vFairs Monthly Product Updates: August 2022

We bring forward the latest vFairs web platform and mobile app updates and feature enhancements from the month of August.

Web Updates

The web updates for August 2022 enhance our product more for the ever-evolving event platform industry. The updates include a remarkable new chat queueing feature, timed navigation bar elements, a new payment gateway, automated time zone converter for the landing page, and some changes to the webinar backend settings. Check them all out here.

Chat Queue

Booth admins are the busiest people in any virtual event. They have to stay available to chat with potential customers while managing a busy booth. You may not have enough booth reps or you may not be able to effectively communicate when they will be available to chat. This is where the all new chat queue feature facilitates all booth admins.

If an attendee is first in line to chat with a rep they can hop right in. However, if there are other people who want to talk to the rep they will be queued for a chat slot. The chat bot will show them where they are in the queue and how long they will have to wait before a rep can talk to them. The chat queue option allows booth reps to manage their 1:1 chats much more effectively. Some of the metrics that you can set up are:

  • Number of people the booth rep can talk to at one time.
  • Duration of chat.
  • Extend chat duration (if needed).
This animations shows the vFairs chat queue web update in action.
The vFairs chat queue web update in action.

Time Zone Convertor for Landing Page

Virtual events attract attendees from across the globe and while you do not have to worry about arriving late at a venue, you surely do not want to miss out on any of the event action because of time zone differences. 

Well now, you do not have to stress over doing the math with time zone conversions. With the new time zone convertor feature for the landing page, you only need to click a button to convert the event time zone to your local time zone. 

No matter if the event is in EST or GMT,  you can convert timings, with just a click!

This animation shows the automatic time zone converter on an event landing page.
How the time zone converter works on a customized vFairs event landing page.

Multilanguage Webinar Generation

Many virtual events host attendees from different regions and countries, and can often require multiple languages. Now you have the flexibility to generate multilingual webinars with our platform.

The configuration is extremely user friendly and makes the job so much easier. You do not have to copy multiple webinars in different languages manually and one at a time. Multilingual webinars can be generated simultaneously with just one click.

This animation shows multilingual webinar generation setting in the vFairs event backend.
Multilingual Webinar Generation setting in the vFairs backend.

Timed Navigation Bar Elements

Many events have a few live segments that only happen for a specific time. For example, an event might want to make webinars available for a certain time. Other features like scavenger hunt can also be time-restricted. 

Now, with the timed navigation bar elements feature, you can add or remove navigation bar elements at specific times. Helping you make the most of the navigation bar, while building hype among attendees to take part in timed activities. They can add important elements or remove the ones that are no longer active.  

This animation shows a timed navigation bar element in the vFairs platform.
Timed Navigation Bar Element in the vFairs platform.

Speaker Hub

Attendees often want to know more about the speakers at the event and there is no greater way to find that information than on the Speaker Hub.

The Speaker Hub brings all the information that your attendees want about the speakers in one listing. The page has a wonderful UI and lists down the names and bios of all the speakers. Moreover, attendees can find out which sessions the speakers will be speaking at and directly open a chat with them. 

This animation shows the all new Speaker Hub page in the vFairs event platform.
The all new Speaker Hub page layout.

Fatora Payment Gateway

The vFairs platform already offers a number of diverse payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. However, to make it even more convenient for our clients in the MENA region we have added Fatora payment gateway.

Fatora payment gateway
New Fatora payment gateway.

Single Upload Form for Alibaba and Vimeo

Now you can extract dual URLs for pre-recorded webinars compatible for both Vimeo and Alibaba with a single upload form. The new single upload form empowers and optimizes your upload experience so you can generate dual URLs compatible for Vimeo and Alibaba in less time.

This illustration shows the new video upload form for Vimeo and Alibaba
Users can use the same Video Upload Form for Vimeo and Alibaba

Mobile Updates

The mobile updates this month include convenient search and notes options to make the event experience even better for attendees. The vFairs event mobile app just keeps getting better and here are the details of the latest updates for August. 

Auditorium Search

Forget about scrolling for your favorite sessions and search away! The new auditorium search feature lets you search live sessions across the mobile app. You can find the search button in the main auditorium in the event mobile app. Users can search the items in their schedule or each event live day separately through keywords.

Notes Feature

The all new notes feature in the mobile app can make organizing attendee’s notes a lot easier. Users can use general notes, session notes, or go into individual booths to take notes. All of the notes will be categorized accordingly for better organization. Attendees can access all their notes in one place through the My Notes tile. Furthermore, you can easily download your notes from the mobile app. 

This animation shows the notes feature in the vFairs event mobile app.
This animation shows the notes feature in the vFairs event mobile app.

Feature Enhancements

We are always striving to make features better by constantly updating and enhancing features. Some of the latest feature enhancements include user segmentation updates, UI enhancements, and some reporting enhancements. Here are all the feature enhancements for this month.

