Leverage The Power of LinkedIn with Our New Community Builder Integration

Picture this: you’ve collected an impressive number of registrations for your event. But the work isn’t over just yet. What are you doing to ensure these registrants actually attend your event? The power of community building could dictate your event attendance rates.

Community building is an exceptional tool to market your event, get your registrants excited, improve attendee turnout, and keep them engaged with you, your speakers, and other event-goers long after the event ends. Fortunately, vFairs has launched a new integration with LinkedIn that helps you build community amongst your attendees and event partners.

How the vFairs Community Builder Works

The vFairs community builder allows event attendees, who register for an event through the vFairs platform, to also join your respective LinkedIn Event Page, view other attendees’ profiles, and share the event with their networks.

Here’s how registrants will experience the community builder:

Once a user has registered for your event, a popup will appear requesting that they join your event page on LinkedIn.


Registrants can follow a link to your LinkedIn event page, and confirm they will “Attend”.

Registrants can also share your event with their LinkedIn networks with the click of a button.

You can publish links to your company page, speaker’s LinkedIn pages, and other important LinkedIn profiles for your attendees to follow.

Attendees will be able to browse the public list of others who have identified they will “Attend” the event via LinkedIn.

You can also share important updates and information about your event through your LinkedIn page.

How the vFairs Community Builder Benefits Your Event

Increase Your Event’s Reach

Anytime someone confirms their attendance through your LinkedIn Event page, other people in their networks will see that activity on their feeds. They will also have the option to share the event to their feeds via their own post; thus your event will reach a larger audience organically.

Bonus: Your attendees will be encouraged to like and follow your company page on LinkedIn, thus building your company’s reach organically as well!

Encourage Higher Attendance Rates

The industry average of registrants vs. actual event attendees is 65%. This low number could be due to a number of factors, however if attendees note others in their networks are attending your event, they will be more likely to join in as well.


Our community builder integration offers multiple means to excite and encourage registrants to attend the event when the doors open. By seeing who in their networks will also be attending, registrants will be more inclined to show up. Also, adding another channel through which you can communicate with your audience will keep the event top of mind.

Communicate Important Reminders and Updates

While email marketing is a useful tool to communicate with your event registrants, why not leverage the power of social media too? Once your attendees join your LinkedIn Event page, you can share important reminders and updates with them, thus increasing the number of communications touchpoints between you and your audience.

How To Set Up the LinkedIn Community Builder

You can set up the community builder integration in a few easy steps:

  1. Create your event page on LinkedIn
  2. Enable the community builder module in the vFairs backend
  3. Paste your LinkedIn event page URL into the designated field


Once set up, the popup will automatically show for anyone who registers for your event through the vFairs platform.

Ready to bump up your attendance rates and build community through your events? Get in touch today to get started!

Leverage The Power of LinkedIn with Our New Community Builder Integration

Brianne Snell

Brianne is a Content Manager at vFairs. She has over 8 years of experience planning and creating content for IT and SaaS organizations. When she isn't sharing her excitement for virtual and hybrid events, you can find her doing Pilates, bingeing pop culture podcasts and hanging out with her dog, Charlotte.

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