Product Update: Collaborate through Miro Whiteboarding Sessions


We are excited to share that vFairs has announced yet another engaging product integration.

You must be thinking what the fuss is all about? Let me tell you – now presenters can visually express themselves, foster attendee creativity, and promote a collaborative environment, all through our newest integration with Miro – whiteboard & visual collaboration platform. How cool is that? 

What is Miro?

Miro is an online whiteboard tool for distributed, virtual and remote teams to communicate and collaborate together irrespective of their physical location and/or meeting space. 

Easily make your next virtual event sessions stand out and boost efficiency through a simple yet intuitive whiteboard. The idea behind this integration is to make sure that keynote speakers, presenters, and industry experts can visualize their thoughts, share ideas, clarify concepts, and teach the event attendees to help them learn something new. 

Whiteboard sessions

The best part is that the sessions enable attendees to collaborate visually through the Miro whiteboards in real-time as well. Presenters can embed any Miro whiteboard template such as for ice-breaking sessions, or one-on-one meetings, etc. to start a whiteboard session from anywhere in their virtual event’s space. Moreover, both speakers and attendees can make use of different tools such as pen tools, erasers, freehand writing, colors, shapes, and lines to highlight insights or research data. 

Benefits of Using Miro Whiteboard Within vFairs

Seamlessly Host Brainstorming Sessions

It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to – be it education or healthcare – through whiteboard sessions you can easily engage attendees and fellow leaders in creative brainstorming activities. The canvas has enough space for everyone to present their ideas. Disagreement on an idea? Toss it to the bin and start again. 

Collaborate in Real-Time

Live virtual sessions are no fun if they don’t let attendees engage. Miro’s collaborative whiteboarding sessions through vFairs are close to an in-person session. Moreover, real-time collaboration makes everyone feel as if they are in the same room. Understanding becomes easier through visual communication. Looking to score some leads? Through whiteboarding, quickly get your potential leads’ attention.

Transform Boring Zoom Video Calls

Zoom video calls within the vFairs platform are a great way for presenters to share information through screen sharing. Screen sharing is a great way to present useful data but one-sided presentations don’t really encourage collaboration. Therefore, whiteboarding sessions allow the presenters to up their game by enhancing attendee whiteboard sessionsengagement through instant interaction.

Visual Explanations Improve Learning

vFairs has partnered with many educational institutions — helping different schools, colleges, and universities to host virtual events such as education fairs, open days, convocation ceremonies et al. Students usually have less span of attention therefore they tend to lose their focus easily especially when it’s an online seminar but with whiteboard sessions, speakers can now visually explain concepts and ideas. It brings variation to PowerPoint presentations thus making the entire conference experience more dynamic. 

Effortlessly Host Remote Workshops

Hosting an online workshop? Well, now you can make it even more exciting. Attendee participation, whiteboard, sticky notes, and different team activities are imperative for its success. Miro whiteboard offers you a single tool to make your workshop come alive. Different colored digital pens, shapes, and other accompanying features are accessible to everyone from everywhere. 

Leverage the Digital Pen

Just as a whiteboard is nothing without a marker similarly digital whiteboards have to have a digital pen. The pen can help you draw and write in real-time. Since every participant can access the same board through Zoom meetings, therefore, everyone can draw in real-time. Plus, it’s super fun! 

whiteboard sessionsInterested? Being an event host, you can easily integrate Miro whiteboard templates anywhere within your virtual event – lobby, auditorium, booths anywhere. Since it’s a code-based integration, you wouldn’t need any technical know-how. Plus you can control if you want to set a private board or a public – all up to you. But in order for attendees to access your private board make sure that they have signed up to the Miro platform itself. Still, feeling confused? No worries, our dedicated project managers will handle it for you!

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Product Update: Collaborate through Miro Whiteboarding Sessions

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