vFairs Monthly Product Updates: May 2022

As you know, here at vFairs we always strive for bigger and better things. Here are some of the updates for the month of May showing feature additions and enhancements that will make your event even more interactive, insightful and efficient.

Mobile App Updates

Poster Hall Q&A

When it comes to engaging with virtual conference attendees, posters are a crucial component. They are also a simpler version of a speaker presentation because the presenter can simply upload their poster, as opposed to hosting an entire webinar.

These poster sessions also include a section with questions and answers. The feature encourages attendees to interact with the poster presenter more. This Q&A function is now available in the mobile app as well. It will allow you to view and interact with posters from your mobile device. The graphics below demonstrate how this works in the app.

The first image shows the poster hall to allow attendees to visit multiple halls. The second image shows the tab opened for Q/A. The final image shows how the questions will be reflected on the mobile app.

Title For Point System in Leaderboard

This is a feature enhancement that allows you to have separate fields to be added to the leaderboard that are made for mobile app only. This will cause leaderboard fields to be more efficient and customizable according to the hosts. This will allow you to make the leaderboard more mobile-friendly and enhance the user experience. The graphic will explain how it looks before and right now.

Image of the default text used in our leaderboard. Hosts still have the option to keep this text if they’d like.
Image of a custom line item used within the leaderboard.

Live Native Feed

This is a new feature within the platform. This feature is available on both the mobile app and the web platform. It will allow users to broadcast live broadcasts, gifs, photos, and tolls during the event. Only the event owner with backend access can post content to the arena, while the rest of the audience can interact with posts by liking and commenting. This is a great way to keep the audience informed about what’s going on, provide them entertainment, and give them another way to interact with the event in a fun and easy way The image below depicts how this functionality appears in the mobile app.

Platform Updates

What’s Happening Center

This is a very innovative feature which would help attendees to get more know-how of the webinars and leaderboard. There are several benefits for this feature:

  • It is very useful when there are multiple sessions within one event or when there is a large leaderboard.
  • It will help attendees remain updated on what is actually happening within the platform.
  • This feature shows the sessions that are live, going live within an hour or have been wrapped up within the last hour.
  • This functionality also applies to the leaderboard. Any activity that has happened in the past hour, is happening live or will happen in the next hour will be seen on the “What’s Happening” center. The center will automatically update every 1-2 minutes.
Here’s how the WHC will look on the web platform.

Grid View in Exhibit Hall

Attendees can now toggle between a scrollable view of the exhibit hall, and a grid view. The grid view is automatically available for organizers using the exhibit hall with horizonal scrolling.

This feature is very useful when an event has multiple exhibit halls and a large amount of booths. It works best for exhibitions and career fairs where you do not have much time to visit each booth separately and you want to see specific booths or visit few.

Enabling the grid view will allow all booths within all the halls to be seen in a grid form with their names, thumbnails and a short description. You just need to go to the exhibit hall and then click in grid view.

Automated Event Reports

We now offer advanced reporting for the activities done within the platform. Some of the major enhancements are:

  • Provides quantitative data with graphs and other visual representations which would be very helpful for the events in which you need analysis on the session or pattern of attendees.
  • Helps in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your event which will further help in improving the business.
  • You can have reports taken out according to the time frame you want.

The graphics show examples of different activities and the way their advanced reports will be created:

Webinar activity report dashboard.
Booth activity report dashboard.
User activity reports dashboard.

Help Text with All Upload Fields Showing Size/Format/Dimensions Limits:

This update will be a life saver for the exhibitors and people responsible for uploading the content. This update  shows you help text so that you can upload the right content to the backend. It will show you the limitations or the kind of content that is to be required in the particular field. This feature will help you in multiple places within the platform like booths, poster upload form, abstract management form, speaker form, and user registration form.

These illustrations will help understand more how the help text will look like:

Here is an example of help text for specifications of an image


Here is an example of specifications required for the upload of video.


Here is an example of specifications for image needed for profile.

More Products Updates for May 2022 … 

  • The app now allows swag bag email template to be in sync with that of the web one. Previously the Swag Bag email was not in sync with the mobile app but now whatever email the people using the web used to receive it will be sent to the ones using mobile app as well. It will allow attendees to use swag bag easily using their mobiles.
  • Mobile app now has the ability to hide speaker names and their bios from the sessions. Previously this feature was available for the web only but now if you want to hide specific speakers for a session, you can do so for the mobile app as well.
  • You can also now easily hide booths in your exhibit hall if you would not like for them to appear on the frontend. Simply toggle the booth to “Hidden” in the event builder, and update!


These were some of the updates for May. To keep in touch with our upcoming updates and get fulfilled insights, subscribe to our newsletter.


vFairs Monthly Product Updates: May 2022

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