vFairs Monthly Product Updates: May 2024

May is here, and the event season is in full swing! At vFairs, we know you’re focused on delivering successful conferences, meetings, and other educational events. That’s why we haven’t stopped innovating!

This month’s product updates are designed to give your events a power boost. We’ve got features to enhance attendee engagement through interactive tools, simplify event management with helpful solutions, and inject some fun with a playful update.

Get ready to dive deeper into these updates and see how they can help you optimize your events!

Mobile App Updates

Keep Attendees Informed in Real-Time with Push Notifications

Imagine needing to update a massive audience about a last-minute schedule change or exciting new announcement. Now you can broadcast critical updates directly on the vFairs mobile app during your live event, ensuring everyone stays informed in a minute! Forget about backend logins or relying on emails with low visibility. Push notifications offer an easy communication channel for keeping everyone engaged and on the same page.

Capture Attendee Attention and Drive Interaction

Keeping your audience engaged and energized throughout your event is quite a task. Now you can create a cohesive experience for your attendees by launching interactive polls directly within the vFairs mobile app. 

Our polling module offers a range of functionalities to suit your event needs:

  • Create Engaging Polls: Design polls with or without images, allowing you to tailor them to your content.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Control when poll results are displayed, fostering anticipation and excitement.
  • Multilingual Support: Cater to a global audience by offering translations for your polls.
  • Targeted Engagement: Link polls to specific menu items or schedule them for designated times and locations within your virtual event.

See the complete update here.

Virtual Event Platform Updates

Incentivize Engagement with Photo Booth Points

Turn photo sharing in a photo booth into a fun competition to boost event engagement!

Our newest update lets attendees earn points for using the vFairs photo booth. This adds a layer of friendly competition and motivates active participation, making your event even more fun and memorable.

Here’s what attendees will get:

  • Easy Point-Scoring: Every photo or GIF uploaded to the photo booth gallery earns attendees points. This incentivizes participation and encourages attendees to capture those unforgettable moments.
  • Live Leaderboard: Watch excitement soar as attendees see their points displayed on the leaderboard. This friendly competition motivates creativity and ensures everyone has a blast using the photo booth.

To enable photo booth points, head to the “Engagement” section in your backend settings and select “Photobooth Uploads” from the leaderboard settings dropdown menu.

Event Management Platform Updates

Empower Attendees with a Multi-Package Selection

Increase registrations at your events and make your attendees satisfied with their purchases. Our registration system now allows attendees to choose multiple ticket packages at once. This simplifies the selection process and allows attendees to tailor their event experience to their interests. Offer a wider range of options to your attendees to choose multiple events and check out at once.

Stay on Top of Booking Changes with New Change Log Reports

Track recent booking activity with our new “Export Change Logs” feature. This feature eliminates the need to sift through extensive historical data. Now, you can download reports that only include the latest changes made to your bookings, saving you time and keeping you informed about the most recent updates.

Here’s how it works:

Simply head to the bookings module and select “Export Change Logs (Latest)” to download a report. This functionality applies to all sections of the change log report, including confirmed bookings, changes, and cancellations.

Simplify Registration Submission and Reduce Drop-Off

Long and tedious registration forms are overwhelming and hard to follow so many potential attendees leave the middle instead of completing them. We’ve introduced the page break feature that allows you to break down lengthy forms into manageable pages. 

This will create a user-friendly experience and significantly increase the registration completion rate. Attendees can easily navigate through the registration process, avoiding information overload and staying focused on completing their registration.

Effortless Attendee Management with Auto-Generated QR Codes

Save time and eliminate the hassle of separate QR code creation. No more creating QR codes one by one or sending separate emails for distribution. Our latest feature automatically generates unique QR codes within the system for each attendee when you import your list.

Here’s how you can use this functionality:

  • Simply import your attendee list as usual. 
  • The system will automatically generate unique QR codes for each attendee included in the data. 
  • These QR codes can then be accessed and downloaded within the platform at any time.


Stay tuned for more innovative features coming soon, and book a demo today to see how vFairs can help you stand out as an event planner.  

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: May 2024

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a Product Marketer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 9 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.

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