vFairs Monthly Product Updates: July 2022

This July we bring to you enticing new updates and enhancements for the vFairs web and mobile app. 

Web Updates

 Upraise networking with Roundtables, share more about yourself with notes, and find posters in a jiffy! 

Poster Search 

Our poster hall just got an upgrade! Posters are essential for events such as conferences. Attendees look forward to viewing posters and engaging with presenters. With numerous posters spread across poster halls, it can get a little tedious to explore the poster you are looking for. 

Now, you do not have to browse through posters to find what you’re looking for. Search easily with the poster hall search bar. Type in the title or description of the poster and voila! The animation below shows the poster search feature. 

A gif showing the search for poster feature


Networking is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after attractions of any virtual or hybrid event. Bring a new twist to your event networking with our all new Roundtable Networking. 

You can design Roundtables around different topics relevant to your event. Users can join any Roundtables that interest them and engage in a unique networking experience. 

Whether you want users to put their heads together to discuss a hot topic, or have a laid-back coffee break, they are sure to enjoy the experience. Roundtables offer the opportunity to blend with like-minded individuals and have productive conversations. The gif below shows the Roundtables Networking feature. 

A gif showing how the Roundtables feature works on the vFairs web platform

Within the Roundtables, you can turn on your mic and camera, share your screen, react to ongoing conversations with emojis, and share your insights with chat. And if you wish to hop off, you can always do that. 

Add Notes to Chat Slot Request

Attendees can now add notes to send while reserving a chat slot. This note will be received by the booth rep when the ‘reserve a chat slot email’ is sent to them. This makes it easier for booth reps to prioritize chat slot reservations so that if there is an important note and an attendee is meeting their requirements then they can confirm the chat slot. It also helps attendees send their messages across before the actual event starts. The graphic below shows how the message option for attendees appears.

A gif showing how the Add Notes to reserve a chat slot feature works

Download Contact Cards

Users now have the ability to download contact cards in the form of a CSV file. They can go to the chatroom and see the download contact cards button on the top right corner. Once they click on that button, all the contact cards that are being sent to that user individually will be downloaded in a CSV file. The gif below shows how to download contact cards on the vFairs platform. 

The gif shows how the download contact card feature works on the features platform

Speaker Reports

Reports provide you with factual data about your event and help you measure success and ROI for your event. Reports also facilitate making better decisions with future events, finding out what attendees found most interesting, what was the most engaging aspect of the event, and more. 

To make event reporting more robust for all user types, we now have speaker reports on our backend. With admin access, you can log in to the event site backend in the reporting section and select the speaker type report to view statistics on speaker activity at your event. 

Mobile Updates

Craft specific itineraries for users, build surveys for the mobile app, book exclusive lobby tiles, check in users into sessions and get in the game mode with our QR Scavenger Hunt. There’s so much to unpack and continue reading!

My Profile/User Specific Itinerary 

While hosting a hybrid/in-person event with attendees joining from various regions and locations, you want to make sure they have a seamless navigation experience. Providing a user-specific itinerary can greatly facilitate attendees during their event journey so that you can breathe easy and focus on the rest of the intricate details at your event.

 You can pre-populate user-specific itineraries to their profiles which they can access privately. Users see the details narrating their event journey in the “My Profile” drop-down on the vFairs mobile app.

My Profile offers an easy solution when it comes to managing the logistical aspects of your event and placing personalized agendas at the fingertips of your attendees. The illustration below shows the My Profile feature on the vFairs mobile app. 

The gif is showing how the My profile feature works on the vFairs mobile app

Direct to Booth & Chat Tile

One of the reasons sponsors and exhibitors become part of events is to create noise around their brand and make it visible to the target audience. Event hosts also want to cater to sponsors in the best manner possible. 

One way to do that is to have an exclusive redirect tile on the vFairs mobile app to your sponsor’s booth or chatroom. Now, you can link a tile on the lobby menu of the mobile app to a specific booth or chatroom, letting your sponsors have their significant mark at your virtual/hybrid event, just like a limited-edition swag for sponsors to greatly benefit from. The gifs below show the direct to booth and chat feature on the vFairs mobile app. 

Download User Notes As Part of My Contacts

Being able to share a contact card at the event is of great benefit to all users. as it helps them connect with other users beyond the scope of the event for professional and even social purposes. 

Taking notes while exchanging a contact card can help you remember better details or mark any specifics about the user. Now you can save any notes you took while exchanging a contact card with another user. Simply click on “Export” on the top right in My Contacts and select the contacts type from the drop-down menu to download a file containing your contact cards along with any user notes. The illustration below shows how this feature works. 

