vFairs Embedded Webinars: Enhance the Attendee & Speaker Experience

Hosting webinars with vFairs has become more immersive and interactive for speakers and the audience with the all-new embedded webinar feature.

The new webinar type makes streamlining attendee and speaker management, uploading content, moderating Q&As, and delivering a stellar webinar experience, effortless.

Here’s everything that you can do with the embedded webinar.

1. Take Control Over All Session Settings

The vFairs embedded webinar gives event hosts and speakers a lot of control over how they want to run their live sessions. You can choose a number of different settings and personalize your entire webinar experience according to your preference. 

There are different toggles for event settings that can enable or disable chat and reactions. You can also choose to moderate chats and Q&As as well. Only the approved answers and chat will show up for the entire audience. Moreover, you can also allow or disallow audience members to post questions anonymously. This is a great way to provide your audience with some level of privacy.

2. Create Interactive Networking Hubs

You can also create networking hubs or breakout rooms to boost interactivity among audience members. Networking hubs are a fantastic way to make sure attendees and speakers get a chance to talk to each other and focus the discussion around a specific subtopic they’re most interested in. Breakout rooms are also great to add for internal company events like town halls or meetings to break the ice or run team-building activities. 

You can create as many breakout rooms as you want with the new embedded webinar, set a time duration for it, and also add the maximum number of attendees for each. 

3. Add a Greenroom/Backstage for Speakers

The new webinar layout makes the experience of presenting to the audience a lot smoother for speakers. The speakers first enter a greenroom where they can add resources such as handouts, check their audio and video settings, and fully prepare themselves for the session. The enhanced speaker experience makes them feel at ease and they can deliver a much better presentation. There are multiple settings they can change within the greenroom before they even go live. Moreover, they can also peep into the audience’s view of their presentation so that nothing catches them off guard. 

Once all is set, all they have to do is press a button and they will be live in seconds! 

4. Add Multiple Speakers or Hosts 

The new embedded webinar allows you to add multiple hosts and speakers to the same session. This can facilitate adding a moderator to the stage that will always have control over who is speaking and can share the stage with speakers. Moreover, they can also transfer the stage control to another host or a speaker. This ensures that the stage is always monitored and everything goes smoothly.

All speakers and hosts can create individual profiles for themselves within the webinar environment. They can add a display name, a profile picture, and other personal information. It is quick and easy to add a speaker or host bio this way and let attendees know who is currently on stage. 

5. Personalize the Session Experience

The overall webinar experience can be further personalized by adding a customized message to the start of the webinar. The hosts can also improve the session end experience through the webinar environment. You can add a thank you note or more information about upcoming sessions, or you can lead them to a company website. You can also select an on-demand replay if you want the session to be available later for the attendees.  

Another easy but sure way to create a great impression on attendees is by adding a countdown to your session screen. If the session hasn’t begun yet, anyone who clicks to join, they’ll see a timer for when the session will start. This is a great way to make sure you don’t lose the attendees joining in early. In case attendees want to rejoin instead of waiting, they can check the time and know when to come back! 

6. Gather Instant Feedback 

The vFairs embedded webinar facilitates gathering feedback from attendees during the live session. Hosts and speakers can create live polls that show up in the chat widget right next to the main screen for all attendees. They can vote with a simple tap. In this way, hosts can gather a substantial amount of data. Moreover, this is also a fantastic way to engage the audience with the session. If you think the audience isn’t paying attention, you can reel them back in with a live poll!

You can also add chat reactions and live session reactions for attendees through the session settings. It is a great way to know if the audience resonated with you or what you said in real-time.

7. Add Moderated Q&As

Your live webinar will be incomplete without a Q&A session. The process of receiving and answering the audience’s questions is simple and intuitive for the hosts. The new embedded webinar lets hosts and speakers moderate the questions that were asked. Only the approved questions will show up for the audience after they have been answered. 

8. Interact with Group & Private Chat

Attendees, speakers, and hosts can connect through chat which is a multifunctional widget on the right-hand side. All private and group chat messages will show up here for each attendee. Moreover, you will also see all currently running polls or answered questions here. 

The chat widget has multiple modules: On Stage, Event, and Private. When a host or speaker clicks on stage, they will be taken to the audience’s view of their presentation. The other two modules will have public and 1:1 chat messages respectively.

9. Enable Transcription for an Accessible Session

Webinars need to have accessibility features to ensure that all members of the audience can benefit from them. The vFairs embedded webinar offers live transcription to make that possible. Hosts can turn transcription on through a quick and easy toggle within the webinar environment. 

Key Takeaways

The all-new embedded webinar makes presenting and attending live sessions a much more exciting experience for hosts, speakers, and attendees. The features enable an interactive and engaging webinar that also offers key insights from the audience. If you’re hosting a webinar for your virtual event soon, you can schedule a demo with us and see the all-new embedded webinar in action. 

vFairs Embedded Webinars: Enhance the Attendee & Speaker Experience

Syeda Hamna Hassan

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