Our Smart Matchmaking Makes Speed Networking Easy

Effective networking can uplift the attendee experience, but not knowing who to interact with can make it tricky. To continue our commitment to giving you an unforgettable event experience, we bring you Smart Matchmaking, a delightful take on intuitive event networking. The video Smart Matchmaking feature makes it easier for your attendees to connect with people having the same interests, so conversations are always interesting. You can spark fun and engaging discussions and if all goes well, you can extend the call. And if you feel like dropping out, that option is always available.

Virtual and hybrid events host thousands of attendees who can belong to diverse groups. While everyone looks forward to networking at an event, socializing may not be everyone’s tea. Attendees may want to converse with other attendees but without the hassle of having to stir dialogue with multiple people, as it takes both your time and energy. Therefore, Video Matchmaking is the solution to your networking needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Video Matchmaking?

There are a number of advantages that make Video Matchmaking a feature worth going for at your event. 

A Better Way to Build Relationships

Events become unforgettable experiences for attendees when they come across people with whom they can share ideas and make a dialogue. This can also lead to productive professional relationships. Video Matchmaking is the perfect tool to find great people your attendees can speak with and with whom they can build relationships for further contact, leading to potential advancement in your professional trajectory. 

Active Lead Capturing 

With Video Matchmaking, you can capture leads for your business and talk to them to promote your products and services upfront. The contact card sharing option makes it a breeze to capture leads while you talk to them. Imagine participating in a fun interactive session and finding better prospects for your business simultaneously. 

Direct Contact with Exhibitors

As an event host, you want to ensure attendees and exhibitors have opportunities for visibility. Of course, attendees can visit exhibit booths, but Video Matchmaking provides a swifter way to connect attendees with particular product and service interests with exhibitors offering the same. You can match attendees and exhibitors smartly, offering direct contact and convenient communication. 

Great Conversation Starter

One of the reasons attendees look forward to events is the chance to associate with individuals with the same perspectives and insights. And let’s face it, communication is more fun when it is an exchange. With Video Matchmaking, you do not have to worry about asking how the weather is. Instead, dive right into a fun and intriguing conversation with your match, exchange great ideas, have productive discussions, or just indulge in chit-chat. 

Easy on Your Time

Video Matchmaking saves you something very precious, your time. Networking, if not done right, can impact your overall event experience. It is not about how much time you invest in networking but who you network with.  Having a great conversation partner can uplift your mood and the opposite can drain your energy.  And with the right match, your time spent is worthwhile.

Better ROI Possibility

ROI is an equally important metric when measuring your event’s success. Video Matchmaking can be a clever way to generate better ROI, as it offers close contact between attendees and exhibitors and engages them effectively. 

How vFairs Video Matchmaking Work?

With all the noise and intrigue around Video Matchmaking, let’s see how it works. 

  1. Log in to the vFairs platform and click on the “Smart Matchmaking” tab on the top event navigation bar.

This image shows the Smart Matchmaking tab on the event navigation bar on the vFairs platform

2. Respond to the questions on the Matchmaking screen, and click on “LET’S FIND YOUR MATCH”.

This image shows how to find a match on Smart Matchmaking

3. As soon as you match with a user, answer the ice breaker and enjoy the amazing networking experience! 

Updates to the Video Matchmaking Feature

Unlike the typical online networking event, video matchmaking comes in with a refreshing new aspect to how you connect with users at events. With the help of ice breakers, you can quickly get to know other people and speed network. We have added new and improved features to Video Matchmaking to keep things interesting for you. Let’s have a look at the updates.

Green Screen Room Functionality 

We now offer the Green Screen Room functionality that allows users to configure their camera and microphone settings once they join a video matchmaking call. 

After you have given access to your camera and microphone, you can click on the “ready, let’s go” button and jump right into the matchmaking action. And the option to change your microphone and camera settings is ever-present. 

Edit Form Responses 

With the Edit Form Response, you have the power to drive your matchmaking in your preferred direction. You can edit your responses and these responses are used to find your preferred match at an event. Simply click on “edit responses” and you can  add information most relevant to you and initiate the matchmaking.


Show Submitted Responses

It is always better to have your eyes on responses you submit so you don’t have to think hard to recall and be able to edit whenever you fee the need. You can now view your submitted responses in our Video Matchmaking to make reviewing and editing a breeze.

Number of Active Users Searching for a Match

Finding a match becomes more transparent when you can see the count of active and matchable users searching for a match once you click on Search. 

  • Active users: Those users who are also searching for a match at the given time. 
  • Matchable users: These are the users with whom you can potentially match.  

To create a speed networking experience for you, you will not match with a user with whom you’ve had a conversation in the past 30 minutes, keeping your conversations fresh and new each time.

Screen Share Functionality 

Screen share simply enhances your call experience and what’s better to add visual to your conversation than being able to share screens and explore ideas together. Now you can share screens once you match with a user.

Change Hardware Functionality

Not confident about your camera or microphone selection, the matchmaking feature allows you to switch up your hardware so you can enjoy great sound and video during the session.

Accept/Reject Flow

We now offer 2 video matchmaking flows which let you connect directly with users or accept/reject based on your liking of the procured match. 

Direct Connect

Direct Connect immediately connects you with a user in a call as soon as a match is found. 

Accept/Reject Flow

The accept/reject flow suggests a potential match to both the users and lets the end users decide if they would like to accept or reject the suggested match.

  • If both users accept, they are redirected to a call. 
  • If one user rejects, the match is removed and both users are moved back to the searching screen.
  • If either of the two users takes no action, both users are moved back to the search screen.

Concluding Thoughts

With its ability to match you with a conversation partner with matching interests, Video Matchmaking is sure to upgrade your event networking experience. Helping your attendees socialize more actively and smartly! Want to learn more about this fantastic feature? Get in touch today and let the smart match begin! 

Our Smart Matchmaking Makes Speed Networking Easy

Rida Stephen

Rida is a Technical Content Writer at vFairs and has been part of the organization for over a year. She comes with 3 years of experience in content writing through her work with tech startups and development organizations. When not near content, you'll find her writing poems, watching YouTube, or in the kitchen playing Masterchef!

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