile Search to be enabled, so that reps will search the name of an attendee and start a chat with them.
Here are the three main ways you can chat within a vFairs event.

Public Chat Within the Booth

Each booth has its own chatroom, you go to a booth and click on chat and start communicating. Every booth will have their own respective reps to chat with the people. The public chatroom of the booth works similar way a group chat works on Whatsapp. Everyone would be able to see the messages and interact with each other when they will join the booth chat.

Private 1:1 Chat

One on one chat is also available if anyone wants to direct message a person. You would simply click on a name and a separate message thread will open to send a private message to that person. This kind of functionality is very useful if you have to interview an attendee or want to chat with them privately. A thing that makes 1-1 chat amazing is that it also has the feature to audio and video call that person.

Ad-hoc Chatrooms

Users can create their own chatrooms ad-hoc and invite others to join them. This is a great way for event attendees to start discussions around sub-topics related to the event’s theme!

6 Features that Improve Your Event’s Chat Experience

Now towards some of the efficient features that make our chats fun and more interactive:

Invite Attendees to Chat

This feature allows you to setup a meeting with an attendee before the event has even started. It would work in a way that allows a booth exhibitor to send a meeting invite to an attendee. They would let them know the time and date of the chat. This will be sent to them via an email. If the attendee accepts the invite then a confirmation email will be sent to the exhibitor. This feature is very useful when holding career fair, job fairs, and interviews.

Chat Threads

This particular feature allows you to start a chat thread under one message. For example, if an attendee wants to have a query on a particular subject, the booth reps and attendees can chat about it under one message. It would make attendees feel as if individual attention is given to them. This will make you feel more attentive towards their queries as well.

User Status

When this feature is on, it will allow user to see a dropdown in the chat header which will have the following options:
  • Available
  • Busy
  • Away
A user will have the option to select any one of them based on when they want to chat. This is an amazing way to show others if you are available for a chat or not. Their status will be reflected everywhere on the platform (public chatroom, networking section, 1-1 chat)

“Contacted” Status for Exhibitors

This one is for exhibitors only and attendees would not be able to see it. It includes a booth rep seeing a label of “contacted” next to an attendee if another booth rep of the same booth has already talked to that attendee. This is introduced directly in the following spaces:
  • User listings
  • 1:1 messages (next to the users name)
  • Online users section of chatrooms.
This allows exhibitors to easily notice the attendees who have already been contacted by another rep from their booth. They will not have to check each attendees user profile individually. This also allows reps to manage their chat requests and direct their attention in a more efficient manner.

Notes for Exhibitors

This feature is also for booth reps only. For example, if a booth rep enjoyed talking to an attendee, they would write a note on their profile recommending that attendee to the other reps. It allows booth reps to have an idea about the kind of conversation another booth rep of the same booth had with an attendee. This allows reps to filter out attendees according to their requirements. It is very useful during interviews, trainings and job fairs.

Replies to Messages

If in a public chatroom, this feature allows you to individually reply to the messages to all the attendees. You just hover over that message and an option of replying to that message will appear. It makes a public chatroom more interactive and fun!

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