Our Roundtable Networking Fosters In-Depth Discussions

Roundtables bring together people with their like-minded peers in one spot to engage in productive and meaningful conversations to achieve effective networking. But how is this possible in a virtual space? The answer is simple; with the all-new vFairs Roundtable Networking feature. 

Whether you plan on hosting a virtual conference, career fair, or trade show, Roundtable Networking is sure to upgrade the networking experience for your attendees.

Now, your attendees don’t have to plod through an event to find conversation partners. You can rid them of this socially laborious task, and give them the opportunity to connect with attendees whose interests align with theirs. Attendees can select what suits them best from a variety of roundtables and have great conversations and make professional connections.

This animation shows the Roundtable Networking feature on the vFairs web platform

Not only that, but you can also host a networking hour or a brainstorming session at your event. There, attendees can connect with exhibitors or speakers about interesting topics or ask questions about products. You can host roundtables dedicated to a number of different interests and topics for attendees to join.

Benefits of Roundtables

Stay Time-Savvy 

Networking is one of the highlights of any event, as it lets attendees from far and wide connect with each other. Although, not knowing who to network with can be a setback and burn time you need to achieve successful networking. 

vFairs Roundtable Networking lets you breathe easy and network efficiently. Roundtables save valuable time otherwise wasted on finding the right conversations for you. 

Have Productive Conversations

Roundtables provide equal opportunity for each participant to freely voice their thoughts and ideas on a subject. And as people with a similar bent of mind sit together, productivity is sure to spring up. 

In addition, as the roundtables are dedicated to certain topics, attendees interested in those fields will interact with each other. 

Measure ROI & Capture Leads

A great way to find out to which product or service your attendees’ interest tilts is to have roundtables with exhibitors and attendees. This not only offers potential ROI and lead capturing to you and your exhibitors but also enhances attendee engagement. 

Exhibitors too have a great chance at hand to personally connect with attendees and pitch their products and services. Attendees, in turn, can make better decisions about what brand offers them the best solutions and make great choices. 

Form Professional Relationships

One of the most memorable experiences attendees have at any event is crossing paths with great individuals and taking matters beyond small talk. Events are ideal spaces for building professional relationships. Bring out the fun, social side of your attendees and pave the way for prosperous relationships. 

Make Participation in Conversations More Fun

What creates even more hype around roundtables is that you have to rush to get your spot. With a limited number of seats available, attendees are sure to make a run for it and not miss out on catching up with people that intrigue them. 

Networking hours are more fun with roundtables. Unwind after the event with fun conversations. Attendees can join and leave roundtables as they wish, and join other discussions, depending on seat availability. 

How Does The vFairs Roundtables Feature Work?

Our dedicated project management team can set up this feature for your event. Then, it’s quite easy to use for attendees. 

Attendees log in to the vFairs platform and click on Roundtable Networking on the top event navigation bar. 

This image shows the Roundtable Networking option in the event navigation bar on the vFairs web platform

Attendees can select which Roundtable interests them the most by scrolling down the page and clicking  “Join Now”.

This image shows Roundtable Networking with the Join Now option

 Accept the privacy policy.

This image shows permission prompt for the privacy policy for the Roundtable Networking

Roundtables give you the option to talk on audio or turn on your camera. You can open the camera settings by clicking on the video camera icon and configuring the camera, microphone, and speaker settings in Video and Audio settings.

Add or blur your background with Effects.

Select your preferred language or the skin tone of your reactions with General Settings.

This illustration shows the chat and video feature in Roundtable Networking

This animation shows the Roundtable Networking features on the vFairs web platform

  • You can share your screen to share insightful documents or a presentation. 
  • Click on chat to type in any questions or comments, raise a hand, and even emoji reactions!
  • You always have the option to leave, so your time is in your control. 
  • If you’re in the mood to join another room, view the number of spots and go for it!


Anticipating the vFairs Roundtables experience? Connect with us today and upgrade networking at your event. 


Our Roundtable Networking Fosters In-Depth Discussions

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