vFairs Monthly Product Updates: August 2023

Ready to simplify event plans? This month’s product enhancements are designed to make event management a breeze and include enhanced event promotion tools, lead capture abilities for exhibitors, reporting features, landing page customization abilities, and some stellar registration & ticketing enhancements.

Let’s dive right into everything that we’ve carefully developed to streamline your event management with vFairs. 

In-Person Event Platform Updates 

Convenient New Ways to Capture Leads in the Lead Capture App

The vFairs lead capture app is an all-new offering that will empower the exhibitors at your event and help them streamline their lead capture processes. The app offers features for seamless lead capture, real-time event analytics, the ability to add context to leads with notes or tags, and reliable syncing of data across platforms. 

There are different ways that the lead capture app can be used to capture lead data at onsite events. Apart from the app’s native QR code scanner and manual data input options, you can also add a lead by scanning the prospect’s physical business card.

scan business card to capture leads

The app has an in-built camera scanner and all your exhibitors will need to do is bring the card within the guiding scale lines and wait for the scanner to do its magic! The app automatically parses the information from the card and saves the lead’s data as a new contact. 

Schedule Dedicated Splash & Banner Ad Slots in the Mobile App

banner and splash ads in the vFairs mobile app

Banner and splash ads in the vFairs mobile app are the best ways to showcase partners or key offerings in the event. The ads in the mobile app are the first thing that any attendee will see once they log in, and are impossible to miss. 

Now, you can schedule ads to run at a specific time to streamline the whole process even further. Multiple ads can be run in varying slots so you can make the most of the advertisement space. For instance, you can highlight an upcoming webinar or scavenger hunt activity and keep changing the ads as the event day progresses. 

Personalize Product Listings based on Audience Segments

segmentation rules for e-commerce listings

The vFairs mobile app has a specifically designed module for tradeshows that allows you to showcase products and gather leads. You can further segment your audiences based on their likes or dislikes and target them better by only showing them the products they would be most interested in. You can show or hide each product or an entire product category to a specific segment. For instance, there’s a VIP service that you are only going to offer to specific attendees. You can easily hide that product listing from all others so that it’s only visible to the people who are meant to see it.

Quickly Search for Users with Predictive Search in the Badge Printing App

Event organizers are often in a hurry during check-in hours at an in-person event. They want to find each user quickly and scan their badge or get the information they need from their profile. This can be achieved by adding the configurable predictive search to your badge printing app. Every time you want to search for an attendee’s profile, you will only need to type the first three letters of their name or email ID. The search offers options from the entire user list so you can quickly get to the one that you need.

Virtual Event Platform Updates 

Get Quick Event Analytics Through Our AI Chatbot

vFairs event analytics AI chatbot

Event organizers can use event analytics to make changes to their events based on what’s working or not. However, this can be a grueling process if they have to sift through all reports and data manually. The changes can take longer to implement and you really need to generate actionable insights on your own.

With our new event analytics AI chatbot, things are so much simpler! All you have to do is ask the chatbot a question about your event’s stats in a conversational tone. The chatbot will respond in just a few seconds removing the need for manual research and hours of scanning reports!   

New Payment Methods & Enhancements 

Simplify Payment Collections with Stripe Element

stripe element

Once an attendee is about to click on Pay Now when purchasing a ticket, everything needs to run smoothly and without any errors or distractions. Errors may cause the attendee to pull out from paying and your platform can also lose the credibility and trust of users.

The vFairs registration and ticketing software integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Touchnet, Autorize.net, etc. We have made the process even simpler by adding Stripe Elements to the landing page. The all-new payment method ensures that the payment page opens in the same secure window that the user was already on. This effectively reduces payment errors and builds a level of trust with the user as the payment goes on smoothly.  

Securely Route Payments to Your Account with Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect

We have developed a new payment method to integrate with Stripe that offers a more immersive and involved co-branded experience for event organizers. Taking payments with Stripe is now much easier as your Stripe account can be linked directly with our enterprise Stripe account. With Stripe Connect, we now offer:

  • A co-branded onboarding for the user to create their own stripe account in a guided tour. They can use the existing one as well. 
  • Once onboarded, your Stripe account will be listed as a connected account to our Enterprise Stripe account. This way, we can route payments directly to you securely.
  • We have also linked the Stripe dashboards so you can see the tailored dashboard in your personal Stripe account. This would be different from your dashboard with the entire portfolio of payments and gives you an enhanced sense of security and transparency.
  • This is integrated with the previously discussed Stripe Elements.

Get More Control with 2-Step Card Payment

Event organizers often require more control over the attendees at their event, especially if it’s a private and exclusive event. One way that we have added that level of control is by adding a 2-step card payment. The first step is to only capture the payment details and authenticate them at the time of registration. Then, event admins can log in to the backend and view the profiles of everyone who has registered. The second step is to capture the payment and register the attendee.     

