Plan and Monitor Event Finances with vFairs Event Budgeting Module

When it comes to event budgeting there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. You need to factor in your unique needs to project costs and manage expenses. Documenting every purchase down to your staff’s coffee and donuts can be a painful but necessary sacrifice every event planner makes while budgeting. 

But you can remedy your budgeting woes with the help of a simple, frictionless tool. That’s exactly why we’ve introduced a budgeting planner within the vFairs platform.

As part of the event planner module, the budgeting planner is designed for admin organizers who need to manage their event budget efficiently. The planner allows users to add their baseline budget, input expenses, and monitor the remaining balance. Additionally, it provides a feature that enables users to compare the event’s ticket sales revenue with the actual expenses incurred.

What You’ll Like About the Event Budgeting Module

If you avoid switching between multiple platforms, this is the perfect budget tracker for your event. You can track everything on one page. The minimalistic and clean UI also adds to the ease of use and user experience. 

Here’s how the tool ensures busy event planners save time and minimize budgeting headaches:

  1. Track expenses and performance using a budgeting tool specifically designed to track event ROI
  2. Keep a check on the remaining balance to avoid overextending your budget
  3. Make informed decisions before and during the event and optimize ROI
  4. Measure success and identify improvement areas by capturing cost and revenue data 

How Does It Work

Admins can log into the event backend and head over to the event planner tab. Hover to the event budgeting tab and select. This will open the budgeting planner. 

dashboard of event budgeting planner showing how to add an expense

You can then follow these steps: 

  1. Add your baseline budget and select your currency
  2. The next box allows you to input expenses like AV costs or catering 
  3. If your event is paid, you can also add your ticket sales
  4. You can see the event ROI based on your data

If you prefer using one tool for all aspects of your event planning, vFairs event planning software checks off the right boxes. See it for yourself:



Learn more about how you can stay on top of your event costs throughout the planning, execution and debriefing stages by booking a demo today.


Plan and Monitor Event Finances with vFairs Event Budgeting Module

Sarah Shaukat

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