vFairs Monthly Product Updates: February 2024

As the year is in full swing, we are fully engaged in building better events for our customers. Seeing you relaxed and comfortable while hosting high-impact events is what keeps us going. That’s why we are here again with product updates that provide you with a better and more organized way to host events.

We’ve got exciting product updates like badge design enhancements, photobooth customization options, email enhancements, and more, all aimed at improving your event management and planning experience. Let’s see what’s brewing in our development kettle this month.

Virtual Event Platform Updates

Customization Options In Photobooth

Event admins now have control over their event’s photobooth interface, thanks to our latest enhancements. With features like picture deletion, custom frame prioritization, button and background color customization, and sticker overlays, event organizers can craft a photo booth experience that perfectly aligns with their event’s theme and branding. This level of customization not only enhances brand consistency but also creates a visually appealing and engaging experience for participants.

Here are all the enhancements that are done in our native photobooth:

  • Picture Deletion: Users can delete pictures directly from the photobooth interface which prolongs the stay of a user and makes them feel comfortable while using the feature.

  • Custom Frames: Event owners can prioritize custom frames over default frames, allowing them to showcase their unique identity and engage attendees effectively.

  • Add Colors to Button: Customizing button colors enhances brand consistency and creates a visually appealing experience for participants.

  • Add Colors to Background: Personalizing the background color of the photo booth creates a cohesive and immersive atmosphere that reflects the event’s theme.

  • Sticker Overlays: Event organizers can add stickers as overlays on images in the photo booth, allowing users to personalize their photos for an enjoyable experience.

Streamline Booth Rep Matchmaking with Expertise Filter

This latest enhancement in our product brings significant benefits to users, simplifying the matchmaking process between booth reps and attendees. With the addition of an “Expertise” field in the booth setup form, booth reps can now input their areas of expertise, facilitating better matchmaking with users.

Additionally, the ability to filter booth reps based on expertise ensures that only reps with relevant skills are displayed, minimizing potential mismatches. Booth reps can also easily update their expertise and availability directly within the widget so that users can always access accurate information.

Introducing Group Meeting Booking on the Web Platform

Enjoy enhanced productivity and collaboration capabilities, regardless of their preferred device or platform. Now you can schedule group meetings directly from the web interface, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Join Webinars Early with Countdown Screen

Event organizers can now create a more interactive and engaging waiting experience for attendees and drive higher levels of participation. The introduction of the countdown screen for early joiners in webinars helps attendees join the webinars before time, providing a more engaging and informative waiting period before the session begins.

When a user clicks the join button before the scheduled start time, a countdown screen will appear, offering a real-time countdown to the session’s commencement.

This feature aims to build anticipation, increase attendee engagement, and provide a more informative and interactive waiting experience.

Event Management Platform Updates

Scheduling Emails and Creating User Segments

Empower event organizers with efficient communication and engagement tools through our latest update. With automated email scheduling and advanced user segmentation, backend users can make communication efficient and deliver targeted reminders.

These advanced segmentation options include:

  • Booths In-Progress PoCs
  • Existing Users
  • Existing Users Not Registered
  • Existing Users Registered
  • Booths Completed PoCs
  • Booths Not Started PoCs

This enhancement helps event organizers by saving time, ensuring consistency, and enhancing attendee and exhibitor experience.

Match Chat Log Timestamps with Event Timezone

Say goodbye to confusion on meeting time with our latest improvement – timestamps in chat logs now align perfectly with your event’s time zone.

When you access public chat logs or 1-1 chat logs in the backend, you’ll immediately notice timestamps matched to your event’s time zone. This update not only clears up any confusion but also makes navigating chat interactions simple.

Introducing Enhanced Booth Management Efficiency

Now you have a suite of new features designed to increase your booth management capabilities and supercharge your workflow efficiency. No more tedious manual processes to stay on top of booth management.

  • Bulk Activation/Deactivation in Booth Listing: Our new bulk activation/deactivation feature helps admins manage multiple booths simultaneously right from the booth listing interface. Simply access the convenient drop-down menu to perform essential management functions in a snap.

  • Booth Completion Status in Listing: Our latest enhancement displays booth completion status directly in the listing, providing admins with instant visibility into each booth’s status. No more juggling multiple windows for information – now you can monitor progress seamlessly and simplify your booth management tasks.

  • Ability to Sort and Reset Visual Order: Admins now can sort booths alphabetically by name or ID and reset the visual order to reflect the newly sorted list on the front end.

Personalized Push Notifications for Targeted Engagement

Event organizers can now send custom push notifications focused on specific user segments, enhancing attendee engagement and interaction with the vFairs platform.

Here’s how it works:

  • Configuration Screen: Navigate to the push notifications configuration screen on the vFairs backend, where event organizers can customize and schedule notifications.
  • Segmentation Setup: Utilize the existing segmentation feature within the platform to define user segments based on various criteria such as demographics, interests, or engagement levels.
  • Targeted Messaging: Select the desired user segments when creating push notifications, ensuring that messages are relevant and personalized to each audience.

