vFairs Monthly Product Updates: October 2023

Welcome back!

As we are entering the month of November, let’s explore what the vFairs team was up to in October to enhance your event experience! We are thrilled to introduce a variety of exciting new features and customization options for transforming your event planning.

Now you can make your events more secure with consent forms and advanced access control. Streamline your tasks with improved navigation, lead capture forms, and efficient meeting scheduling. Enhancements to chat, group calling, attendee-exhibitor matching, embedded calls, and more such amazing product updates will take your events to the next level.

Let’s discover more about what these feature updates can do for you.

Virtual Event Platform

Elevate Networking with Percentage Match Feature

Networking just got smarter with our new Percentage Match feature. Now, when you enable attendee-to-exhibitor matchmaking, you open the door to more meaningful connections. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Matchmaking Made Easy: By enabling attendee-to-exhibitor matchmaking, specific fields from attendee registration forms and rep profile forms can be mapped to each other.
  • Discover Your Perfect Match: Based on these mappings, our system calculates a percentage match between exhibitors and attendees. It’s like a compatibility score for your event!
  • Recommendation Engine: This percentage match powers our “recommended users” feature, making it easier for attendees to find the exhibitors they’re most interested in.

But that’s not all. Attendees and exhibitors can now see their percentage match score right in the chat. It’s a game-changer for making connections and ensuring everyone gets the most out of your event. So go ahead, boost networking efficiency, and create more meaningful interactions with our Percentage Match feature.

Percentage Match
Attendee – Exhibitor Percentage Matching

Propose New Meeting Timing

Get ready to elevate the attendee experience! With our “Propose New Timings” feature, attendees can now respond to meeting invitations with alternative timings, giving them greater control over their event agendas and ensuring more adaptable scheduling.

Propose New Meeting TIme
Propose A New Meeting Time Option

Exciting Booth Templates and Diverse Avatars for Your Events

Get ready for an enhanced visual experience with our latest feature update. We’ve added new booth templates and diverse avatar options to our backend and booth setup form, offering more options to choose from. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Fresh Booth Templates: In addition to our standard 12 booth templates, we’ve introduced three new and visually appealing options. This means more choices to match your event’s unique theme and style.
  • Diverse Avatar Options: Enjoy the flexibility to select diverse avatars that resonate with your event’s audience. With a wider range of avatar options, you can create a more inclusive and engaging environment.
Booth Template and Avatar
New Booth Template & Avatars

Streamlining Survey Creation with Duplication

Streamline survey management, save time, and enhance efficiency. Our latest update to the Survey Form Builder eliminates redundancy, making it effortless to collect precise feedback.

With the new “duplicate” option, you can effortlessly replicate surveys, preserving all settings and fields, and gather tailored feedback for various aspects of your event. This is a significant time-saver for clients, project managers, and event organizers.

Amplify Productivity with Group Calling Enhancements

Are you tired of the hassle of sharing call links manually? We’ve got great news! Our latest update brings a significant improvement to group calling in chat, making your conversations more productive than ever. Here’s what’s new:

  • No one-on-one limitations: Users can now initiate audio and video calls in ad-hoc and group chatrooms.
  • No more manual link sharing: In the past, you had to copy and share call links with other participants. Now, you can make calls directly within your chat, eliminating the need for manual sharing.
  • Consistent behavior: The update links the toggles and controls for private chats to ensure a seamless experience. Users with permission to initiate calls in private chats can now do the same in ad-hoc group chats.
  • Customized call options: Call icons are shown based on your backend settings. If you’ve disabled audio calls for private chats, they’ll be disabled for ad-hoc group chats as well.
  • Same settings, better experience: All your settings for enabling/disabling features like Whereby or native calling are now reflected in ad-hoc group chats.
  • Stay informed: Receive notifications when calls are initiated in the ad-hoc group chat, keeping everyone on the same page.