Create Payment Reminder Email Campaigns with One Click

Many event organizers have the issue of abandoned registration forms. A common occurrence is that event attendees fill out the registration form but don’t complete payment. These inactive attendees have to be reminded to clear their dues and this is easy with payment reminder emails.

All you have to do is go to the backend and filter all inactive attendees. Now, with just one click, you can send them a payment reminder email ensuring that those leads aren’t lost in the crowd. 

Reporting Enhancements

Get Better Organized Data with Upgraded Survey Reports

Surveys are a fantastic way to get reliable and instant attendee feedback. Event organizers can use surveys for gauging the overall attendee experience or even for a specific event like a presentation session. When users fill out these surveys, the backend generates a report for them. 

Follow All Chat Threads at Your Event 

The chat module in the vFairs web platform allows exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to communicate with each other easily through texts. Event organizers often require a full report for the chat module as well. The all-improved chat report now also features reporting for chat threads. So, you will be able to tell if a message was sent to the main chat room or under an already existing thread making it easier to track conversations. 

We have upgraded how this report is presented to ensure that you get all the important information upfront. The report is neatly presented with the survey taker’s name, the time they filled out the survey, and their answers to all the questions. The questions are also divided into subsections of the survey within the report so you don’t miss out on any data points. 

Leaderboard Enhancements

Boost Collaboration with Team Leaderboard

Team Leaderboard mockup

The leaderboard is a great way to add a fun element to the event that gets all attendees involved. It can create healthy competition and boost event engagement. You can now create teams to compete in the leaderboard to further boost team-building activities and encourage new relationships. 

Individual scores from each member of the team will be added up and shown on the leaderboard page. Setting up teams is also fairly simple through the backend. All you have to do is add a field to the registration form and teams will be created automatically based on the selected values.

Limit Leaderboard Points for Event Feed Posts

Leaderboards can help you incentivize event attendees into performing an activity such as filling out a survey, attending a webinar, or posting on the event feed. However, many event organizers want to check and balance the posts on the event feed to ensure and enable meaningful conversations. Therefore, we have created an ability to limit the total number of event feed posts from a single user that gets them points on the leaderboard. This can help you govern the event feed posts better and avoid any spam from users. 

Award Leaderboard Points for Registration Field Values

Many event organizers want to collect important information through the registration form and are looking for more ways to incentivize users to fill out all the fields. Assigning leaderboard points for filling out significant registration form fields is one way to do that.

With this latest update, event organizers now have the power to incentivize attendees to provide valuable information during the registration process. The enhanced leaderboard system intelligently assigns points based on the presence or absence of filled values in specific registration form fields.

For example, you can award leaderboard points to users who add cover letters & upload resumes, to further incentivize them to complete their profiles & also attend the event.  

Create Fully Customizable Polls 

Gathering feedback from attendees can be a lot easier with polls. However, just a text-based question with a bunch of options to choose from can get boring. You can create a more immersive experience for your attendees with the all-new native polls module from vFairs. 

Your polls can look exactly like you want them to as you get to customize the layout of each question. Polls can have images, and links, and can be run with or without results. Moreover, you can also run them in multiple languages and schedule them for a specific time or location. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements 

We have also made some other minor enhancements to our virtual events platform that will enhance your overall experience and help you make a better impression on your attendees. 

    • Organize All Your Booked Chats: Meetings can easily be booked within the chat platform in the vFairs web platform and automatically show up in the new “booked meeting” section. Moreover, the feature automatically generates chat reminders as upcoming meetings approach and initiates a seamless conversation between the involved parties.
    • Multi-Lingual Event Page Redirection: Enhance user experience with automatic page transitions for multilingual events. Every time an attendee changes their preferred language, the same page reloads into the selected language without any redirections.
    • Landing Page Agenda & Speaker Section: When you’re building your landing page agenda, you can easily select/unselect all webinars and speakers from the backend. Add them all to your agenda simultaneously with easy selection options. Moreover, you can also sort all speakers on the landing page in alphabetical order based on their first and last names.
    • Descriptions for Documents & Videos in Booths: You can add more details about any uploaded document or video in booths by creating a description.
    • Short Booth Descriptions: Your booth exhibitors can now add short and long descriptions for their booths in the simplified booth UI.
    • Custom Onclick Option For Booth Banners: Booth owners can link their booth banners to a custom location within the event for instance the roundtables or leaderboard. etc.
    • Add Admins as Webinar Speakers: We have enhanced the user experience for backend users by adding the ability to assign admin users as webinar speakers using the same email ID. 
    • Booth Rep Sorting: You can now sort booth reps alphabetically in the ‘Reserve a Chat’ slot popup.
    • Banner & Splash Ads on Web Platform: The loved feature of banner and splash ads on the mobile app is now also available for the web platform.
    • BCC Email field in Email Campaigns: We have now added a BCC field for all email campaigns. Any email ID added here will receive all the emails being sent out during a campaign. 

That’s all for this month! Get in touch with us today by booking a demo and see all these updates in action.

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: August 2023

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