vFairs Monthly Product Updates: April 2024

The event season is upon us and here at vFairs, we know you’re busy prepping for conferences, meetings, and other exciting gatherings. That’s why we’ve been cultivating a whole new set of features designed to make your events blossom!

We’ve brought some amazing updates from e-commerce and payments to manage finance in events, design, and customization updates to provide you ease, and better networking options to keep your audience engaged. 

Let’s dive in to see what product updates we are bringing to make your events remarkable.

Mobile App Updates

Design Your Dream App – Effortlessly!

Say goodbye to lengthy configuration requests! Our redesigned backend lets you personalize the look and feel of your mobile app with ease.

  • Match Your Brand: Customize color schemes, logos, and themes to create an app that perfectly reflects your brand identity.
  • Organize for Success: Build intuitive menus that structure your app’s content and features for a user-friendly experience.

Here’s how the app builder works:

  • Simply navigate to the “Mobile App” section in the backend and click on “App Builder.”
  • Here you can customize colors, logos, themes, menus, and their settings – all in one place!
  • Once you’re happy with your design, hit “Publish” to make it live for your app users.

Read the full update here.

Manage Chats Like a Pro

Large events often mean a surge in chat activity. But fear not, organizers! Our new chat queue feature helps you manage the flow of conversations.

  • Set Chat Duration: Pre-assign a chat duration to keep conversations focused and efficient.
  • Control the Flow: Limit the number of concurrent conversations, ensuring everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Badge Printing Just Got Even Better!

We’ve been busy giving our badge printing app a makeover, and we’re thrilled to share 4 exciting updates designed and developed to make your event badge printing experience smoother, faster, and more flexible than ever!

1. Cleaner Backend Version of Badge Printing

Well, the backend just got some treatment! No more hunting for settings! We’ve transformed the backend to a clear and concise layout with just 6 toggles. Finding what you need is now one toggle away.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s new:

  • Simplified Home Screen: Say goodbye to clutter! The new home screen has only 4 modules, making navigation a snap.
  • Seamless Settings: Changes made on one device sync automatically to all other devices for the same event. No more duplicate setup tasks!
  • Effortless User Management: Grant access, activate/deactivate, and manage user profiles within the app.
  • Customizable Messages: Craft personalized messages for users at different stages of the check-in and badge printing process.
  • User Management: Grant access control (admin/booth admin), activate/deactivate, and manage user profiles within the app.
  • Developer Settings: Remove Unicode characters for smoother printing, set manual badge copy commands, and select printing type (wireless/Zebra).

Check out the full update here.

2. Introducing Grid View for Enhanced Mobile Experience

We’re excited to announce the rollout of our latest enhancement: Grid View functionality for our badge printing mobile app. This addition provides users with a streamlined and intuitive interface, allowing for easier navigation and access to key features.

Here’s how it works:

The expanded user management system now enables the creation of booth representatives and admin users, offering greater flexibility in defining user roles within the app.

The grid view structure organizes options in a hierarchical format, streamlining navigation and enhancing user experience:

  • Badge Print (conditional based on app settings) → (From user list, From Scan attendee)
  • Checkin (conditional based on app settings) → (From User List, From scan Attendee, scan Admin)
  • User Management
  • Analytics
  • App Settings

3. Customized Home Screen for Onsite Badge Printing 

We’re excited to unveil a new feature designed specifically for self-serve badge printing stations. This update empowers admins to create a custom-branded home screen, guiding attendees through the badge printing process with ease.

Here’s how it simplifies the experience:

  • Reduced Confusion: Eliminate unnecessary options from the app, focusing only on the “Print Badge” functionality.
  • Enhanced Branding: Upload your company logo or event theme image for a professional and cohesive experience.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Display buttons for searching user lists or scanning QR codes, ensuring attendees can seamlessly find the badge they need.

4. Badge Design Flexibility: Empowering Users with Customized Event Badges

We are excited to share that we’ve launched a new backend design module in our badge printing settings that gives users unprecedented control over their badge layouts and content. With this flexibility, users can create professional-looking badges that perfectly reflect the unique identity of their events.

From selecting different badge sizes to adding or removing fields like badge settings, text fields, images, and QR code options, users now have the power to tailor their badge designs to meet their specific event requirements.

Using the badge design module is as easy as following a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Badge Printing App in the settings menu and select “Badge Design” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose your desired badge size from the options provided and save your selection.
  3. Next, you have the option to upload an image, or if you prefer not to add any images, simply close the pop-up.
  4. Now you are on the badge design screen. Begin by selecting the user type using the button located at the top right corner of the badge layout.
  5. Customize your badge design by adding elements such as text fields, images, and QR codes, with the option to reset and start again if needed.

5. Print Personalized Badges with User Segmentation

Event organizers can now print badges for specific user segments for greater event personalization. Whether it’s sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, or attendees, you are now able to provide satisfaction to all segments.

With this enhanced flexibility, users can create professional-looking badges that perfectly reflect the unique identity of their events. No more boring badge designs, use our new backend design module to make exciting badges just according to your event theme!


