vFairs Monthly Product Updates: April 2022

Networking and overall user experience – that’s what’s been on our team’s mind this month. Check out all the new features and updates our product team has released this month, and start using them to make your virtual, hybrid and in-person events even more epic!

Chat Updates

Contacted Label in Chat

This allows exhibitors to easily note the attendees who have already been contacted by another rep from their booth, without having to individually check each attendee’s user profile.

It includes a booth rep seeing a label of “contacted” next to an attendee if another booth rep of the same booth has already talked to that attendee.

This is great for hiring events, trade shows where booth reps are generating new leads, and college or university recruiting events! Booth reps will never double-contact someone they’re interested in, thus creating a better user experience for attendees and a more streamlined process for booth reps.

vFairs chat room with a few users labelled 'contacted'
The ‘Contacted’ label will appear like this once you or a member of your team have reached out to a specific user.

Broadcast Message in Chatroom

This feature allows admins and booth admins to send a broadcast message to all the chats. Whether you are in a public chat or a private one, attendees  will receive this message. Plus, it’s easy to set up. Simply enable broadcast messages in the backend, hit the megaphone icon in the chat, and type in your message!

This is perfect to announce any important activities going on in your event at that time, changes to the event or show flow that you’d like to inform all users about, or other important information you’d like to share. Plus, you can take the message down whenever you think it’s served its purpose.

Chatroom widget with popup field to input your broadcasted message
Within the chat widget, input the message you’d like to broadcast in this field.
A message being broadcast to all users within the chat.
The broadcasted message will then appear at the top of the chat like this.

Contact Card

Users can now customize their contact card and also share it with other users within the chat. Below images show how you can make your contact card within the platform and then upload it.

Attendees can choose which fields they’d like to populate within their contact card, giving them full control of what data, they share with others, and who they share it with. Just click on the share contact card option and you’ll be able to get it done.

Registration Updates

Payment Information in the Registration Confirmation Email

This feature is added to make it easier for attendees to have all their payment information in the registration confirmation email. This will include the package name that they selected during the payment, package price, any coupon code that would be used on that package, the discount that was rewarded, and the total price as well. It would be helpful for attendees to keep a track of their payments and registrations.

Personalization tokens in an email draft outlining purchase information for a specific user.
Choosing to use these personalization tokens means the system will automatically pull that specific user’s purchase information and share it in the confirmation email.

Form Builder Inactive Users

With this recent enhancement we have automated the process of letting users know if their payment is not done during registration. If a registrant accidentally closes the payment dialogue or wishes to complete payment later on, then they would be added as inactive user. After that whenever they will go back to the registration form and start adding their email, a popup will appear showing them an option to complete their payment or re-register themselves with new email id.

Mobile App Updates

Export Contacts/Add Favorites

You can use a QR code and then add a person to your contact list. You can also add those contacts to your favorites. There is an option to also export those contacts in the form of a CSV file from your mobile app. The image below shows how you would be able to add contacts to your favorites.


Contact Card on Mobile app

The contact card is available on the mobile app as well. You just need to click on the person’s profile whose contact card you want to have and an option will be made available. See the graphic below to get an idea of how it works.

Embedded Link Option on the Booths on Mobile App

Embed link option is available on the mobile app now. You can go to the booth setup form and in the content links section select embedded link, then add any link/graphic/video you want embedded on the content bar section. It will be shown from the frontend as a graphic below. For example, in this booth you click on the poster, and it will be shown like this.

HTML Content on the Booths on Mobile App

Just like adding an external URL, HTML content option is also available on the mobile app. This would allow you to have any kind of message or graphic customized to your booth to show up as a popup.

Leave a Message on the Booths on Mobile App

Exhibitors will now have the option to add leave a message to the booth that will be shown on the mobile app. This will be helpful if an exhibitor is unavailable at that moment and wants attendees to contact them later. The graphic below shows how the ‘Leave a Message’ form will appear.

Scavenger Hunt on Mobile App

The classic scavenger hunt is now available on our mobile app as well. It will allow you to find products within the app and get more interactive within the event. This will encourage attendees to not only participate and explore the event more on the desktop but also through their mobiles.

Interface for the scavenger hunt on the vFairs mobile app
The scavenger hunt on the vFairs mobile app features a new interface as compared to the web version.


E-certificates are now available to those joining through the mobile app! Similar to the feature offered in our browser-based virtual events, it automatically generates certificates for users based on certain actions they take with in the event. As of now, mobile app users can receive a certificate for logging into the mobile event or for watching a webinar session. This is very helpful for the events who want to conduct online training sessions, and/or are providing continuing education credits at their event.


Navigation through the vFairs mobile app to the certificates page
There is now a menu option within the mobile app to navigate to the certificates page.


Overall Platform Enhancements

QR Code in the Event Reports

Having a QR code option enabled will allow you to enter the attendees in a hybrid event. For example, if someone has paid for the event, their QR code will be generated and during the live in-person event you just simply scan their code and let them enter. This feature is very useful for the in-person event entry and also if attendees want to add each other’s contact information during the live event. After the event is over, QR code to each attendee will also be included in the csv file showing every attendee that has attended the event.

New Scavenger Hunt

We’re now offering a new way to engage with the event through a sequential, time-bound scavenger hunt! While our original scavenger hunt is still available, this enhancement allows you to increase the urgency and up the feeling of competition! The new scavenger hunt encourages attendees to find one item after the other, providing a clue for the second item only once they’ve selected the first. You can customize:

  • what icons the attendees see,
  • where they’re placed within the event,
  • what each clue says,
  • the order in which items and clues are shown, and
  • how long attendees have to complete the challenge.

Try it out for yourself with the help of your project manager today!


vFairs Monthly Product Updates: April 2022

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