vFairs Monthly Product Updates: January 2024

As we settle into the new year, vFairs is ready to make this year more amazing with even more visually stunning better environments your trade shows, and even better meeting experiences in your career fairs. 

Our product updates come with exciting ways to host events including competing in events and using winner rewards in in-person events. Not only that, but our commitment to flexibility extends to your learning experiences.

Let’s learn more about all these product updates and make every event an opportunity to create lasting impressions.

Virtual Event Platform Updates

Streamlined Appointment Management for Booth Reps

Booth reps can now view all of their scheduled meetings and remaining availability from one single place with our new appointments widget! The popout module not only allows each booth rep to more easily manage their schedule during the event; it also helps them be found by relevant attendees more easily.

Within their setup process, booth reps can tag themselves by keyword, which attendees can then browse or search for in order to book meetings with those who most align with what they would like to discuss in the event.

Manage Job Applications with Advanced CMS Page

Track and organize your job applications with ease with an advanced CMS page. This update provides advanced sorting options, allowing you to arrange jobs based on application or posting date. Additionally, this update is allowing your users to filter the job list to view all jobs, applied jobs, and saved jobs which provides a more efficient and organized experience in managing their career opportunities.

Effortless Time Management for Webinars

Eliminate the hassle of manual time conversions and make time management for webinars easy for your users – no matter what timezone they are in. This feature simplifies the time management of webinars and ensures attendees’ effortless tracking without the need for manual time conversions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upon logging in, users will notice a new toggle next to event timings.
  • Enabling the toggle ensures the feature automatically aligns all webinar schedules to the user’s device’s time zone.
  • This provides users with the convenience of easily seeing when events are happening in their local time without confusion.
  • Users who prefer viewing events in their original time zone can keep the toggle turned off, providing the flexibility to see events as initially scheduled.

CSV Upload for User Points in Leaderboard

Take a hassle-free approach to managing user points on the leaderboard. Our latest update allows admins to update user points in bulk using a CSV file upload in the backend. Avoid putting in manual effort and reduce the possibility of errors by allowing the system to swiftly cross-reference usernames with our database. This feature provides an efficient solution to accurately reflect external activities on the leaderboard, easily ensuring precise point updates.

Engage Your Attendees by Incorporating GIFs and Videos in Event Feeds

Say goodbye to boring event feeds and add magic with an immersive and expressive environment for your audience. Understanding the need for diverse content expression, vFairs has introduced a video and GIF upload feature turning the live event feed into a dynamic canvas. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the live feed and see additional options of “Upload GIF” and “Upload Video” after “Add Picture”. 
  • Select the type of visual you want to add, write a caption, and select a category if you want to give it more context and post it. 

Configure Notifications with a CSV Import

Setting up multiple notifications is not a problem anymore. Now vFairs users can configure notifications with ease. Simply download the CSV file, update the data all at once in the file, and upload it back. This process helps you avoid the manual updation of each field one by one which enhances user experience. 

Manage Group Meeting Operations with Import, CRUD, and Listings

Empower users to manage group meetings with a suite of functionalities, and increased efficiency that eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry.

Users now have the flexibility to execute a range of CRUD operations – Create, Read, Update, and Delete – for group meetings, allowing for modification, import, and deletion of data.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to “More Settings”, and click on the “Group Meetings” tab. 
  • Create a listing page for group meetings including the data such as Date, Start Time, Duration, Meeting Title, and Hosts’ names.
  • This listing page can now be imported as a CSV file to apply CRUD operations and modifications where needed. 

Event Management Platform Updates

Interactive Leaderboard: Earn and Redeem Points On-the-Go

Create a unified virtual and in-person event environment that provides a more interactive and rewarding experience for your attendees. Attendees can now not only accumulate points for performing virtual activities but they can also redeem points on-site through QR code scans. 

You can add even more excitement to the competition with our new option to assign negative points to certain activities. Set your leaderboard activities up in the same way as usual, and choose whether they add or remove points from the users’ total.

Create Marketing Strategies with Custom UTM Codes

Track insights and manage event marketing with our latest update—dynamic UTM codes. This enhancement allows organizers to effortlessly create, modify, and manage UTM codes through a dedicated CRUD (create, read, update, delete) interface in the admin backend. The generated UTM codes can be seamlessly appended as parameters to the event link, providing organizers with a robust toolset for tracking and optimizing their event marketing efforts.

Enhanced Visibility for Physical and Hybrid Webinars in Agenda

Improve the attendee experience with our latest feature that enhances the visibility of physical and hybrid webinars. Now, within the agenda builder and main agenda, organizers can display the location information for hybrid and physical webinars. This added detail allows attendees to easily identify and plan for in-person or hybrid sessions, providing them with a more informed and seamless event experience.

Mobile App Updates

Build revenue by supporting sponsor ads on the badge printing app. Now you can add sponsor ads on the home screen of your badge printing app. This strategic placement helps sponsors capture each attendee’s attention to generate new leads and sales.

Enhanced Engagement with Feed Push Notification Redirection

Maximize user engagement with our latest update. Now, when users receive a notification for a live feed like or comment, a simple click directs them straight to the specific post or comment. This ensures users swiftly navigate to the heart of the interaction, encouraging them to increase participation and connection within their event community.

Capture Leads with Voice Notes

Say goodbye to the usual method of gathering information to capture leads. Now you don’t have to type lead information, instead, you can record it verbally to save time and effort. 

Enhanced Event Insights with Check-in Analytics

Maximize your event data visibility! 

Gain valuable insights into attendee check-in patterns, simplify event logistics, and make data-driven decisions for a more successful event experience. 

By enabling the analytics module alongside the check-in module in the badge printing app, you will be able to unlock the check-in analytics. 

Simplify Co-Hosting In Group Meetings

Enhance the efficiency of your virtual meetings by empowering multiple hosts to manage invitations and contribute to a flawless event experience.

This enhancement allows hosts to designate team members as co-hosts, ensuring smooth collaboration. Co-hosts can make real-time edits to invitations, mitigating delays caused by technical or connectivity issues. 

Import User Lists for Increased Engagement in Lead Capture App

Simplify your lead generation process by utilizing the option to import users directly into the lead capture app through the backend portal. This feature provides event organizers with the ability to import a list of users, ensuring they appear as attendees within the lead capture app. Attendees using the app can then access this preloaded list, effortlessly adding individuals as leads for the event.

Made Profile Management Easy for Attendees on Mobile App

Simplify the attendee experience with our latest enhancement. Now, when attendees launch the mobile app, they are directed to the edit profile screen for hassle-free and immediate access to personalized settings. This feature optimizes user engagement and offers a more efficient mobile event experience.


This is just a start, we are coming up with a lot more new features to make your events exciting in future months. So, don’t wait and book a demo now to learn how you can host amazing events in 2024!

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: January 2024

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a Product Marketer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 9 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.

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