Virtual Event Platform Updates

Photobooth Updates: Making Memories Easier Than Ever

We’re constantly innovating to make your photo booth experience even better! Here are two exciting new features that will help your photo-sharing experience more exciting:

1. Gain Valuable Social Media Insights with Photobooth Reporting

Ever wonder what’s working on your social media channels? Our new in-app reporting feature gives you the intel you need to optimize your social media strategy!

Here’s what you get:

  • Effortless Reporting: Generate a comprehensive CSV report with just a few clicks.
  • Actionable Data: Analyze total posts, identify your most popular content, and see user engagement details – all in one place.
  • Deeper Insights: Gain insights into what resonates with your audience to drive better results.

Read the full update here.

2. Share Memories Instantly with Photobooth Email Integration

Sharing photos and GIFs from your photo booth just got easier! Now, users can email their creations directly from the platform before finalizing their submissions.

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Make the sharing process simpler and offer users a convenient way to access their photos and GIFs.
  • Increased Engagement: Keep users coming back by allowing them to easily share their memories with friends and family.
  • Branding Power: Include pre-populated email templates with your brand messaging to ensure consistent communication.

Read the full update here.

3. General Settings in Photobooth

Managing the photo booth is even easier with the new “General Settings” tab in the new backend. Here, you can simply add a title, background color, and background image. Once saved, you will be able to see the changes reflected instantly on the front end.

Boost Engagement with Interactive Gallery Likes

Engagement works better when it works on both sides. To keep that in mind, we are making it easy for attendees to like and unlike the gallery images, allowing them to actively participate and personalize their experience.

Event Management Platform Updates

Skip the Tedious Email Exchanges: Real-Time Allowance Negotiation in Tradeshows

Now, vendors and buyers can negotiate allowance commissions directly within our e-commerce platform. This eliminates the need for lengthy back-and-forth emails, allowing for efficient and transparent communication and giving you back some time to take care of other tasks in your tradeshows.

Imagine this: A vendor sees your product listing but wants to discuss a slightly higher commission rate. With our new feature, they can simply initiate a negotiation right there on the platform. You can review their offer, counter with your terms, and reach a mutually beneficial agreement – all in real-time!

This update empowers you to:

  • Close deals faster: Negotiate and finalize prices on the spot, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Improve communication: Foster a more collaborative relationship with your vendors through a systematic negotiation process.
  • Increase sales: Respond to vendor inquiries promptly, potentially leading to more closed deals and higher revenue.

Host Diverse Group Meetings with Flexible Seating

Make way for more dynamic networking opportunities! Our latest update expands your meeting options, allowing you to host a wider range of meeting types in both virtual and physical settings.

Here’s what excites us:

  • Variety is Key: From workshops and breakout sessions to roundtable discussions and one-on-one meetings, the choice is yours! Cater to different networking preferences and event formats with ease.
  • Seating Made Simple: No longer restricted by pre-set seating arrangements. Now you can choose the exact number of seats needed for each meeting type, ensuring optimal space allocation and comfort for your attendees.

Design Custom Invoices in Minutes

Say goodbye to generic invoices! Our revamped PDF invoice generator gives you the ability to design and layout the invoice your way.

Here’s the power you hold:

  • Drag-and-Drop Design: Use an open-text editor to add images, logos, banners, and text – the possibilities are endless!
  • Match Your Brand: Incorporate your brand elements to create professional invoices that reflect your unique style.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Present clear and visually appealing invoices that leave a lasting impression.

Level Up Your Registration Forms with Powerful Conditional Logic

Crafting the perfect registration form just got easier! We’ve introduced enhanced dependency settings, giving you ultimate control over how your form behaves.

Here’s what you get:

  • Effortless Setup: Define conditional logic directly within each field, eliminating the need for complex navigation.
  • Advanced Rules: Set up multiple conditions using AND or OR operators, creating dynamic forms that adapt to user selections.
  • Seamless Customization: Tailor your registration forms to meet specific needs, ensuring you collect the right information every time.

This update empowers you to create user-friendly and interactive registration forms that streamline your data collection process.

Payment Update

Offer Flexible Payment Options with Installments

Open the door to wider event participation with our exciting new payment feature! Now, you can empower attendees to spread their ticket costs across manageable installments, making your event more accessible and boosting registration conversions.

Here’s what makes it a win-win:

  • Boost Sales: Attract more attendees by offering flexible payment plans that cater to budget-conscious individuals.
  • Increase Conversions: Reduce registration abandonment by allowing attendees to pay in installments, making your event more financially accessible.
  • Streamline Workflows: Enjoy self-serve installment set-up, saving you time and effort in managing registration options.
  • Stay Organized: Benefit from automated payment reminders and links sent out on due dates, ensuring timely payments.

That’s it for the month! We will be back with more exciting updates, so stay tuned and book a demo now to stay ahead among the event planners. 


vFairs Monthly Product Updates: April 2024

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