Live and On-Demand Days User Segments

If you are planning to host a paid event with exclusive user access to live and on-demand days, your dream has just come true! 

You can set up different user access based on the package your attendees have chosen. This means that some packages might have all-day access while others can be restricted to a number of live days.

This feature enhancement allows event organizers to restrict login access to specific user segments. For example, if an attendee only has access to the first day of the event, they won’t be able to login on any other day.You can set up a custom message in the backend that will show when denying access to a user segment.

New Scavenger Hunt on WHC

It can be really annoying for your attendees to miss a live scavenger hunt if they missed the announcement notification. Now, if there is a new Scavenger Hunt starting soon, the WHC page will also show the timings. It can make it a lot easier for attendees to plan their schedules accordingly and missed announcements won’t be an issue. 

This illustration shows How the Scavenger Hunt updates will appear in the WHC
How the Scavenger Hunt updates will appear in the WHC

Favorites Feature in Search Resume

The search resume option is one of the most powerful tools in any virtual job or career fair. Recruiters can find the candidates that they are interested in through quick keyword searches. 

This feature enhancement makes it possible for users to add or remove resumes from their Favorites list with just one click. This new tab is that one place where you can find the candidates that you have shortlisted, interviewed, or are most interested in.

This animation shows how users can add resumes to the Favorites tab for easy access.
How to add or remove resumes from the Favorites tab.

Separate Audio/Video Call Options in the Chat Platform

Many users don’t feel comfortable joining a chat room with their camera on. This feature enhancement is for all the introverts who want to first get comfortable with their settings.

This enhancement allows event admins to change the default camera settings from the backend. Whether you have kept default settings as camera on or off, attendees can always turn their cameras and audio on or off as they please.

Multiple Chat Timing Slots

Many virtual events happen over multiple days with different timings that can also include breaks. So, to make it more manageable for booth reps, we have added the ability to set up multiple chat intervals from the backend. It makes the whole process super simple for booth reps as based on their availability, the multiple set intervals can be filled up accordingly. 

Metrics Enhancements

Enhancement for User Journey

User journey reports can be a fantastic way for organizers to get more information about which booths are busiest or what are the attendees most interested in. With this enhancement, organizers can now extract detailed reports on user journey for booth admins as well. 

Additional Metrics in the Exhibitor Dashboard

Booth admins already had access to some great metrics that they could use as actionable insights. However, the new feature enhancement has added some more metrics to the Exhibitor Dashboard under an all new “Booth Tab Stats” section, including:

  • Booth banner clicks
  • Number of queries submitted through the Business Card feature

Some other additional metrics include:

  • Number of Chat Clicks (under booth navigation stats)
  • Number of Questions And Answers via the Q&A feature (under booth tab stats) 

Upgrade/Downgrade Profile Functionality

Many users can have second thoughts about the plan they purchase for a virtual event. Now it is no longer a hassle to upgrade or downgrade your user profile. Upgrade or downgrade user profile with a simple click. 

At the time of login, the attendees get the option to upgrade or downgrade their plan. If they want more access, they are redirected to the payment page to pay the difference. If they wish to downgrade, they are redirected to the refund page. 

You  can add this option to further facilitate your attendees and put them in charge of their event experience.

UI and Design Updates

Announcement UI

The announcement pop-up has gotten a whole new look to make your events look neat, fresh, and exciting.

This illustration shows the new UI for announcements in the vFairs platform.
New Announcement UI in the vFairs platform.

New Webinar Layout

Webinars are one of the biggest value-adds to any virtual event and how they are presented can be quite the game changer. The new webinar layout in the vFairs platform makes it a much more immersive and user-friendly experience. 

Here is how the new webinar layout looks like with the Q&A session.

This animation shows the new webinar layout in the vFairs platform.
This animation shows the new webinar layout in the vFairs platform.

New Header 

The designs have been updated for header, Q&A notifications, language, and profile dropdowns.

Webinar Add-Ons

Webinars in virtual events are often paid sessions and attendees may want to pay to gain access to  get an upgraded session. However, you can incentivize attendees to register for webinars by offering them as add-ons. It is much more pocket-friendly for attendees and can also boost attendee count. 

So, to make the process smoother, attendees can now add webinars as add-ons to their packages at the time of registration.

Webinar add-ons
Webinar add-ons on the registration page

Email Domain Mapping for Payment Packages

Most paid events have different payment packages that define the level of access each user can get. If you wish to limit payment packages to specific email domains. Other plans will simply not show up. Hosts and organizers can use this feature enhancement to automatically target and segment their audiences. 

This can make things a lot easier to plan because only specific packages will be shown to users with a specific domain at the time of login. 

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vFairs Monthly Product Updates: August 2022

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