Effortless Audio and Video Conversations with Embedded Calls

Now you can enjoy audio and video meetings without interruptions, making your virtual and hybrid events even more efficient and enjoyable. With our latest update, embedded calls, we’ve made it even more convenient for you to have meetings directly within the vFairs platform.

All audio and video meetings will now be conducted seamlessly inside the platform. You won’t have to leave your vFairs tab, ensuring a smooth user experience. Just head to the backend chat settings and switch on the toggle “Enable Embedded Calls.”

A/V Conversations with Embedded Calls
Audio/Video Conversations with Embedded Calls

In-Person Event Platform

Tailor Your Lead Capture Forms to Capture What Matters Most

Streamline your lead capture process and boost engagement with custom lead capture forms. Create and personalize your lead capture forms by adding questions that are essential for your event. 

This ensures that you gather the precise data you need, providing valuable insights about your attendees. Whether it’s demographics, preferences, or specific information that matters to you, this feature empowers you to make informed decisions and enhance your event experience. 

  • Form Creation: “Add Lead” unlocks a customizable form within the vFairs Lead Capture App.
  • Custom Questions: You can include your own questions using both drop-down and text fields.
  • Personalized Engagement: The feature allows for tailored questions, ensuring the collection of relevant attendee information.
  • Meaningful Follow-Ups: With personalized responses, post-event follow-ups become more meaningful and effective, leading to better connections and results.
Custom Forms Lead Capture
Custom Lead Capture Forms

Simplify Event Lodging with Accommodation Manager

Get ready to revolutionize your event’s lodging experience with our brand-new Accommodation Manager module.  It’s the key to providing hassle-free lodging options to attendees and staying updated about the room, ensuring you know the room status at all times.

Here’s how event organizers and attendees benefit from this new feature:

  • Seamless Lodging: This module empowers organizers to streamline the attendee experience. They can easily add details about hotels and room blocks available to event attendees. 
  • Transparency in Capacity: With real-time reporting, you’ll know exactly how many rooms are booked and the capacity per room. No more guesswork; it’s all right at your fingertips.
  • Effortless Opt-Ins: Attendees can seamlessly opt-in for lodging right within the system. It’s easy for them, and you have full control over the process.
Accommodation Manager
Event Lodging with Accommodation Manager

Conveniently Print Badges with Third-Party QR Codes

Now, you can easily print badges from third-party systems. Just provide the QR code & IDs, and we’ll take care of the rest. No compatibility or integration concerns – it’s all handled seamlessly for your convenience. Streamline your event management with ease!

Third party qr codes
Badge Printing with Third-Party QR Codes

Event Management Platform

Effortless Event Setup with Quick Dashboard Access

Are you tired of manually managing all aspects of your event planning?

Stay updated on critical information and make rapid changes with just a click, streamlining your event preparation and management process.

Our quick setup dashboard is here to empower you with more efficient event management. With a seamless dashboard experience, you can easily view and edit essential event details like webinars, registration, users, and booths. 

Dashboard and Backend Navigation
Self-Serving Dashboards

Customized User Access with Role-based Access Control

Event owners can now customize user access with Role-based Access Control (RBAC), providing tailored control over various event modules. Admins can grant or restrict access to specific event modules such as Event Settings, Users, Webinars, Reports, Booths, Notifications, and Content. 

Role-based Access Control

Boost Your Booth Reps’ Efficiency with Multi-Booth Association

Simplify your event management process and enhance booth reps’ efficiency, resulting in a smoother and more efficient event experience for all. 

This update empowers your booth representatives to easily associate themselves with multiple booths using their existing accounts. Say hello to a seamless workflow that simplifies event management. 

Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Effortless Workflow: Your booth reps can now manage and represent multiple booths through a single account, eliminating the need for fragmented experiences across multiple accounts.
  • Cohesive Engagement: By interacting with attendees from all their associated booths within a single account, booth reps offer a more cohesive engagement experience. They can seamlessly switch between booths and provide enhanced support.
Multiple Booth Reps
Booth Reps with Multi-Booth Association

Upgrade Your Event Management with Our New Backend Navigation

Enhance your event management journey with our new backend navigation designed for smoother and more efficient operations so you can focus on delivering exceptional events to your audience. 