This illustration is showing the Download Notes feature on the vFairs mobile app

Support for Emails as an External Link via Image Mapper

An interactive event environment is sure to fascinate attendee interest. Clickable areas in the event environment can lead attendees to particular parts of the event such as the lobby or auditorium, and guide them to external links as well. But if you want attendees to be able to contact you outside the event, you can do that now by linking your email address to a CMS 

A great feature update for your attendees to reach out to you if they wish to extend contact beyond the live event. 

Booth Admin Dashboard QR Reports

A report supplies accurate data about your event and it is the best way to find numbers such as logins, booth visits, webinar attendance, and more. For all types of events, reports can be a great way for you to measure the outcomes. 

We now have a new report type for booth admins which they can extract from the booth admin dashboard on the vFairs backend. The booth admin dashboard QR report shows data of all QR scans done by booth representatives of a specific booth. Booth admins have the option to generate a QR scan summary report and a detailed report. The image below shows the Booth Admin Dashboard on the backend. 

This image is showing the booth admin reporting dashboard on the backend.

Surveys are Now Built on Form Builder

Surveys let you collect candid responses from attendees on how they feel about a live session. In addition, you can benefit from post-session surveys and plan how you would want future event sessions to look to keep enhancing the experience for attendees. 

You can also create post-session surveys for the mobile app on our backend form builder. create one survey per webinar and create as many surveys as you please for attendees to offer their valuable and honest feedback. 

The first image is showing  for survey. The second image is showing the survey.

Feature Enhancements

We’re deepening the functionality of your favorite features, to add even more value for you and your attendees!

Live Feed Enhancements

The mobile app native live feed brings the interactivity of a social media platform to your virtual/hybrid events. We strive to make your event experience worthwhile and with the live feed enhancements are sure to hit that sweet spot. 

Now you have the ability to edit and delete posts made by users. You can also decide to let attendees post in the live feed to make the experience engaging and interactive for them. The images below show the live feed on the vFairs mobile app. 

Contact Card Enhancements

Our contact card feature is a great way for you to exchange information with other users to expand your professional network. The contact card feature is available for both web and the mobile app platform. With the enhancements to our contact card on the mobile app, you can have the same fields for the web and mobile app. This way your attendees can seamlessly exchange information across both platforms. The image below shows the contact cards field on the vFairs mobile app. 

This image is showing the contact card fields on the vFairs mobile app

In-Person Event Updates

Bring the vFairs magic to your event with our in-person updates. Gamify your event with QR Scavenger Hunt and check in attendees into live sessions in a flash with our QR session check-ins. 

QR Scavenger Hunt

In-person events have lots going on but it can get monotonous when you have to move from one session to the next. To break the monotony of in-person events, we bring to you the QR Scavenger Hunt, an exhilarating new twist to your in-person event activities. 

The QR Scavenger Hunt means double the fun, getting your attendees in a competitive mood as they hunt for items. With items placed across the event with a QR code on them, which attendees scan with their vFairs mobile app to gain points. 

The vFairs mobile app has an exclusive tile for the QR Scavenger Hunt. Attendees can click on the tile to view items they need to hunt. Upon locating the item, they can scan with their scanner. Upon scanning the QR, our intuitive scanner marks the item on the mobile app, and attendees receive points. 

You can set as many items as you wish on the backend. The “Players Tab” shows the names of all players along with their scores, making the hunt all the more fun and competitive for players. The images below show the QR Scavenger Hunt feature on the vFairs mobile app. 

Sessions Check-In

Live sessions are the highlight of any in-person or virtual event. Attendees look forward to listening to their favorite speakers, hearing from expert panels, and joining sessions for special credits or certificates. Therefore, robust check-ins into sessions are imperative, so that you and your attendees can best track attendance at sessions in your event. 

Forget manual ways of checking attendees into sessions and do it with a swift QR code, making check-ins as simple as a five-finger exercise. With the wizardry of QR sessions check-in, you can check-in attendees with a QR code scan. You can place the QR code outside of your session space, and as attendees begin arriving, you can start checking them into the event. The gif below shows the Sessions Check-in feature on the vFairs mobile app.

This gif is showing the sessions check-in feature on the vFairs mobile app

Even better, decide if you want to check in attendees yourself or let them check in on their own, making the session check-in process even easier. 

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vFairs Monthly Product Updates: July 2022

Rida Stephen

Rida is a Technical Content Writer at vFairs and has been part of the organization for over a year. She comes with 3 years of experience in content writing through her work with tech startups and development organizations. When not near content, you'll find her writing poems, watching YouTube, or in the kitchen playing Masterchef!


vFairs Monthly Product Updates: July 2022

Rida Stephen

Rida is a Technical Content Writer at vFairs and has been part of the organization for over a year. She comes with 3 years of experience in content writing through her work with tech startups and development organizations. When not near content, you'll find her writing poems, watching YouTube, or in the kitchen playing Masterchef!
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