With this enhancement, event organizers can maximize attendee engagement by delivering personalized push notifications that resonate with their target audience.

Navigate Chatrooms with Enhanced Segmentation

Experience improved navigation within our platform’s chatrooms for an intuitive experience across all sections. Now you can simply apply segment rules to hide the chatroom that you wish to hide from a group of users.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to the chatroom you wish to hide.
  • Set segment rules to hide the chatroom.
  • Observe that while the chatroom is successfully hidden in the chat section, the chat button remains visible in the exhibit hall/booths section, causing consistency in navigation.

Improved Chat Experience with A Block Feature

Users now have a “block/unblock” functionality in the new chat UI, allowing admins, event owners, and booth reps to effectively manage attendee interactions. When a user is blocked, they are prevented from sending messages for a more secure chat environment.

How It Works:

  • User-Level Blocking: The “block” action is now implemented providing more comprehensive control over attendee interactions.
  • Unblock Capability: With the enhanced feature, reps, admins, and other authorized users can easily unblock a previously blocked attendee directly from the new chat UI.
  • User Notification: When an attendee is blocked, they receive a notification informing them of the action taken. This allows them to take appropriate actions or seek clarification if needed, promoting transparency and accountability in chat interactions.

Flexible Points Allocation & Calculation in Quiz

This feature empowers organizers with the ability to assign varying point values to each question in a quiz, offering greater flexibility and customization. Additionally, organizers can choose to display calculation results either in numeric values or percentages as per the event requirements.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Customized Point Allocation: Organizers can now add a “points” field to each quiz question, allowing them to assign different point values based on the desired level of importance or difficulty for each question.
  • Default Point Value: If the organizer assigns no specific point values, the system automatically sets a default point value of 1 for each question, ensuring a seamless setup process.
  • Display Options: Organizers have the flexibility to toggle between displaying calculation results in either numeric values (e.g., 10 out of 100) or percentages (e.g., 10%). The “Show calculation in Percentage” toggle is set to ON by default, providing clarity and consistency in presenting quiz results.

Grant Restricted Backend Access for Regular Speakers

Excessive data bombardment always makes management a hassle. We are now simplifying this hassle for the speakers at the backend of your event. Now speakers won’t struggle with irrelevant information and controls at the backend. You can give them access to a customized view which eliminates all the distractions and helps them focus on the assigned tasks.

Onsite Event Updates

Badge Design Enhancements

Pick whatever style you want to pick with a new level of badge customization and branding while designing badges for your event. These badge design enhancements offer users flexibility and control to create unique preferences and event themes.

  • Upload Background Image: Upload background images according to your event theme with desired aesthetics for precise visualization and alignment.

  • Font Size Selection: Customize font sizes for each field separately for optimal readability and design aesthetics tailored to individual preferences.

  • Logo Images on Canvas: Add logos to the badge design canvas with ease, customizing placement and incorporating multiple logos for enhanced branding opportunities.

  • Double-Sided Badge Design: Unlock new design possibilities with double-sided badge capabilities, indicating design preferences within the canvas and accurately representing both sides with inverted fields.

Print Large Quantity of PVC Badges

With the introduction of bulk printing for PVC badges, event organizers can now streamline the badge printing process and save valuable time and resources. This update enables organizers to efficiently produce large quantities of badges in one go, eliminating the need for manual printing of individual badges. By simplifying and automating the badge printing workflow, organizers can focus their efforts on other aspects of event planning and management for a smoother and more efficient event experience for both organizers and attendees alike.

Efficient Venue Management with Capacity Control

Event organizers can now effectively manage venue capacity by defining the maximum occupancy for each physical location, preventing overcrowding, and ensuring a smooth event experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Capacity Definition: Event organizers access the venue management section within the platform and specify the maximum capacity for each physical location.
  • Meeting Selection: When scheduling meetings, meeting organizers are presented with a list of available locations. Locations that have reached their defined capacity are automatically excluded from the selection options.
  • Prevention of Overcrowding: By limiting the selection of locations based on capacity, the system prevents overcrowding in specific areas of the venue, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for attendees.
  • Seamless Experience: Attendees and organizers enjoy a seamless event experience without the worry of overcrowded meeting spaces, facilitating productive interactions and networking opportunities.

With this feature, event organizers can efficiently manage venue capacity and ensure a positive experience for all attendees by preventing overcrowding in meeting locations.

Payment Integration Update

Introducing Affini Pay for US-Based Clients

A new payment option is introduced to US-based clients for a more convenient and secure way to make payments. It’s a simple, reliable, and easy-to-use payment method. Simply choose Affini Pay as a payment method and fill in the details required as shown below.

That’s it for the month. If you’re ready to take your events to the next level, don’t wait any longer. Book a demo with us now and discover how you can host unforgettable events in 2024. If you make it even quicker, then how about a self-serve quick demo to know our product yourself?

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: February 2024

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