With the updated labels, our navigation is now more contextual than ever before. This means you’ll quickly grasp where each feature or setting is located, making your event management tasks more straightforward.

Enhanced Interaction with Job Applicants with ‘Book a Meeting’ Option

We’ve made it easier than ever for representatives to engage with job applicants. With our ‘Book a Meeting’ option, you can seamlessly schedule meetings with applicants listed in the job listing module. 

Enable ‘Book a Meeting’ for applicants with chat invitations. This feature streamlines communication with potential candidates by providing a ‘book a meeting’ option in the ‘applicants’ popup. It utilizes the same tools as chat invitations for efficient coordination.

Book a meeting
‘Book a Meeting’ Option for Job Applicants

Enhance Booth Engagement with Document Thumbnails

Improve booth document visibility, simplify resource navigation for booth visitors, and enhance user experience with visually appealing document thumbnails. You can easily add and display thumbnails directly from the backend. 

Host a Progress-Friendly Quiz Adventure

Save valuable time and resources, making event preparation a breeze for you.

With our latest feature, event organizers can seamlessly set up quizzes, and here’s the real bonus: progress is automatically saved locally. This means you won’t have to worry about manual work or losing data.

Quiz Progress Saved
Quiz Progress-Saving Feature

Secure Event Access with SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

Enjoy effortless event management with an enhanced security feature – the SMS-based 2FA. We understand that security is paramount for our clients, and we’ve taken a step further to meet their needs. With our latest feature, SMS-based two-factor Authentication (2FA), you can enjoy an extra layer of security for your events. Here’s how it works:

  • Secure Event Access: 2FA adds an additional layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized users can access your event.
  • SMS Verification: When attendees log in, they’ll receive an SMS with a unique authentication code, in addition to the email-based 2FA.
  • Extended Code Input Time: We’ve extended the time to input the code to 10 minutes, making sure that even if SMS delivery takes a little longer, users can comfortably authenticate.
  • Phone Number Field: To enable SMS authentication, make sure your registration form includes a phone number field.
  • Trusted Twilio Integration: We’ve utilized our existing Twilio API integration to send SMS with 2FA codes seamlessly.

Mobile App Updates

Give Your Attendees Control Over Badge Details

Our new consent form for badge printing brings you enhanced control over badge details. When you’re about to print an attendee’s badge, this customizable form ensures you receive their consent for including specific information. This way, you empower your attendees by respecting their preferences and privacy while delivering a seamless event experience.

Consent F
Badge Details Consent Form

Customize Attendee Experience with Seat Reservation Notes

Allow your event attendees to personalize their event experience by adding personal notes with any special requests or preferences they might have. These requests are then sent directly to the admin or organizer. 

For organizers, this streamlines the process of handling attendee preferences and creating a more personalized event experience, ensuring attendees get the seats they want and that their unique needs are met. This is all about elevating your event with a more tailored and enjoyable experience.

Connect Globally with Multi-Lingual Leaderboards

Overcome language barriers and foster inclusivity. Introducing another amazing feature enhancement – the multi-lingual leaderboard. This game-changing addition ensures that your mobile app leaderboard supports events conducted in multiple languages, expanding your global reach. With multi-lingual support, you can now easily connect and compete with attendees from around the world. 

Elevate Your Event Visuals by Speaker/Author Images on Posters

Enhance your attendees’ visual experience with speaker and author images now in poster details! We’ve extended this functionality to posters just like you see speakers and their images in the auditorium listing. When an author and their image are added to the system, you’ll find them displayed in the poster details.

Ready to see these new features and enhancements in action? Schedule a demo with us now!

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: October 2023

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