vFairs Monthly Product Updates: June 2023

Whether you’re planning an immersive in-person event, a dynamic hybrid gathering, or a fully virtual conference, we empower you with the tools and capabilities necessary to create unforgettable experiences. Join us as we explore the latest updates that will take your events to the next level and revolutionize the way you engage with your audience.

Hybrid Event Platform Updates 

Smart Check-Ins

Get instant access to rich attendee profiles with Smart Check-ins using QR codes. This comprehensive attendee information empowers admins to deliver a personalized and efficient check-in and check-out process, ensuring accuracy and avoiding any potential mix-ups. The user-friendly interface and swift scanning process make Smart Check-Ins a simple and efficient solution, eliminating manual check-ins and the risk of human error. 

Ad-Hoc Chat Rooms

With just a few clicks, users can establish a dedicated space to connect, collaborate, and engage with their peers. Ad-Hoc chat rooms offer a seamless and intuitive platform for real-time communication, whether it’s for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, or casual discussions. This feature empowers users to build stronger connections by choosing who they want to talk to and what they want to discuss.

Revamp of Event Analytics on the Mobile App

Get  comprehensive insights about total check-ins, total badges printed, and more. With these expanded metrics at your fingertips, you can gain a deeper understanding of attendee engagement and event performance. 

Admins can now seamlessly export the analytics report directly from the mobile app itself. This streamlined process ensures that you have easy access to the data you need, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your event’s success.

Badge Printing Analytics

This powerful feature allows administrators to gain valuable insights into badge printing activities based on user types. With just a few clicks, admins can now access comprehensive data on the number of badges printed by each user type, providing them with a clear understanding of the distribution and usage patterns. 

This data-driven approach enables event organizers to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the overall event experience. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the power of analytics with our badge printing app.

Check-In through Badge Printing App

Our badge printing app offers a seamless check-in experience for event organizers and attendees alike. With the ability to configure the app exclusively for check-in purposes, administrators have full control over the functionality. They can customize the success and fail messages displayed to attendees, ensuring a personalized touch. 

Show QR Code on First Login

With the “Show QR Code on First Login” option, enabled by default in the mobile app, users will now be greeted with their own personalized QR code screen as soon as they log in for the first time. This enhancement aims to make the badge printing experience more seamless and efficient, eliminating the need for manual input or additional steps. 

By displaying the QR code upfront, attendees can swiftly access their event credentials, ensuring a hassle-free check-in process and enabling them to quickly immerse themselves in the event’s activities. 

Virtual Event Platform Updates

Candidate Screening Question for Job Posts

Online recruitment can be a tricky and double-edged sword as virtual and hybrid job fairs open up the roles to a global audience of job seekers. While this means that you will be able to receive more CVs from talent across the world, it also means recruiters will need to work more to shortlist the right candidates. 

Recruiters can feel the pressure if they receive way too many resumes for each position. However, setting up the right screening question can help them shortlist candidates in a quicker way.

The all new update enhances the screening process for job posts at a recruitment fair. Now, HR professionals and recruiters can add a screening question for each job that they post. This is quick and easy to set up through the booth set up form and can provide a great first step to sift through the numerous CVs recruiters will receive.

Limit Leaderboard Points & Create Custom Page to Announce Winners

Leaderboard is one of the most effective ways to add a gamification element to engage your event attendees. We have improved the overall attendee experience for the leaderboard even further and created an additional layer of excitement and engagement for attendees.

Event organizers can now set up a limit to the number of points any participant can collect. Once they have achieved those numbers, a customized CMS page will pop up announcing them as winners and signifying the end of the leaderboard activity.

New Booth Report for Booth POCs and Booth Reps

Reporting features can help event organizers get significant data and actionable insights from the event. You can take a deep look at attendee behavior, see which activities were the most popular at your event, or collect all user data in an organized manner. We keep adding new reports to the backend, and the latest addition is the booth POCs and booth reps report. This report can help event organizers keep all booth personnel data readily available, organized, and all in one place.

Event organizers can use this report to keep a track of all booth reps and booth POCs at their event.  The data points included in the report are the names and email addresses of all booth reps and booth POCs at the event.

Registration Ticketing Interface

Our new “Ticket Control” feature within the registration form builder revolutionizes event organization. Seamlessly integrate ticket sales and registration with a visually appealing ticketing experience directly in the registration form. Customize ticket options, pricing, and types effortlessly. 

The Ticket Control offers a dedicated interface within the registration form builder, allowing users to seamlessly integrate ticket sales and registration. It simplifies the creation and management of ticket options, pricing customization, quantity control, and various ticket types, such as general admission or VIP passes. No more struggling with disjointed systems or complicated workflows – the Ticket Control empowers event organizers to focus on delivering exceptional experiences.

Pinned Messages in Chat Platform 

Pinning a message in chat can be a great way to quickly get the most important information at the very top of the thread. This can create a better user experience as attendees won’t need to scroll through the chat to get to an important message. It will be readily available on the top of the thread for everyone to access.

We have added a minor enhancement to the chat widget that can prove to be of great convenience. Booth reps and event admins can now pin a message in public chats or individual chats to display it at the top of the thread. It is equally easy to unpin one message and pin another instead.

Backend Reporting for Chat Calls

Chat calls can be one of the places where your attendees interact most with one another. Reporting features for these calls can give event organizers a look into how engaging the event was and how many attendees were able to create meaningful connections with each other. The total number of call engagements, their durations, and the number of participants in the call are great quantifiable metrics to gauge event engagement.

We have now created a report in the backend for calls initiated through the event chat rooms. The data points in the report include the generator and receiver of a call request, start and end times of a call, the number of participants in a call, the session ID, and the total duration of the call.

Timed Roundtables

Roundtables are effectively one of the best ways to start meaningful conversations on set topics and bringing like-minded attendees together. We are consistently adding more features to roundtable networking and this is just another step to making the experience better for your attendees. 

You can now time the start and end time of each roundtable. The “join” button for each roundtable will only be active for attendees when the table is live. However, roundtable hosts and any reserved users can join the table at any time. Moreover, if the roundtable hasn’t begun yet, attendees will see a countdown at the top right.

These were all the updates we have for this month! Interested in seeing all these updates in action? Book a demo with us now.

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: June 2023

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