Top Virtual Events Updates You Need To Know | February 2020 Edition


We kicked off 2020 with all the updates you truly wished for, but that doesn’t mean we’re empty-handed for February! vFairs recently released a set of phenomenal features to help you build a more remarkable experience. Here are a few of them you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

1. New Designs, Improved Experience

Helping you bring more life to your virtual event, our team is constantly creating magic for you to host a truly personalized show. Using 3D designs and animations, you can display the true essence of your brand and bring your audience closer to a real life experience.

2. Easy-Breezy Reporting

While the ability to evaluate your event’s performance is a key feature that helps you choose between a physical show and a virtual show, on the other hand, the ability to make this procedure hassle free is what helps you choose your virtual event provider.

With vFairs, you can now download all your reports in one go, monitor your event in real time, and make prompt actions on areas that require improvement.

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3. Engage Attendees using Push Notifications

It’s a busy world with everyone having a tonne of tasks on their to-do list every single day, and the days in between. So how do you grab your audience’s attention amidst all the clutter? With the all-new chat platform that keeps getting better, you can now maximize your chat engagement by sending out audible and push notifications to attendees and keep them hooked at all times. This ensures they don’t miss out on important conversations and consume as much information as they can at a single event.

push notifications

4. Attendees Can Edit their Profiles Even After the Event is Closed

Active job seekers who are open to opportunities and wish to be seen by employers even after the event is over, can now do so. Employers can also continue to advertise various job postings using recruitment tools such as an evergreen job board that stays live throughout the year, and does not require a full-fledged event to sustain itself. This allows attendees to make constant amendments to their applications over time, in order to put forward the most updated versions of their resumes. 

5. Browse Back to Any Page

You might have noticed, often times, that you’re thrown back to the login page as soon as you browse back. To improve accessibility of your event, you are now free to circle back to areas of your choice instead of bouncing back to the login page each time. Hence, navigating around has been made easier than ever before. Try it out!


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Top Virtual Events Updates You Need To Know | February 2020 Edition

Huda Zaman

Huda is a Product Marketing Manager at vFairs.She believes in the power of storytelling paired with creative visuals that brings brands to life, and compels both, current and potential customers. Along with sharing corporate brands’ stories, she is equally passionate about the personal brand. Which to her, means creating body-positive spaces, encouraging acceptance of one’s self as well as others.

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